71 Stunning Great Cross Tattoos For Arms

Cross Tattoos For Arms are most popular among people who have faith in Christianity. The profound significance of the cross symbol is in Christianity and Catholicism. The cross is a powerful symbol and is the most distinctive sacred emblem signifying the deed of Jesus Christ.

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It can be drawn on any part of the body and can design ink on any part of the body. It gives a stylish look to get this tattoo style for a specific purpose. 

Different Cross Tattoos And Their Designs

Getting a Celtic tattoo is one of the most famous design ideas with different cross tattoos. The design includes profound spiritual and religious symbols with a striking and distinctive style of artwork.

With traditional beliefs, the cross tattoo has the opinion of a powerful and holy design idea that carries faith and love for Jesus. 

1. Single Line Cross Tattoo Design

A meaningful, popular and cool tattoo design inked on the arm gives a styling appeal. The funky design with a single-line cross tattoo makes the style appear great on the skin.

In association with strength and power, the cross design is shown to break the mold with a badass cross design. 

Single Line Cross Tattoo Design

Credit: angiehandpokes

2. Detailed Great Cross Tattoo 

The excellent cross tattoo design discovered these meaningful cross tattoos to express your Christian beliefs and honor God. The gorgeous cross-design idea inked on the arm with intricate detailing helps enhance the tattoo look with black ink.

The distinct and distinct tattoo design makes them look elegant. 

Detailed Great Cross Tattoo

Credit: yubeen___

3. Grey Line Cross Tattoo 

Showcase your faith in Christianity by enlightening excellent and religious inking. A simple design in grey looks good. It shows the confidence you have. It fits anywhere and is an excellent design idea to enhance the tattoo look.

It also represents self-sacrifice, personal revelation and transformation. 

Grey Line Cross Tattoo

Credit: tattooist_dante

4. Fine Detailed Cross Tattoo

When it gets to getting a great tattoo design, the bold black intricate detailing on the tattoo looks great. Making a lasting impact on the religious and Christian design idea makes a Celtic body art.

The magnificent tattoo look is great on the wearer with the addition of fine detailing to enhance the tattoo look. 

Cross Tattoo

Credit: celias.ink

5. Black Shaded Jesus & Cross Tattoo 

It is one of the most common types of tattoo design. It is a figure of Jesus Christ as drawn on the cross. This type of tattoo is usually significant as adding the figure of Jesus consumes a lot of space.

Therefore, the best place for Jesus’ cross tattoo is on the chest or back, as there is a lot of space for a big tattoo. In addition, this type of tattoo is regarded as a symbol of sacrifice.

Black Shaded Jesus & Cross Tattoo

Credit: 714official

6. Black Shaded Jesus In Cross Tattoo

A Jesus cross tattoo design is also a combination of symbols, and the inner wrists have always been a popular design idea. The intricate detailing with fine line strokes makes the tattoo look gorgeous.

In addition, the Jesus arm design inked in the diamond shape makes the style look stunning. 

Black Shaded Jesus In Cross Tattoo

Credit: ghy_undead

7. Magnificent Cross With Rosary Beads Tattoo

The rosary bead tattoo design inked on the wrist with a shading effect gives an elegant appeal to the tattoo style. A cross and rosary lead star, divine heart, cross symbol gives an elegant appeal.

The style combined with Catholic appeal makes the tattoo impressive in black color. 

Magnificent Cross with Rosary Beads Tattoo

Credit: madrat.tattoos

8. Black Memorial Cross With Name Tattoo 

The memorial cross tattoo design inked on the arm is done with names alongside, making it look different. Giving a stunning appeal to the tattoo is drawn with variations either by arranging names to form a cross or a design with writing names under it.

The design is inked in the memory of someone or your loved ones. 

Black Memorial Cross with Name Tattoo 

Credit: inkspirationaltattoo

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9. Black & Grey Devil And Cross Tattoo 

Getting a tattoo of a devil with superstitious and spiritual sign looks is great for the arm. The modern cross interpretations also refer to you as sin with the devil look, and the bold black cross design calls attention to their supposed devotion.

The black ink design with fine line work makes the style decent. 

Black & Grey Devil and Cross Tattoo

Credit: vonpernerart

10. Celtic Cross With Green Leaves Tattoo Design

The Celtic tattoo design is the Irish cross in the historic emblem that endures across many generations and centuries. The Celtic cross has stylizing rings and knots that transfer nicely into artwork.

The extensive intricacy and shading effect with the addition of green color makes the design looks appealing. 

Celtic Cross with Green Leaves Tattoo Design

Credit: gtats187ink

11. Memorial Cross Tattoo With Name And Date

One of the arm’s creative and meaningful cross tattoo designs is a perfect tribute to lost loved ones. It makes the style unique and personalized with the addition of date and name.

The tattoo inked on the arm with shading in black and brown gives a stunning appeal to the tattoo style. It also helps manage contemporary work for the design. 

Memorial Cross Tattoo with Name and Date

Credit: the.bionink.man

12. Red Ribbon Holding Cross Tattoo

With pink ribbon and cross, some more ideas give a styling appeal to the tattoo design. The official symbol of breast cancer in the design with a cross makes it look like strength and protection.

In addition, the styling design idea with a permanent inking in pink gives a stunning appeal to the tattoo. 

Red Ribbon Holding Cross Tattoo

Credit: gumbiesink

13. Praying Hands With Cross & Date Tattoo

The addition of a rosary cross with praying hands look makes it a religious tattoo design. The image of prayer shows faith or hope. The tattoo design can work with dates to make the style personalized and give a styling appeal. 

Praying Hands with Cross & Date Tattoo

Creedit: lito_lokz

14. Red Ink Cross With Roses Tattoo 

Red is the color of passion, anger and fire. Those are all things that can consume and destroy you. But, they also make life thrilling. The cross-linked red outline helps make the design look stunning.

With a gorgeous appeal, the addition of rose flowers helps enhance the design with a shading effect. 

Red Ink Cross with Roses Tattoo

Credit: cali_ink_

15. Rosary Beads With Cross Tattoo 

The sharp cross tattoo design looks eye-catchy and gives an exciting look. The addition of the rosary is believed to ward off demons and evil spirits.

In addition, the design with intricate detailing helps enhance the arm’s look, giving the black tattoo style a stunning look. 

Rosary Beads with Cross Tattoo

Credit: kapitan_iyan

16. Rose And Cross Tattoo 

Roses are a lovely compliment to any tattoo of a cross. But, if you’re hesitant, remember that a flower infusion adds biblical and creative layering and a splash of color without sacrificing any masculinity.

In addition, the arm tattoo design with intricate design gives an enhanced look to the style. 

Rose And Cross Tattoo 

Credit: iron_rex_rj

17. Stunning Cross Tattoo On Arm

The cross tattoo design with the addition of Jesus represents faith and devotion toward God. The cross design helps save humanity, making the style look elegant with a refined look.

The intricate, bold black ink design represents power and strength. 

Stunning Cross Tattoo On Arm

Credit: pirate_ink_man

18. Green Tree Art In Cross Tattoo

It is a combination of a tree and a cross. In this type of tattoo, the tree is drawn in a way that forms a cross. You can choose whether you want the tree with leaves or without the leaves. This type of tattoo is always black.

The addition of a green ink design on the arm gives an elegant tattoo appeal to enhance the design idea. 

Green Tree Art in Cross Tattoo

Credit: alesuazotattoo 

19. Brown Tiger In Cross Arm Tattoo 

Tiger tattoos are inked on the arm as a symbol of strength and power, and sharing with the cross gives an innovative look to the tattoo. The stylish tiger cross tattoo looks great on the arm with colored inking.

The perfect balance of power and innocence is represented with the inking. 

Brown Tiger in Cross Arm Tattoo

Credit: creationtattoocompany

20. Small Bold Black Cross Tattoo 

Any size of the cross tattoo design gives a powerful statement of faith. You do not have to feel obligated to go big with the artwork. A modest cross tattoo design inked on the arm creates a lasting effect and does not run away from the concept.

The bold small cross design on the wrist gives a fantastic appeal. 

Small Bold Black Cross Tattoo 

Credit: bambiink_tattoo

21. Trendy Cross Tattoo On Arm

The ancient symbol tattoo design inked on the arm gives a styling appeal. It shows a great path towards eliminating the exclusive aspects of religion. The bold ink style with intricate and delicate line design helps enhance the look of the cross tattoo.

In addition, the design looks great in moderate size. 

Trendy Cross Tattoo On Arm

Credit: jmclaughlintattoos

22. Tribal Celtic Cross Tattoo On Arm

Apart from being a religious symbol, the tribal cross tattoo designs stand for bravery. The bold black outline of the red ink design frames the design idea with a unique concept.

In addition, the heavily religious inking on the arm makes the style look broader and elegant. 

Tribal Celtic Cross Tattoo On Arm

Credit: ta2andy

23. Ultimate Bright Black Cross Tattoo 

The cross tattoo design comes as a representation of your devotion to God. The faith in Christianity comes as a significant symbol for cross design. A cross tattoo also represents unconditional love and sacrifice.

Making the style look elegant for the design is gorgeous. 

Ultimate Bright Black Cross Tattoo

Credit: mel_rama

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24. Black Brush Stroke Cross Tattoo 

The brush stroke inking of cross design with black ink on the arm gives a decent look to the tattoo. The symbol represents power, strength and courage.

The brush stroke with black inking helps make the style appealing with the addition of elements to the tattoo. 

Black Brush Stroke Cross Tattoo

Credit: tattoostudioreddragon

25. Dove And Three Cross Tattoo 

Dove represents freedom, peace, love, hope and romance, and the addition of the cross represents power and strength. The balance of both the tattoos on the arm gives a definite deep meaning to the personalized tattoo design.

The three crosses represent the holy trinity to show your devotion. 

Dove And Three Cross Tattoo

Credit: independentink7

26. Angel Winged Cross Tattoo 

Men who wish to pay homage to two solid Christian symbols may do so with an epic design idea of combining wings and across. The angel wings span around the cross in a loving tribute representing a biblical figure or a lost love.

In addition, the arm design with intricate detailing of black lines makes the style looks improved. 

Angel Winged Cross Tattoo

Credit: twelfthhorizontattoo

27. Walk By Faith Cross Arm Tattoo 

Getting a Walk by Faith cross tattoo on the arm shows other people that you are a follower of Jesus Christ. Making the design look distinctive for the graceful design shows you are willing to follow his teachings.

The stylish design with a wood impression gives the tattoo a decent and elegant look. 

Walk by Faith Cross Arm Tattoo

Credit: valhallaawaitsme

28. Wooden Cross Tattoo Design

With the effect of wood, a cross tattoo design looks great. Wooden cross tattoo is mainly given a 3D effect to show the wood style. The tattoo requires a larger space but can also be accommodated in smaller spaces.

The cross tattoo design is inked in black with a wooden shade effect making it a realistic design. The intricate strokes make the design elegant and unique. 

Wooden Cross Tattoo Design

Credit: onyx.tattoos

29. Different Wording Cross Tattoo

Cross tattoos are one of the most popular tattoo designs, and the striking design also represents a deep meaning to the wearer. The clever placement of wordings creates a fun interplay with the tattoo design.

The rays after the cross also give a definite look to the tattoo style.  

Different Wording Cross Tattoo

Credit: tac_garcia_tattoo

30. 3D Elemental Cross Arm Tattoo 

The deep religious collection of tattoo designs inked on the arm gives a styling look to the wearer. In addition, the many cross tattoo designs inked on the arm with other elements attracts attention and compliments giving it a deep meaning. 

3D Elemental Cross Arm Tattoo 

Credit: inkjectionyf

31. Knife Shaped Wings Cross Tattoo 

The explosion of demand in the cross tattoo styles rises in popularity among youngsters. The black ink tattoo design with wings attached gives a significant meaning to the tattoo resulting in inspiration, strength and protection.

In addition, the black ink design with intricate design helps enhance the tattoo. 

Knife Shaped Wings Cross Tattoo

Credit: danusha.tattoo

32. Black Inked Cross Tattoo 

The excellent tattoo design with hands touching the cross gives a delicate appeal to the tattoo. In addition, the distinctive shading effect of the arm makes the style appear stunning with powerful and deep meaning.

The tattoo represents strength, protection and devotion to religion. 

Black Inked Cross Tattoo

Credit: jb_tattoos

32. Black And Grey Angled Cross Banner Tattoo

The meaningful cross tattoo design with the expression of Christian belief along with name tag, birthdate and death date etched on the cross shows the world your message.

With the name of your loved ones, the designs are robust and are a brilliant way to express your feelings. 

Black and Grey Angled Cross Banner Tattoo

Credit: pandorasboxtattoo

34. Black Ink Cross Tattoo 

The simple cross brush stroke tattoo is a trendy watercolor effect idea. The cross tattoo on the arm is one of the most classic designs with religious connotations giving a surprising and distinct meaning.

The black ink design offers a simple look but has the most powerful sense. 

Credit: rb_da_artist

35. Bold Blue Fire Cross On Arm Tattoo 

The Gothic flame tattoo design represents sacrifice and courage and is a popular option for firefighters. Popularized as a terror symbol by Ku Klux Klan, the most potent hate symbol is the burning design inked in blue representing illusion, renewal and destruction. 

Bold Blue Fire Cross on Arm Tattoo

Credit: brickartist119

36. Green Celtic Cross Tattoo 

The ancient symbol design idea of a cross inked on the arm gives the wearer a delicate and subtle look. The masterpiece is inked for peace and love and comes as a great path towards eliminating the exclusion aspect of religion.

In addition, the gender-neutral design represents a deep commitment to faith. 

Green Celtic Cross Tattoo 

Credit: mojumajanek

37. Christian Rosary Cross With Rose Tattoo 

The Christian cross tattoo is sharper, an eye-catching shape amongst the shading of the upper arm. The beads themselves match nicely with the old-school roses.

The rose design represents purity and joy, and the cross with rosary represents devotion and faith towards Jesus’s power and strength. 

Christian Rosary Cross with Rose Tattoo

Credit: zolinoart

38. Classic Cross With Heart Tattoo On Arm

A cross design entwined with a graceful heart inked by the artist holds numerous distinct meanings. First, the famous design idea represents your devotion to religion or faith.

In Christianity, the cross is where Jesus died to save humanity, so it’s a significant symbol.

Classic Cross With Heart Tattoo On Arm

Credit: uncle.kit

39. Black Cross Armband Tattoo 

The band-style tattoo designs are pretty popular and incorporate different meanings for the wearer. The other signs of the Christian faith on the arm represent bravery and grief.

The armband tattoo design is a great way to show devotion toward religion and spirituality, making the style elegant. 

Black Cross Armband Tattoo

Credit: drakos_tattoo_experience_crew

40. Cross And Flames Tattoos On Arm

Many fires and flame tattoo designs incorporate other symbols and feature multiple styles. It represents illumination, destruction, and renewal. In dreams, blue fire warns a cold-hearted woman that you may have a conflict with. 

Cross And Flames Tattoos On Arm

Credit: melange.tattoo

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41. Cross with Banner On Arm Tattoo 

A rustic cross design with a name banner corresponds to one’s spirituality and religious background. The particular cross dates represent sacrifice and courage.

Signifying the person’s faith for the ultimate holy symbol represents the act of Jesus Christ. 

Cross with Banner On Arm Tattoo

Credit: jdgrimtattoo

42. Amazing Cross Tattoo On Arm

A cross tattoo design signifies a relationship not just with Christianity, faith, devotion, freedom and sacrifice. The way tattoo design expresses the design conveys your Christian belief and spirituality. Signifying hope and conviction makes the style look different. 

Amazing Cross Tattoo On Arm

Credit: uno.tat

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43. Crown And Cross Tattoo

A Crown tattoo shows legitimacy, power, triumph, self-control, victory and glory. Crown tattoos inked with a cross can be portrayed in many variations, and the design represents faith and loyalty to the tattoo style.

Representing the reward with faithful believers in Heaven gives a styling look to the design. 

Crown And Cross Tattoo

Credit:  inksabbath

44. Green Evil Dragon And Cross Tattoo

The dragon tattoo with the cross design represents courage and tremendous power despite the negative connotations.

The show-off dragon and cross tattoo design is an homage to adapting a furious look showing a powerful emblem of protection and guidance from within. 

Green Evil Dragon And Cross Tattoo

Credit: designink88

45. Crying Eye And Black Cross Tattoo 

Discovering sacred beliefs and spiritual icons with a holy purpose gives a delicate appeal to the tattoo style. Symbolizing defiance and reverence for God, the cross tattoo design looks great in bold black ink.

In addition, the intricate detailing of eye design helps simply boost the artwork. 

Crying Eye And Black Cross Tattoo

Credit: oghavok602az

46. Fabulous Floral Cross Tattoo 

The simple cross tattoo representation displays a tiny cross with colored flowers giving popular picks. Providing an exciting design opportunity for women’s faith can create a stylish and beautiful inking design representing art.

The beauty of spiritual growth makes the design stunning. 

Fabulous Floral Cross Tattoo

Credit: nathargrove

47. Family Name Cross Arm Tattoo 

Cool cross tattoo ideas show faith and love towards your family, and the beautifully crafted tattoo design with the addition of names gives an intricate style look. The bold black outline giving names helps showcase love towards family and loved ones. 

Family Name Cross Arm Tattoo

Credit: amynguyenart

48. Fantastic Thorns Cross Tattoo

Cross with thorns is a subtle tribute to your faith by intertwining beauty and the poetry reminder. The utmost sacrifice of Jesus Christ for human salvation is represented with a religious outlook towards life, making it a trendy design idea inked in monochrome color.  

Fantastic Thorns Cross Tattoo

Credit: tattooist_dori

49. Cross Tattoo With Rosary Beads

The rosary beads and cross tattoo designs need to discover forgiveness and mercy. Representing the religious bent of mind with rosary beads, it comes as the right pick of faith for you.

Specifically designed to enhance the Christianity design idea, the tattoo looks impressive. 

Cross Tattoo With Rosary Beads

Credit: tattoosbyalex79

50. Pink Flower Cross Tattoo

Flowers are used in many critical Christian designs. For example, the natural flowers in religious festivals and occasions give a natural complement to the cross-design idea.

In addition, you may choose a flower with biblical significance, such as a rose or shrubbery that matches your cross or provides some eye-catching color.

Pink Flower Cross Tattoo

Credit: naiicaramelo

51. Lion And Three Cross Tattoo

The lion tattoo represents power, strength and loyalty. On the other hand, the cross tattoo shows faith in Jesus. To convey the bravery and courage of the bearer comes as one of the most common meanings of a lion tattoo.

The lion and cross tattoo signifies a fearless individual or mark overcoming a challenge through courage.

Lion And Three Cross Tattoo

Credit: santanaslab

52. Bold Cross Tattoo With Heart

Regardless of who they are or what they have done depends on the impulse to love people. The red heart outline in the black cross embodies the primary value, and the ink might act as a subtle reminder to develop a Christ-like attitude to compassion and love. 

Bold Cross Tattoo With Heart

Credit: _puregonzo_

53. Hand Holding Rosary Cross Tattoo

The meaningful, famous and excellent hand-holding cross tattoo design is the ultimate symbol of Christianity. Representing the act of Jesus Christ, the cross design incorporating rosary beads, Jesus, cross and hands depict a symbolic meaning to the tattoo artist. 

Hand Holding Rosary Cross Tattoo

Credit: zoekirks

54. Small Celtic Cross Tribal Tattoo

A tribal cross tattoo design is an eye-catching design that combines religion and heritage. The different features of tribal tattoos include shading, patterns, forms, and symbols. The design is inked on the shoulders, wrist, arms, and sleeves.

It comes as an excellent choice if you want to add your Christian beliefs while honoring family. 

Small Celtic Cross Tribal Tattoo

Credit: michaelabarber66

55. Significant Cross Tattoo With Jesus 

The wistful gaze of the most popular and religious tattoo design right after the cross design gives an elegant appeal. The unique and customized design idea in different cultures gives different meanings to the tattoo style.

The easily recognized design idea on the arm looks fantastic. 

Significant Cross Tattoo With Jesus

Credit: sini__tattooer

56. Black Skull With Cross Tattoo

The classic skull tattoo design is based on the pirate’s emblem, and it stands for the cruelty and despair associated with a pirate’s life. Unfortunately, the cross-bones can also represent poison.

However, the bold black ink design can be meaningful and artistic for inspiring tattoo work. 

Black Skull With Cross Tattoo

Credit: andreipetrov_tattoo

57. Love Quote With Cross Tattoo

A quote and cross tattoo design inked on the arm is a unique idea that makes the tattoo look stunning. It is a type of design that looks good when placed with a cross design.

The tattoo’s size is usually significant, and the black ink design can also have options to add colors. 

Love Quote With Cross Tattoo

Credit: dlcardinale_tattoos

58. Tiny Cross Tattoo Design 

The tiny cross tattoo design idea inked on the wrist makes the style looks elegant. A small design idea is always drawn in black ink and is much easier to hide if you do not want to show the tattoo.

The cute little design inked on the wrist gives a stunning look. 

Tiny Cross Tattoo Design 

Credit: taryneffy

59. Cross Tattoo With Heartbeat Style On Arm

The best cute and cool tattoo design gives a significant meaning to both men and women. The tattoo design can be applied with symbols to represent your love for your faith and a great idea.

You can opt for custom, handmade and intricate detailing by opting for a heartbeat. 

Cross Tattoo With Heartbeat Style On Arm

Credit: chicomalox

60. Lion & Cross Tattoo With Clock

Clock tattoos are often intricate and make them visually attractive. The tattoo design belongs to timelessly executed sentimental value. The impressive example of the cross design represents faith in God.

The addition of a lion in the background makes the style look interesting. 

Lion & Cross Tattoo With Clock

Credit: hive.tattoo.sarnia

61. Fineline Cross Tattoo With Moon

Moon tattoo design is the only way to look great and rich in symbolism. The fascinating example of the cross tattoo design is a way to express self believing in celestial influences’ power and strength.

The black ink design with fine detailing helps enhance the look. 

Fineline Cross Tattoo With Moon

Credit: tattooist_giho_

62. Black Shaded Cross Tattoo With Snake

The cross tattoo design represents Jesus and the snake comes as a symbol of Satan. The unique tattoo design is designed across the cross symbol, giving it a more scary look.

The black ink tattoo design with snake design inspires the new tattoo look. 

Black Shaded Cross Tattoo With Snake

Credit: ian_tattooer

63. Bold Faith Cross Tattoo On Arm

The faith cross tattoo design makes the tattoo look appealing and it can be drawn with the letter ‘F’ or the word ‘Faith.’ The tattoo type is mostly inked in black color and the particular shades of color are not bright.

The tattoo’s size can vary from larger to smaller designs as one of the choices.

Bold Faith Cross Tattoo On Arm

Credit: salomoneyyy_inks

64. Black And White Cross Tattoo

Cross tattoo comes up as a religious tattoo design, and the white color in the tattoo represents purity and innocence. Getting a black cross tattoo design inked with white makes the design more potent, and the white color is not visible clearly.

You can hide it from people you don’t want to show your tattoo design. 

Black And White Cross Tattoo

Credit: anni.k.maria

65. Red Inked Joshua Cross Tattoo

A Jesus cross tattoo design can also be combined with other symbols, and there are different meanings between the cross designs. For example, adding the name of the late family member would surely be an emotional tribute.

In addition, the red inking style helps enhance the design idea to improve the tattoo. 

Red Inked Joshua Cross Tattoo

Credit: tattoosbytypewriter

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66. Cross Tattoo With Red Flower 

The cross tattoo designs are widely adopted, and the ends of the cross are given leaves with bold and dark colors. The design idea inked in bold black color expresses one’s spirituality and religion.

The Christians opt for the Holy symbol making an inspiration offering the sin and devil. 

Cross Tattoo With Red Flower

Credit: pogonatattoo

67. Hammered Nail Cross Tattoo

With no more difference in wooden tattoo design, the nail tattoo inked on the wrist looks excellent. The intricate strokes are drawn in such a way to enhance the design in either huge or small tattoo designs.

The details are to be added and make it look natural when inked in great black strokes.

Hammered Nail Cross Tattoo

Credit: mermaid_lee

68. Cover Up Cross Tattoo With Red Stone

The unique, often symbolic cross tattoo idea is more popular and incorporates a variety of designs. The red stone in the center of the cross tattoo gives an elegant and enhanced appeal to the rest of the design, making it look stunning yet stylish.

In addition, the creative art design with geometric patterns is good to cover the older design. 

Cover Up Cross Tattoo With Red Stone

Credit: draven.gayheart

69. Sword Shaped Cross Tattoo 

The most profound symbolic cross tattoo designs are the most common design ideas. The monochrome tattoo design in the sword style makes the design elegant.

It is a single-line art with a symbol of unity, brotherhood, and good union. Creating the design symmetric helps enhance the style idea.

Sword Shaped Cross Tattoo

Credit: tattooist_hwi

70. Cross Tattoo With Winged Devil

The unique and customized tattoo design inked on the arm with devil horns has many meanings. The tattoo design symbolizes the balance between good and evil, showing the light and dark side of humanity.

The black ink design with brilliant shading gives a distinctive yet potent result. 

Cross Tattoo With Winged Devil

Credit: tattoo13_cz

71. Outline Cross With Jesus Tattoo

Giving a new definition to the forearm tattoo style, the Jesus accompanying cross in the tattoo style offers a unique styling result to the tattoo. The powerful and meaningful statement with the ultimate holy symbol of the cross expresses faith and devotion. 

Outline Cross With Jesus Tattoo

Credit: inkedbyberto


What Does The ARM Cross Tattoo Mean?

Cross tattoos can be a representation of your devotion to religion or faith. In Christianity, the cross is where Jesus died to save humanity, so it’s a significant symbol.

Likewise, a cross tattoo can also mean unconditional love and sacrifice, as Jesus felt and did for the human race.

What Do Cross Tattoos Symbolize?

The cross is an ancient symbol commonly associated with sacrifice in Christianity. Consequently, a cross tattoo is used to express hope and conviction.

What Do Three Crosses Symbolize?

The three cross symbol means that you are a person of faith. It represents the Holy Trinity: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. You can use this tattoo to show your devotion or love for God. 

Was Crucifixion On A Cross?

Roman crucifixions were designed to cause maximum pain for a prolonged period for victims’ feet, and wrists were usually nailed to a wooden cross, which would hold them upright.

At the same time, they suffered a slow and agonizing death, often taking several days.

What Does A Small Cross Tattoo On Your Hand Mean?

Cross tattoos are one of the most popular design ideas and are often regarded as a Christian symbol for apparent reasons to express one’s spirituality or religious conviction.

Due to the cross’s meaning of sacrifice, unconditional love and forgiveness of sins, cross tattoos are not likely to ever waver in popularity.

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