27 Beautiful Cross Tattoos for Tattoo Lovers

When choosing a suitable tattoo design, many Christians prefer to go with a cross holy symbol, which shows they have faith in God. The best cross tattoo actually signifies the innermost part of the faith – the sacrifices done by Jesus Christ to save humankind.

27 Beautiful Cross Tattoos for Tattoo Lovers

Cross tattoos not only symbolize spirit and power, but it also represents a combination of different symbols and art styles. All of these variables give it a new significance, so whether you select a small version, Gothic design, or even a Celtic pattern, your cross-design tattoo relates to your trust in God.

Cross Tattoos for Males and Females

1. Rose Cross Designs Tattoo

In Christianity, a rose has different meanings representing joy, martyrdom, and purity. Due to these features, many Christians prefer to have a cross tattoo that is combined with these beautiful flowers. For most English people, a rose design combined with a cross tattoo is a patriotic inking. It is because the national flower of England is the Rose, and even the English flag bears a red cross that represents Saint George.

Image: @ @keaks__hurtado

2. Three Cross Tattoos

Most people might not know about this sign, but a three cross tattoo has two different meanings – first, it represents the three features of God in the Christian faith –

  • Holy Spirit
  • Son
  • Father

The second is that it represents Christ and the two others who were brutally killed along with him at Golgotha. Many Christians get this tattoo because of the second reason, and according to them, this is the way to commit to the memory of Jesus’ humanity.

Image: @ @mermaidtattooza

Image: @ @vadimoto_osaka

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3. Jesus Cross Tattoo

Some people prefer to combine the image of Christ with their cross tattoos, which truly enhances the Christian meaning of their tattoos. Jesus saved humanity, which makes this type of body tattoo to be a powerful and moving statement. You can merge the Jesus cross tattoo with other symbols such as enthusiasm flowers, blood drops, or an aura to symbolize the sacrifices, anguish, and crucifixion of Jesus Christ.

Image: @ @jls_tattoo13

4. Cross Angel Wings Tattoo

We all know that when we talk about wings, it relates to the angles in Christianity. They are a popular choice for tattoo designs, and when you combine them with a cross sign, wings can represent the wearer’s guardian angel or the spirit of loved ones who are not with you anymore. The cross wings also represent the freedom a person has and feels when they have complete faith in God.

Image: @ @ratbatbluetattooshop

Cross Tattoos Designs for Body Art

5. Small Cross Tattoo Designs

If you want to recompense a delicate tribute due to your belief in God, you can choose a small cross tattoo that looks graceful yet charming. These tattoos are very personal yet exceptional, reflecting your trust and belief in God. You can get this tiny yet small tattoo nearly anywhere on your body, but many people select to get it on their necks, arms, or wrist. They prefer an area where they can see it whenever they want to. You can even cover those small cross tattoos with a shirt when you are getting them on your necks or arms.

Image: @ @cinzi.bonnie.clyde

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6. Cross flower tattoo

Flowers have different meanings in Christianity, and you must have seen their use at weddings, funerals, and even the services. Based on the tradition, a flower has a profound meaning, and they are given a unique description in the Bible. One of the most popular flowers that every Christian chooses for their tattoos is the Rose related to the Virgin Mary. You can even represent Mary with White flowers such as Jasmine, iris, and lily. So, when you are creating your tattoo design, you can research the essence of the flowers you are obsessed with.

Image: @ @7soulstattoo_ramsey

7. Simple Cross Tattoo

In the case of a minimalist cross tattoo, many individuals prefer to pick a robust yet elaborate art pattern, while others choose a complex design. A simple cross tattoo can be among the most outstanding designs as the symbol is understandable. There are not any other elements in the same design other than just faith. These tattoos look good when you get the one on your neck – it is going to reflect your personality the most. Every tattoo is unique, just like the people’s relationship with God, so get the one you like on your body.

Image: @ @threerosestattoos

8. Heart Cross Tattoo Designs

A heart with a cross tattoo means your complete faith and love towards God – it is even a popular wedding tattoo that one can have. Even a bleeding heart can show God’s unlimited love towards humanity. One of the most moving and ancient religious designs is the “Sacred Heart,” which has gained immense popularity. It includes a bleeding heart and the crown of thorns – the representation of flames and crucifixion. It symbolizes the transformative yet powerful trust towards God’s love.

Image: @ @part5_tdk_kd

9. Tribal cross tattoo

The cross has been among the most popular tribal tattoo designs for years, and it is because the design has a bold art style. It suits simple shades and symbols same as the cross. Also, the curves and points of ethnic design give this cross a unique and exclusive look.

Image: @ @adamdoestattoos

10. Maltese Cross Tattoo

Maltese is among the unique type of tattoos, and the iconic “arrowhead” design has been gaining massive popularity since the 16th century. Earlier, the holy order of knights based on the Malta island used to have the tattoos first. Over time, it became a famous symbol of courage and bravery that was later used on military medals. Today, many firefighters prefer to have these Maltese cross tattoos. You can also choose the same design if you have a Maltese heritage or are a member of St John Ambulance.

Image: @ @eagletattooer

11. Irish Cross Tattoo

The Irish cross tattoos were well-liked for more than a thousand years, and it unites the Christian cross with the Celtic Art style that makes it appealing. It features a beautiful and enhanced ring with knots. Another element of the Irish cross is the ring, which has different meanings on its own. It includes love, life, and halo towards God. The design is also a popular tattoo choice for people with solid Christian faith and Irish ancestry.

Image: @ @m.lacroix.art

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12. Unique Cross Tattoo

Reflect your personality and faith with this Christian symbol, and such a design can be a unique spin on your cross tattoo. You can combine it with an animal for a better tattoo design. A tiger represents power, and so when you combine it with a cross, it symbolizes your faith in God. It gives you strength, and courage, so get this tattoo for a better personality as well.

Image: @ @miko__tattoo

13. Upside down cross tattoo

Most people misunderstand this upside-down cross tattoo, and many people believe it represents anti-Christian feelings. You must have seen the use of the same sign in horror movies, Gothic fashion, and even in metal music. Its origin is Christian, and it represents the Catholic faith as well as humility before God.

Image: @ @its_banzo

14. Cross Name Tattoos

Among the most well-liked ways to honor your loved ones who have passed away is with a cross tattoo united with their names. A cross tattoo with names does not always represent death, but the parents can also include their children’s names on a cross tattoo. The tattoo is a mixture of two essential things in life: faith in God and love towards family. For many others, the inking represents the protection and blessings of God on their families.

Image: @ @the_warrior_tattoo

Best Cross Tattoos – Christian Symbolism

15. Infinity cross tattoo

The infinity symbol joins loops that become one unending line – it has been a popular tattoo design for years. It is because of its versatility – its meaning changes when you combine it with other designs. Among the most potent combinations is the infinity symbol with a cross, which represents that God’s love, power, and wisdom is unlimited. This tattoo reminds everyone to have faith even when you lose everything – never leave hope.

Image: @ @mariablbdn

16. 3D Cross Tattoo Designs

An unusual option for any cross tattoo is a 3D version that carries the same meaning as other cross tattoos, but it will attract more attention. It is an ideal design for Christians with an artistic side, and you can even keep it geometric yet straightforward. You can even go for a photorealistic style, but for that, make sure you choose an experienced tattoo artist.

Image: @ @kali.tattoos

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17. Cross Neck Tattoo

A great option for any Christian man is the cross necklace, and when you’re a Catholic, you can take inspiration from the rosary. The design is becoming more and more popular recently, which also makes a statement.

Image: @ @primeinktattoobali

18. Cross Arm Tattoo

The arm is a place for classic tattoos, and it is an ideal place to get the first tattoo, even though the stomach or chest tattoo is in popularity. In the case of a cross tattoo, the arm is the right option if you want to express your faith in God to others. Most Christians prefer to choose their right arm for a cross tattoo, and it is due to their deep relationship between strength and power.

Image: @ @drakos_tattoo_experience_crew

19. Cross Sleeve Tattoo

A sleeve tattoo always makes a bold statement, so if you want to show your faith to the world, go with a cross-themed sleeve. You can even combine this tattoo with other biblical symbols and passages from Scripture to make your cross sleeve tattoo shine.

Image: @ @supimpa.inkcwb

20. Cross Back Tattoo

Getting a tattoo inked on your back represents the foundation of a person’s life, making this area a perfect place for a religious tattoo. While you can’t see the tattoo without mirrors, the wearer always knows it is there.

Image: @ @murilo_mafioletti

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21. Cross Face Tattoo

The cross face tattoo was once considered an extreme, shared among the gang members and prisoners. However, today, this small yet subtle tattoo has gained tremendous popularity. A tiny cross at the corner of your eye or temple represents your spiritual journey and learning to know God.

Image: @ @hettiecakes

22. Cross Shoulder Tattoo

Shoulder tattoos have been popular among men for years, and they give you plenty of space to show off your larger yet complex designs. We use this part of our body to do the lifting, so the tattoos on the shoulder often represent strength. A cross tattoo on this area symbolizes that God is your strength, who is protecting you and helping you all around to carry your burdens.

Image: @ @theeye_tattoo

23. Cross Behind the Ear Tattoo

Tattoos behind the ear have been on trend recently, and the place is entirely ideal for Christian tattoos. Because ear and hearing have a significant spiritual meaning in the Bible, a cross tattoo behind the ear symbolizes hearing from God. Along with a powerful symbol, it also represents discreetness – with your longer hair, you can easily hide it if needed.

Image: @ @tattooer_dro

Stylish Cross Tattoo Ideas

When you are thinking of getting a cross inked on your body part, you need to choose a design that describes and showcases your passion.

24. Cool Cross Tattoos with Folded Hand Tattoos

The most self-effacing tattoo among the cross tattoos is the one with folded hands, which look elegant yet detailed. The folded hands with rosary mean your prayer and trust to almighty Jesus. It can be the pictorial representation of St. Thomas devoting their prayer to Jesus Christ while remembering his hardship.

Image: @ @enri1one

25. Jesus with Cross Tattoo

When men have half-sleeve tattoo ink with Jesus following the cross as he walks towards it, the cross tattoo for males takes on a new meaning. The finishing touch makes the tattoo an elegant piece with elegant effects. The tattoo also represents Jesus’ journey of fighting against evil in a blissful look.

Image: @ @jolybengal.tattoos

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26. Signature Cross Tattoo

A small cross tattoo symbolizes a special meaning when they are given a new look with your signatures. And, yes, these details totally add a delicate and spiritual touch to your tattoo. You can ask your tattoo designer to do your signature in two corresponding lines to give it a cross manifestation. You can even create this design while adding the name or signatures of your beloved ones.

Image: @ @tattooist_moonsun

27. Cross Finger Tattoo

If you want a subtle cross inking, then go with this tattoo, and you can choose any finger for the same tattoo. Some Christian men prefer to ink the cross design on their right finger – which symbolizes their commitment to God. It is clearer, and they complement the same tattoo with their wedding ring on their left finger. The right hand is also linked with strength, power, and blessings, so inking the cross on the side of the finger can be a go-to option.

Image: @ @foltron13

Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean to have a cross tattoo on your body?

A Cross tattoo represents your faith and devotion towards religion or God. In Christianity, the cross has a special meaning – it is where Jesus died to save humanity, so it has a significant symbol. Likewise, a cross tattoo also means unconditional love and sacrifice – it is all Jesus felt and did everything for the human race.

What is meant by a black cross?

A black cross does not have any specific meaning behind it, but the color choice depends on the style decision. While different meanings are related to the black cross for different people and organizations, the styles can also differ. Unless you specifically get one of these crosses, getting a black-colored cross depends on your choice. It enhances the bold design with strong lines that really stand out.

Is a tattoo a sin?

Believe it or not, having a tattoo is a sin that will depend on your personal convictions and religious beliefs, so it can be your perception. The Bible mentions explicitly not having a tattoo in Leviticus 19:28 – however, the interpretations can differ to some extent. It can be considered a sin when you are getting a tattoo of this kind for practicing Christian. If you do not, then it can be for personal preferences.

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