101 Great Cross Tattoo Ideas For Back

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Having your body part inked is, to a certain extent, a trend in recent times, in particular among the youth generation. The youth or the individuals of every age are mesmerized with unique tattoo designs. It helps them in representing their ideas to the viewers. Amid the different tattoo designs, Christians implement cross tattoo on back ideas far and wide. On the other hand, other individuals also acquire this sacred symbol inked to show their spiritual side or recognize the symbolization it makes available to the user.

101 Great Cross Tattoo Ideas For Back

The cross, by and large, is related to Jesus, which is utilized to spread the godly message he gave out to the individuals at the incident of crucifying. The Christian Cross symbol has its roots well-known in the Christian community. The cross is utilized as a tattoo to symbolize sacrifice, the crucifixion of Christ, and his rebirth.

Tips to Remember

Cross Tattoo Designs

At the same time, as a holy symbol for Christians, cross tattoo designs are commanding, time and again representing a means for men to carry their devotion and love for Jesus around with them far and wide. The most familiar design ideas take account of the crucifix (Jesus on the cross), angels, wings, rosary, Bible verses, flowers, and the names of family members as a mark of respect.

Cool Cross Tattoos

Straightforwardly inked by a skilled tattoo artist, cool cross tattoos for men are everlasting, daring and significant. The most excellent artwork looks fantastic on any body part. From a cross tattoo on top of the chest, back, arm, shoulder sleeve, or neck, men can get a striking religious tattoo everywhere. You can even get a small cross tattoo inked on top of your finger or wrist.

Christian Cross Tattoos

The Christian cross is interrelated with belief and faith but is valued for its remarkable aesthetics. It represents Jesus Christ, Deity, Christianity, reliance, strength and victory. It can be decked out in the company of a rosary, Bible quotes, roses, wings, or the picture of Jesus Christ.

Types/Styles/Design Ideas

1. Wording and Cross Tattoo

Cross tattoos carry a profound symbolic meaning that, by and large, expresses one’s holiness and religion. The wording and cross tattoo on the back is enduring and dates back to the past century.

Image: @paul_orsi

2. Tribal Cross Tattoo Design

Cross tattoos carry a deep meaning that most individuals may want to identify with. The elements greatly influence how you intend to express tribal tattoo design.

Image: @alteritycollectorsunion

3. Small Chain And Cross Tattoo

The small chain and cross tattoo stand for unconditional love, loyalty, and sacrifice. This can be well-thought-out concerning the death of Jesus on the cross.

Image: @olivialeigh.tattoo

4. Cross with Bird Tattoo

The way the cross with the tattoo is inked adds to the significance being articulated with the design. Depending on the level of proficiency of your tattoo artist, you can think about personalizing your design.

Image: @tyrell_st

5. Perfect Cross Tattoos Design

Combining the perfect cross tattoo symbol with words is an excellent way to articulate what one means through the design. The elements

Image: @rexmancita_art

6. Simple Cross Tattoo For Women

This design looks to a certain extent pragmatic and can be straightforwardly worn in any part of the body. Furthermore, this simple cross tattoo is a genuine expression of what the Bible says regarding the crucifixion of Jesus.

Image: @themochadesign

7. Simple Cross Tattoo

At the same time, as much as cross tattoos can be worn everywhere, there are unique places in the body that enhance the tattoo’s importance. You can add a little creativity to make it cool.

Image: @dom_draak

8. Small Cross with Flowers Tattoo

Cross tattoos make available those who are profoundly religious with a way to articulate their faith. The small cross with flowers tattoo looks impressive when inked in one color.

Image: @shishi_tattooer

9. Small and Simple Cross Tattoo

The tattoos can be as big as one desires or tiny pieces. Apart from the tattoos looking dazzling great at what time inked in one color, the small and straightforward cross tattoo also enhances the prettiness of the design.

Image: @bonnie_thekiller_

10. Big Cross Tattoo On Back

Such an appealing piece of artwork with the big cross tattoo on the back illustrates the character of crucified Jesus. To a certain extent, the tattoo looks fantastic and elegant in such a more profound way.

Image: @jawinci

11. Fading Cross Tattoo

The placement of the cross tattoo should be at a position where one feels at ease with. The combination of Bible verse with the fading cross tattoo adds to the significance associated with the design.

Image: @veronique_team_tattoo

12. Cross with Wings Tattoo

There is no better way to articulate the idea that you have profound confidence about. Wearing cross tattoos with wings is one of those ways to put across your more profound convictions.

Image: @fmacedo_tattoo

13. Holographic Cross Tattoo

If you consider wearing a holographic cross tattoo, then think about fitting it at a place where it reflects in good health. This tattoo enhances the significance interrelated with the design.

Image: @sigmedellin

14. Dark Ink Cross Tattoo

This cross tattoo looks very graceful with the daring dark colors – making the intact design stand out. In addition, a reflection of symbols brings out the importance and feelings linked with the design.

Image: @ivantattoogr

15. Kings and Cross Tattoo Design

From the gorgeous patterns of black and grey to the specific elements used, the kings and cross tattoo design is utterly outstanding. It also captures the body so magnificently, which is excellent.

Image: @nickfilbert

16. Adorable Cross Tattoo

The adorable cross tattoo articulates profound holy meaning and strikingly distinguishes the design. Moreover, the grouping of the cross with other symbols can add more impact.

Image: @lapalancaink

17. Designer Cross Tattoo

You can also think about a wilder bit if you are an edgy individual. The comprehensive designer cross tattoo captures the back magnificently and adds to the wearer’s features.

Image: @ej.montenegro.73

18. Cross Tattoo with Roman Numerals

A simple act of devotion that’s expressed in such a beautiful way! The cross tattoo with roman numerals design looks, to a certain extent, fantastic with all the elements utilized enhancing the by and large appeal.

Image: @jmg_tattoos

19. Cross wrapped in Cloth Tattoo

Inking an image in a worship mode makes the cross tattoo design excellently. All of the elements and symbols used in the cross wrapped in cloth tattoo articulate an act of worship.

Image: @real_ink_for_life

20. Cross with Stars Tattoo

Women just similar to men also find cross tattoos to be engaging. In addition, there is a range of elements like stars that can be utilized in conjunction with tattoos to enhance the feel.

Image: @tribostambia

21. Cross with Roses and Thorns Tattoo

Such a straightforward and graceful piece of design! The cross with roses and thorns tattoo blends magnificently wherever it’s worn. It can be a way of expressing your commitment to each other.

Image: @elpidoforoskotzasis

22. Cross with Large Wings Tattoo

Large wings stand for various things, and as utilized in the design, it makes the intact cross tattoo stand out. The unique color used also adds to the magnificence of the creation.

Image: @kriegs_tattoo_n_barber_shop

23. Memorial Cross Tattoo

The symbol of a significant memorial cross looks impressive. However, the dark color used in this fantastic memorial cross tattoo also reflects magnificently lying on the wearer’s skin.

Image: @edyys_tattoos

24. Marvellous Cross Tattoo

An excellent piece of design that reflects pain is going by the deep piercing on top of the skin. The cross symbol is fascinating and blends magnificently with the elements drawn on.

Image: @jenkoloco

25. Luxurious Cross Tattoo

The use of unique elements in the cross tattoo brings a rich representation of the luxurious cross tattoo design.

Image: @nolimitstattoing

26. Cross with Skull Tattoo

A cross tattoo with the skull is superb and looks outstanding on the wearer. The tattoo is fascinating by all means and fits in good health on the wearer.

Image: @crosstattoostudio

27. Wings and Faith Cross Tattoo

Add a tiny element of resourcefulness to your cross tattoo design by incorporating wings. From the cross symbol to the massive feathers, these wings and faith cross tattoo expresses an incredible contrast.

Image: @db_skin_art

28. Beads in Praying Hands Cross Tattoo

If you consider wearing a similar tattoo design with your partner, the beads in praying hands cross tattoo can be a great inspiration. It’s also eye-catching!

Image: @curtis.1

29. Cross with Leaves Tattoo

The grouping of leaves with a cross tattoo profoundly reflects the wearer’s beliefs. In addition, the design appears excellent, reflecting some symbolic importance for the wearer.

Image: @oktopus_tattoo_shop

30. Cross with Anchor Tattoo

You can personalize your design that profoundly drives the significance you’re associating it with. So, for example, this cross with an anchor tattoo is just excellent.

Image: @_victoria_ink_

31. Black and Red Cross Tattoo

Red is a distinctive color for a cross tattoo and could undoubtedly carry a little symbolic meaning for the wearer. The black and red cross tattoo design looks great wherever it’s worn.

Image: @rengeesh

32. Cross with Circle Tattoo

The setting around the cross tattoo captures a very intricate image that reflects in good health on the intact design. The cross with a circle tattoo articulates the significance associated with the design.

Image: @mamut_tattoo_art

33. Cross with Rose and Ribbon Tattoo

From the elements utilized to the elaborate way the features are prearranged, the whole thing in the cross with rose and ribbon tattoo design brings out such a rich significance.

Image: @rockabilly518

34. Cross with Compass Tattoo

If there is one design that will on no account go out of fashion, then it’s the cross with compass tattoo. The design looks magnificent, with the symbols shown reflecting magnificently.

Image: @raebeat_black

35. Cross with Leaves Tattoo Design

The representation of the leaves holding on to the cross looks excellent. The design shows a slight element of reliance and convolution.

Image: @sondysonson

36. Cross with Leaves and Hands Tattoo

Incorporating leaves and hands to the cross tattoo carries some hope and freedom. The colors utilized also add striking contrast to the design in a much deeper way.

Image: @kingofthemoon

37. Cross with Jesus Tattoo

Personalizing a Jesus tattoo design is an excellent way of expressing your distinctiveness and creativeness. However, you can still put across your uniqueness by incorporating elements appealing to you.

Image: @bravotattoo_korea

38. Royal Cross with Jesus tattoo

Cross tattoos make available a great way of remembering dear ones. Aside from the simple cross tattoo, you can also incorporate a royal cross with Jesus that brings into memory an appreciated one.

Image: @siketattoopain

39. String with Cross Tattoo

You can find motivation from the cross tattoo by combining a string that carries a great significance to you.

Image: @limitbreaker_341

40. Cross with Beads Tattoo

Tattoos are not only holy but also carry a profound symbolism. The cross with beads tattoo design articulates such rich holy meaning and an expression of dedication.

Image: @klunkybootsart

41. Cross with Olive Leaves Tattoo

There is no enhanced way of warding off those determined condemning voices like having it inked on top of a cross tattoo. However, the cross with olive leaves tattoo can be well placed on any part of your body.

Image: @shahvar.tattoo

42. Large Tribal Cross Tattoo Design

An expression of beauty and brilliance is the best description for this large tribal tattoo design. The tattoo’s placement also enhances its by and large appeal in such a delectable way.

Image: @dokoink

43. Son of God Cross Tattoo

The level of straightforwardness and creativity shown in this son of God cross tattoo is just remarkable.

Image: @lollozzhh.tattoo

44. Cross with Elephant Tattoo

Nothing captures the symbol of the cross in a straightforward way like this elephant tattoo. It’s superb in all forms, with the graceful shades of black creating such a vibrant appeal.

Image: @tim_langer_tattoo

45. Jesus in Cross Tattoo Design

The attractiveness of cross tattoos lies in the reality that you can personalize the design. In addition, the elements used in the Jesus in cross tattoo create such a striking contrast carrying some central meaning.

Image: @ronierontztattoo

46. Cross with Quote Tattoo

Such a magnificent piece of the cross with quote tattoo design with every element utilized enhances the by and extensive outlook. The tattoo looks great on the back and reflects magnificently on the wearer.

Image: @rotattoo.mari

47. Cross with Diamond Tattoo

There are trendy choices of cross tattoos that one can think about wearing. One can get inspiration from this cross with a diamond tattoo.

Image: @soleastutatu

48. Hollow Cross Tattoo Design

Small designs of cross tattoos have a means of reflecting magnificently on the skin. The hollow cross tattoo design is also very eye-catching.

Image: @janmarietattoo

49. Shaded Cross Tattoo Design

At what time inking the cross tattoo, one can also articulate the various elements that add to the tattoo’s meaning. For example, this shaded cross tattoo design has at all times been associated with profound spiritual importance.

Image: @good_kidz

50. Lion in Cross Tattoo

Apart from the way color and elements are utilized, the overall design of the lion in the cross tattoo is just eye-catching. Tattoo enthusiasts can use several parts to enhance the by and large outlook.

Image: @chestolbc

51. Jesus Crucified Cross Tattoo

Inking an attention-grabbing tattoo requires a tiny element of artistry and proficiency. However, the design representing this Jesus crucified cross tattoo is adorable by all standards to a certain extent.

Image: @tattooandygazaro_inkaholics

52. Three Pointed Cross Tattoo

A three-pointed cross tattoo can also symbolize spirituality and good judgment. The three points create a stunning expression, with the sculptured representation of the cross enhancing the outlook.

Image: @camilolellys

53. Wooden Cross with Barbed Wire Tattoo

This tattoo is a fantastic piece of art that’s visually appealing. The wooden cross is reflected by way of the barbed wire intertwined, adding to the affluent significance of the tattoo.

Image: @amyjemzelix

54. Cross with Birds and Words Tattoo

Carrying great weight, popular and cool, cross tattoo designs with birds and words are the eventual sacred symbols of Christianity, representing the sacrifice of the act of Jesus Christ.

Image: @silveranchatatto

55. Cross wrapped in Tape Tattoo

At the same time, as a holy symbol for Christians, the cross wrapped in tape tattoo design is influential, time and again representing a way for men to hold their faith and love for Jesus.

Image: @konna_x

56. Cross with Wings and Crown Tattoo

Eventually, religious tattoos can be Christian symbols or incorporate crosses with wings and crown images associated with Christianity, spanning crosswise different creative themes and styles.

Image: @eit1art

57. Minimal Cross Tattoo

One way to raise your cross tattoo design is by adding the images of Jesus Christ. Unique and straightforward, this minimal cross tattoo is beyond doubt an inspirational piece of art.

Image: @pintadon_tattoo

58. Celtic Cross Tattoo

The baseline of any tattoo – sacred or not – is that it should symbolize your personality; a unique Celtic cross tattoo is one way to make your design specially to make sure that it fits who you are.

Image: @stormborntattoos

59. Cross Tattoo with Name

An epic grouping for a sacred tattoo is the mix of name and the cross. The cross represents God, Heaven, and resurrection, while the title speaks to a particular character, the endless cycle.

Image: @vaincore.tattoos

60. Unique Cross Tattoo

Consider adding minor special effects for a unique version of a cross tattoo. At the same time as still maintaining the special meaning of the cross, a unique cross design grants some creativity.

Image: @soy.sausse

61. Cross with Lamp Tattoo

A cross with a lamp tattoo will, at all times, look great on the body. The location is, to some extent, traditional, with enough space for a large tattoo where you can observe it throughout the day.

Image: @bonustattootawanna

62. Luxurious Cross Tattoo with Wings

You have the prospect of mixing the worlds of art and holiness. You can be bold by way of this luxurious cross tattoo with wings.

Image: @ted_black_roses

63. Mythical Cross Tattoo

With a mythical cross tattoo, you’re making a declaration that you’re a Christian. In addition to the closeness to the heart, many men choose this tattoo as the freedom to go bold with a design.

Image: @yani.black.white

64. Feather attached to Cross Tattoo

The back is a good spot for a father attached to a cross-back tattoo. But, again, there’s an abundance of canvas space to work with and apply detail and inventive creativity.

Image: @tattoos_by_johnny_

65. Liberty Cross Tattoo

In addition to being an excellent and discreet design, the liberty cross tattoo is, above all, great for Christian symbolism. The Word of God is more or less within you, speaking to you constantly.

Image: @prayinmantis_

66. Mystic Cross Tattoo

Regardless of your reason for getting a unique cross tattoo inked on top of your body, these mystic cross tattoo designs will motivate you.

Image: @davidavidavi_da_vida

67. Cross with different Flowers Tattoo

Cross tattoos are a widespread choice among many people nowadays. There is something undeniably appealing about the prospect of having a cross tattooed on your body.

Image: @sondysonson

68. Skull inside Cross Tattoo

What better way to express your solid Christian belief than getting a skull inside the cross tattoo. Such a tattoo, beyond doubt, showcases how holy and devoted to your faith you are.

Image: @mazeinkfame

69. Wooden Cross Tattoo

The imagery of cross tattoos can extend from spirituality to faith, loyalty, or even individual transformation. But, of course, one and all assign their denotation to a wooden cross tattoo.

Image: @madvikingtattoo

70. Cross Tattoo with Dog Tags

At the same time, as we can see, most of the imagery and meaning are related to Jesus, Christianity, and devotion. For example, the cross tattoo with dog tags can also signify eternal hope.

Image: @nealbridson

71. Small Cross Tattoo for Women

When we talk about small cross tattoos for women, one of the most important topics to cover is the sole cross tattoo design. However, it is equally a favorite amongst men and women.

Image: @peki_tattoo_studio

72. Smoking Girl Cross Tattoo

If you would like to make a unique statement with your cross tattoo, then what good way to do so – then combine it with a smoking girl. This is such a fantastic design, on the whole.

Image: @ink_performance

73. Bible Verse Cross Tattoo

A simple, minimalistic bible verse cross tattoo cross doesn’t cost more but is very efficient. The tattoo is pretty uncomplicated and can be completed in only one session.

Image: @big_rio_ink

74. Miniature Cross Tattoo

One of the most incredible things about getting a simple miniature cross tattoo is that it looks good far and wide when you place it. This is because the design comes all the way through as effective and uncomplicated.

Image: @h8n.je0n

75. Lion with Cross Tattoo

Do you know that the lion with a cross tattoo is also a popular tattoo design globally? Just take a look at this cross tattoo on the back of a guy, and you would have the same opinion.

Image: @aris_tattoo.crash

76. Half Cross Half Flowers Tattoo

Half cross half flowers tattoos offer a fantastic way to make your artwork especially. As a result of combining a cross and tribal design, men can create a rambling image that will fit nicely on the backside.

Image: @tackerracker

77. Anchor in the middle of Cross Tattoo

The cross tattoo can be carried on nearly all body parts and depends on what approach and size you’re looking for. For example, the middle of the upper back is best for an anchor in the middle of a cross tattoo.

Image: @castlefordtattoos

78. Viper on a Cross Tattoo

Above all, the cross can hold plenty of impacts for those who want to be reminded of their religion or a dear one constantly. The viper on a cross tattoo is a top choice to view your faith.

Image: @uncogrim

79. Jewelry Cross Tattoo

The jewelry cross tattoo is one of the most well-known inks because it not only looks suitable for both men and women; they’re also widespread symbols for loyalty and sacrifice.

Image: @ritetattoostudio

80. Superman Cross Tattoo

Cross tattoos call for a modest introduction. Representing profound spiritual faith and devotion to Christian values, the superman cross tattoo is a great way to put across your spiritual beliefs.

Image: @tattooartistdan

81. Justice and Wings Cross Tattoo

The symbol representing justice and wings cross tattoo went to the degree that the Christian religion reached.

Image: @newt_tattooer

82. Tribal Jesus in Cross Tattoo

The tribal cross tattoo blends amid the local customs, earlier beliefs and background to form unique artwork.

Image: @smalltattoo_bdg

83. Shaded Cross and Wings Tattoo

Christianity doesn’t encompass to look a specific means. It can exist as a steady source of devotion.

Image: @pistons_tattoo

84. Wooden Cross with Date Tattoo

If you want something unique, think about going for such a design. For example, this wooden cross with a date tattoo is fantastic.

Image: @moeinkx

85. Cross with Flowers and Crown Tattoo

This cross with flowers and crown tattoo is such a great artwork that creates a superb contrast.

Image: @2an_tattoo

86. Big Jesus with Cross Tattoo

The expressions used in the big Jesus with cross tattoo carry a profound meaning. Therefore, a level of expertise is required in this fantastic artwork.

Image: @nabbamb_tattoo_studio

87. Praying Hands Cross Tattoo Design

The praying hands cross tattoo design creates an appealing visual outlook. The middle of the upper back is best for this tattoo.

Image: @jonpinatat2

88. Cross with Robe Tattoo Design

These are very popular amongst guys. It has been associated with profound spiritual importance. It shows how sacred and loyal to your faith you are.

Image: @magnumxiii

89. Cross with Circle and Rope

The cross with a circle and rope is generally recognized as the most significant symbol of the Christian faith.

Image: @tattooist_acorn

90. Three Crosses Tattoo

The three crosses tattoo represents Jesus’ sacrifice for the sake of humanity. Therefore, it has been associated with profound holy importance.

Image: @manifesttattoo.ink

91. Big Rectangular Cross Tattoo

The distinctive big rectangular tattoo is exclusive in that the lines forming the pattern have a unique beginning or end.

Image: @mx_blck_

92. Cross with Tulip Tattoo

Applying the same pattern or cross with a tulip tattoo underlines the perpetual nature of devotion. Indeed, these designs are sure to prompt you.

Image: @nessie_franztattoo

93. Full Black Cross Tattoo

The variation of the cross symbol in full black cross tattoo involves depicting the full black image. These cross designs are time and again a direct reference to faith.

Image: @dorothink

94. White Outline Cross with Wings Tattoo

On the whole, this white outline cross with wings drives profoundly the impact you’re correlating it with. These tattoos are a way to honor and memorize a loved one.

Image: @tatt2st

95. Half Skull with Cross Tattoo

The color shades utilized in the half skull with cross tattoo reflect good health on the wearer.

Image: @arthurvolper

96. Long Cross Tattoo for Men

Whether you opt for a short version or even a Celtic design, the long cross tattoo for men symbolizes your devotion.

Image: @lapalancaink

97. Cross Crest Tattoo

The cross crest tattoo can be placed on any part of the body. Intact, this unique tattoo expresses a great contrast.

Image: @codyglenntattoos


When choosing a tattoo design, lots of Christians choose the holy symbol of the cross. It symbolizes the innermost part of the faith – Jesus Christ’s sacrifice to save humankind. Not only is a cross tattoo religious and commanding, but it can furthermore be combined in the company of several other symbols and delicate art styles, which can bestow it a new significance.


Q: Can I get a cross tattoo?

Getting hold of a cross tattoo can be very exhilarating. Indeed, cross tattoos are outstanding, notwithstanding whether you’re youthful or old, spiritual or not, or getting an initial 1st tattoo.

Q: What does a cross on the wrist mean?

One of the unique marks is the cross tattoo worn on top of the wrist. Every so often applied as premature as forty days later than birth (and after baptism), the tattoo is an everlasting recognition marker signaling all the devotion and group of people belonging to the bearer.

Q: What is the meaning of a cross tattoo on your hand?

Cross tattoos can symbolize your trustworthiness to faith or devotion. In Christianity, the cross is a significant symbol. Similarly, a cross tattoo can also denote unconditional love and sacrifice, at the same time as Jesus felt and carried out for the human race.

Q: What do tiny cross tattoos mean?

In a petite size, the cross tattoo is an excellent special reminder of faith concealed from other individuals’ eyes. These tattoos are adjustable to every part of your body.

Q: How long does a simple cross tattoo take?

Bigger tattoos can take more than one session to get completed. A more extensive design might take account of two sessions simultaneously, as an intact sleeve could take charge of months to get completed.

Q: What do tattoos say about a person?

A tattoo is similar to a picture of an idea, emotion, or reminiscence that you feel like carrying with you everlastingly. Whether you acquire the tattoo seeing as you’re afraid you might fail to remember or for the reason that you know you in no way will, your tattoo is full of great significance.

More Cross Tattoos for Back To Consider

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