61 Inspiring And Symbolic Cross Chest Tattoo Ideas To Style Up

Individuals believe strongly in Christian religion and the Christian cross tattoos for men are a way to offer and express their faith and love towards God. One can get meaningful, popular and cool, cross tattoo ideas on chest as the eventual blessed sign of Christianity. It helps signify one’s devotion to their religion, or faith, good luck and protection.  

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61 Inspiring And Symbolic Cross Chest Tattoo Ideas To Style Up

Creative tattoo ideas

The tattoo design ideas shows different forms and meanings in different cultures and is one of the known cross forms is the religious symbol. The Crucifixion of Jesus Christ is a symbol of sacrifice, and the Christian cross tattoo has profound spiritual meaning.

With so many unique ideas to consider, a religious tattoo represents your love for Jesus. To spark your creativity integrated with additional elements such as rose, script, eagle and wings; depict the deeper meaning symbolizing hope, life, faith etc., rendering in different styles. You can get creative tattoo design ideas, and these Christian tattoo designs will inspire you.

1. Watercolor Celtic Chest Tattoo

Also referred to as Irezumi, the watercolor tattoo comes with vivid colors and maximum use of space. These tattoos look like a painting, which makes them so popular. Usually, the tattoo designs also comes with elaborated designs from a professional tattoo artist in colorful form. 

Image: @iwilltattoo

2. Distinctive Cross Tattoo For Chest

Often integrated with other element addition such as rose, script and other things to depict hope, life, faith, honor and sacrifice, the tattoo design is rendered in black ink. The design also looks incredibly cool on the wrist, arm, and chest and the design idea with a splash of color also looks distinctive.

Image: @bobtattoo_1

3. Black And Grey Cross Tattoo For Chest

As a popular choice, it also comes like a dream and also as an urge to have a popular choice of tattoo, you can get either a complete complex design or a simple design. The bold lines in a uniform way look classy and give a definite look to the cross tattoo. You can have a large tattoo on the chest or a small tattoo on the side.

Image: @big_boyz_ink

4. Minimal Moon And Cross Tattoo

Some men use it for fashion, and the tattoo artists can give you various tattoo design options. You can also think out of the box and can get a chest tattoo that is powerful, awesome and what women love. Getting a specific design is a great idea to represent your personality. You can use your tattoo as a source of inspiration.

Image: @hauoli_jagua_

5. American Traditional Circle Cross Chest tattoo

Coming as a popular choice for many tattoo styles has strong black outlines and focuses on specific colors such as yellow and red. The unique accent with some common and unique themes in traditional tattoos for men is nautical and one can choose piup girls, panthers, eagle and other elements to enhance its relevance and and beauty.

Image: @wickedwaystattoos

6. Illustrative Cross tattoo

Forever being the most prevalent design has the infinite distinct meaning that the cross tattoo holds. Expressing Christian belief, many athletes, musicians, and artists ink and have endless definitions for the star with cross designs.

Image: @munsell_tattoo

7. Simple cross tattoo

Choose a simple cross tattoo with a simple version, Gothic design, or even a Celtic cross tattoos design representing faith and also the simple cross tattoo idea is perfect for those who want a simple, unique, yet beautiful design with an excellent tattoo design. In addition, the simple tattoo is an excellent idea for those who will have it as their first tattoo design.

Image: @maria.h.ink

8. Love faith and hope tattoo

The tattoo shows the beginning, middle and end, heaven, earth and the waters, or body, soul and spirit. The belief of Christian systems can use the three-dot tattoo to pay homage to the close ones and Holy Spirit and the love, faith and hope tattoo signifies unconditional love and sacrifice.

Image: @jamo_tattoo

9. Cross Tattoo With Roman Numbers

Choosing something with the right design can be a difficult task. With a collection of all sorts of chest tattoos, from big or small tattoo designs on the middle of the chest, the options are endless but giving it extra meaning empowers a way to show off devotion to God.

Image: @fil_tattoos

10. Cross Tattoo With Wings Tattoo Design

With intricate details, the vast commitment due to the pain and increased visibility winged cross tattoos designs carries an extra meaning to the tattoo. However, you can have large cross tattoos with plenty of space and artistic creativity.

Image: @haytattoos

11. Grey Shaded Winged Cross Tattoo

With a chest tattoo, men who honor two separate powerful Christian symbols can do so with an epic combination. For example, the angel’s wing is a specific biblical figure representing a lost loved one and the Irish cross with wings tattoo gives a unique and elegant look.

Image: @kltattooartstudio

12. Winged Stone Cross Tattoos

With a span across the cross for loving tribute, a cross tattoo comes as a significant profession of faith. You can maximize the tattoo’s size and make it a lasting impact. However, you cannot shy away from the unique idea of the Christianity faith.

Image: @nannyflostattoo

13. Angel Wings And Cross Tattoo

Wings tattoo on the chest can have different meanings and represent faith, and you can consider a cross and angel wings tattoo. Different cross with wings tattoo style starts with the type of wings chosen and the tattoo design also represents your personality and gives a unique cross tattoo idea.

Image: @popz_ink

14. Red And Black Cross Tattoo Design

Generally used in glaze areas, the cross tattoos with wings on the back is preferred as complete wings, or tiny cross tattoo with angel wings tattoo represent individuality ready to fly at times. Very often used as ankle wings help define speed and passion with this cross with wings tattoo also enables you to overcome obstacles in front of you.

Image: @tokieyo.ink

15. Incredible Dark Cross Chest Tattoo

Ultimately, there are religious tattoos that can be symbols of Christianity symbols along with various imagery elements that represents the Christanity with illustrative themes and styles. The tattoo design looks cool and to inspire creativity, you can check out some unique and best cross tattoos to personalize your artwork.

Image: @izabela.borowiak

16. Polynesian Tribal Cross Tattoo

In Polynesian tribal cross tattoos, there are a lot of designs with shark teeth and adding a geometrical design with the Polynesian tattoo represents protection. There are also different symbols for tribal cross tattoo ideas representing the symbol such as power, union, lucky charm and fortune.

Image: @ufc_tattoos

17. Dotted Cross Tattoo

Representing something meaningful to show someone just how much to appreciate them makes a perfect choice and the ultimate design comes with a classy approach to ink to get a unique tattoo. This form of tattoo design is beautiful and elegant because of its simplicity, and you can add more details around it.

Image: @elementenderpigmenten

18. Wonderful cross tattoo designs

When a simple tattoo gets combined with a cross, wings tattoo can represent the wearer’s guardian angel wings or the spirit of a loved one who has passed away. A winged cross also means the freedom a person feels when individuals hold their belief in God and it is also a statement of religious liberty or a tribute to a loved one that has passed away.

Image: @josefbatar

19. Ultimate Cross Tattoo With Rosery

Getting something permanent on your body with an ultimate cross tattoo is the most special. Suitable for men, you can expect less pain along the pecked area and in addition, this tattoo design makes it look more powerful, awesome and women love them. You can also get lasting results from the tattoo design.

Cross Tattoo With Rosery

Image: @moltentattoo_studio

20. Cross Tattoo With Diamond On Chest

The small cross tattoo design is a popular choice for men from Irish origin and the most recognizable symbol is for different body parts but looks good on the chest. The Christianity tattoo or with an enduring option of body art can be elaborated as required as the tiny cross tattoo inked on the body looks amazing.

Image: @_tattoo_book

21. Black Cross Tattoo With Quotes

The cross design is a timeless symbol that has withstood the test of time. It is a popular tattoo for both men and women and can convey a wide range of meanings that are not just religious, with black ink tattoo with wordings either as a name or quote works well as a unisex tattoo.

Image: @toinkstattoo

22. Mind-blowing Cross Tattoo Design Idea

It can also be a symbol of personal information and represents Jesus Christ. The best cross tattoos hold great importance for those who are dedicated to the cause as a personal quest for change in one’s life or dedication to making the world a better place through work.

Image: @bodycandytattoosandpiercings

23. Realistic Celtic Cross Tattoo On The Chest

The ink version of the Celtic cross tattoos on the chest in black ink or colorful artwork looks different. When done in a subtle and elegant phase, the tattoo on the chest looks beautiful and you can also keep things realistic and authentic to inspiration by showcasing your tattoo or to look cool, badass or symbolize love and passion.

Image: @a_e_craven

24. Nice Black And White Cross Tattoo

One way to always keep Christ in mind is by placing the cross tattoo   in a spot where you can see it throughout the day or as the hand and this contemporary ink placement works well with the simplistic shape of the cross. With different meanings and cultures, the best-known tattoo for a religious symbol of Christianity is also a symbol of sacrifice.

Image: @bostontatto

25. Innovative Cross Tattoo On Chest

Sometimes, choosing the right design for your chest can be difficult. Getting a simple and small tattoo design in the middle of your chest options are endless. You can also show importance to the most famous Maltese cross tattoo symbol in the world. The popular tattoos come for different body parts, getting different designs. 

Image: @wladytattoo

26. Celtic Cross Tattoo With Nautical Compass On Chest

What makes a nautical compass a fantastic and stunning Celtic cross tattoo designs? The Celtic cross tattoo designs connects to the sailor roots of the design and these compasses were instrumental are a means to spread peace and harmony. The simple yet creative design is symbolic and represents staying the course in life. 

Image: @laratoniolotattooartist

27. Outlined Cross Tattoo Design

Representing one’s spirituality in religion with the cross tattoo with meaningful, popular and cool outlined tattoo design can be highlighted with an ultimate holy symbol. In addition, your tattoo artist can give a magnificent look to the tattoo by adding other elements to the tattoo. One of the best design include Maltese cross tattoo as a unique and creative design.

Image: @syndicatetradingco

28. Impressive Black Cross Tattoo For Chest

Perhaps, one of the best tattoo locations in the chest. You can get enlarged tattoo designs with plenty of space and visibility if you love tattoos. Adding more details to the cross designs create an outstanding and impressive piece with the symbolism of faith in God.

Image: @tattoosbydolla_

29. Pirate Symbolic Cross Tattoo On Chest

Pirate tattoo design that comes with an illustration associated with different symbols or elements is associated with the pirate theme. Skull cross bone is one of the most common and popular design ideas. You can get the tattoo in black or grey and colorful cross tattoo theme ideas.

Image: @fantasma_paranormal

30. Outstanding Anchor Cross Tattoo With Bird

Regardless of your reasons for getting a cross tattoo inked on your chest, the unique cross tattoo idea with an outstanding anchor tattoo design undoubtedly inspired your thoughts. These are one of the most popular tattoo ideas in the right circumstances. It is one of the most popular tattoo ideas, and the discreet or hidden location can also showcase under the right circumstances.

Image: @m3tal_pig

31. Praying Virgin Mary With Cross Tattoo

There is a wide variety of tattoo designs for praying angels with spirituality. It gives a unique and outstanding design with inspiration and symbolism of having faith in God. This positive effect of the tattoo discovering the spirit with these guardian angel tattoos for men looks great.

Image: @skinpiracy

32. Memorial Praying Hands And Cross Tattoo

Discover different and unique tattoo designs on your ink with faith. For example, the men cross tattoos with hands folded in praying position design is an impressive design in itself, the tattoo design is majorly seen on the shoulder and is a reference or a universal symbol of prayer.

Image: @nannyflostattoo

33. Praying Hands With Cross Tattoo And Religious Quote

The addition of a cross with praying hand tattoos are linked with religious thoughts, it comes as an instant identifier of a believer of the Christian faith. You can get a graphic design tattoo or geometrical tattoo in black or colorful strokes.

Image: @gordienumber9

34. Attractive Cross Tattoo Design

Just like men, women also love to get these appealing tattoo designs. Faith in God can be represented by inking a tattoo on the shoulder with a stylish and attractive look and you can also get this women cross tattoos done behind the ear, wrist, and center of the back.

Image: @trentonhtattoos

35. Artistic Tiny Cross Tattoo

The pretty cross tattoo can opt-in for black ink or a dash of color that you will love and colorful tattoo designs are artistic, often mystical and always look amazing. In addition, the tattoo symbolizes strength and is a good conversation starter.

Image: @sir.alfredtattoo

36. Praying Hands, Rosary And Cross Tattoo Design

A colorful tattoo design with praying hands rosary makes it a religious tattoo. The tattoo design inked with thorns and rosary beads is prominent and expresses your constant devotion, it also helps symbolize faith and strength in self and family.

Image: @studio4132tattoo

37. Green ink cross tattoo

The colored tattoos are the new trend, and the temporary ones come without pain and these tattoo designs are meant for both men and women and can look natural. The green ink in the cross tattoo design looks fantastic and gives a unique and impressive art look, you can also opt for sleeve tattoo design.

Image: @deltadawnrose

38. Quotes and cross tattoo

Getting a tattoo with bold ink that does not break the mold represents sacrifice and you can also explore the collection of motivational and famous quotes or a religious symbol lettering tattoo design. The small holy tattoo looks incredible with deep meaning.

Image: @jimbo_cutler

39. Red Cross With Black Wings Tattoo Design

The beautiful Red Cross tattoo design gives a genuine composition to showcase your creativity when added with other elements. As one of the prominent and most popular tattoo ideas, the red cross tattoo design can also have various meanings with delicacy depending on the culture.

Image: @lux_bel

40. Bible Quote With Rosary Cross Tattoo On Man’s Chest

Getting a tattoo is a way to express yourself and it comes as a statement of belief and also trending fashion and you can get your fears out by getting a unique quote for those who have faith in God. Incorporating the best selection related to God or cross tattoo comes as an individual and bold decision.

Image: @amynguyenart

41. Red And Black Cross tattoo

The undeniable appealing tattoo design is majorly loved and inspires you to get one on the body and with a prospect of religious meaning, it is a significant symbol for people who have their faith in God. The red ink also looks desirable and is a powerful symbol for those who have faith in God.

Image: @the_tatt_rat

42. Religious Cross Tattoo With Jesus

The simple religious tattoo design represents faith in God and gives a unique look. Offering enlightenment with excellent sacred Jesus ink design expresses dedication and commitment to God. The symbol has its roots connected to religiosity and belief appreciated for its striking aesthetics.

Image: @digotattooer

43. Rosary With Pendant Cross Tattoo

As one representation signifying the Catholic faith, the rosary cross tattoo is usually combined with religious reference, bible verse or any other holy book. In addition, you can get this tattoo symbolizing the wearer’s tattoo fetched on ribs, chest and arms.

Image: @martyntaylortattoos

44. Huge Rosary With Feather And Cross tattoo

With the Catholic faith, the best part of a rosary cross tattoos for men is that the tattoo can be designed lending an indigenous look to the wearer. The simple rosary tattoo design is depicted with folded hands in prayer, flowers or even the Virgin Mary design.

Image: @tiaani.riches_tattoos

45. Stunning Cross Tattoos

As a holy symbol of Christians, beautiful cross tattoo design are bold and often represent a way for individuals to carry their faith and love for Jesus around with them everywhere. The most familiar Christian cross tattoo idea include Jesus cross tattoo, rosary, angels, wings, flowers, Bible verses, and as a tribute to the name of family. Moreover, your tattoo can be small and simple or extensive, intricate, and a full-fledged scene.

Image: @debby_s_ink

46. Cross tattoo With Angel And Star

These chest cross tattoos are suitable for men and a minimalist or straightforward tattoo design can be the best decision with the addition of stars. You can also add quotes or other designs to the initial piece and the fantastic idea brightens up the day and also represents the journey taken.

Image: @mad_tatter_designs

47. Traditional Rose And Cross Tattoo

The great rosary tattoo design can be inked on different body parts and the Black and grey 3D effect tattoo design on the chest also looks outstanding. The fewer choice design interpretation of the religious icon reflects a person’s belief in God and in addition, the simple art can work with crown tattoo design.

Image: @robertcollinstattoo

48. Cross Tattoo With Stone Texture

The stone cross tattoos look excellent as a trendy design with deep and personal meaning but redeeming the benefits of passion and death with the cross tattoos means peace and love. Making the wooden cross tattoo looks like stone, the chest tattoo looks great.

Image: @dennywaldrontattoos

49. Memorial Cross Tattoo

Thick grey outline tattoo flaunting on the chest as with the deep and personal meaning, the historical and cultural symbolism of remembrance or combined with other religious faith and body art. Primarily known for sacrifice, unity and love, it also reveals the story of hope, triumph and joyful celebrations. 

Image: @garbagepalekid_tattoos

50. Magnificent Infinity Cross Tattoo For Chest

This type of design is often admired for its broadness, detailing, and complexity of the tattoo. However, it may require multiple sessions to complete these kinds of designs. These are some of the most popular cross tattoos for chest such as angels, bible quotes, multiple crosses, Jesus face etc. You can put an Irish cross in the center of your chest and in the Christian faith, the cross design is symbolic for its link to God, or it can represent that every person wears their burden.

Image: @a_kennedy15

51. Black Inked Upside Cross Tattoo

 Hands put together represent faith, and you can also get a Virgin Mary tattoo on the chest in a big size. Some people go for a tattoo with religious thought, giving the tattoo a unique and elegant look and there is no better devotion to faith through ink, and getting religious motifs shows strength and guidance in faith.

Image: @grzechkusto

52. Memorial Winged Cross Chest Tattoo

These wings tattoo have graced bodies and their symbolism for past many decades and is often combined with other elements such as rose, script, eagle to depict deeper meaning with hope, life, and honor. You can also get back cross tattoos with wings to make it look different.

Image: @ink_by_albert

53. Incredible Chest Cross Tattoo

The stunning chest tattoo design idea is significant symbol representing your devotion to religion or faith. In Christianity, the best chest cross comes with love and sacrifice, and it did the human race.

Image: @triumph.tattoo.piercing

54. Delicate Cross Tattoo

As stunning cross tattoos can make a huge statement and these stylish tattoos are also discreet, delicate and intricate design. With numerous options to get doves, birds on the chest with cross tattoos, a straightforward design can hold different meanings and unique places in your heart.

Image: @gilberturibe1980

55. Holy Black Cross Tattoo

The stylish cross tattoos are a good personal reminder of faith that can hide from one’s eye in a smaller size. The ultimate and positive holy sign of Christianity shows the act of Jesus Christ sacrificing self for human immorality but the physical embodiment describes faith in God.

Image: @aquariestattoo

56. Nice Small Chest Tattoo

For trendy cross tattoos, it is especially perfect for Christian symbols and the word of God is perfectly placed on your chest and practically speaks to you all the time. As one of the best boy parts to get the tattoo inked, you can also add other elements of your choice to make it look different.

Image: @mgarces81

57. Sword With Celtic Knot Cross Tattoo

There are countless meanings that are associated with a sword tattoo and to swiftly eliminate ignorance, the tattoo looks amazing on chest. You can add this cross tattoos in the center of chest as it is a perfect representation of bravery and courage and the professional tattoo shop can ink cross tattoos in stunning designs.

Image: @ruth_hollywoodinktattoo

58. The Virgin Mary Faced Cross Tattoo

The wistful gaze of Jesus Christ tattoo gives a religious and spiritual feel and by adding Virgin Mary in the most popular design makes the focal point on the tattoo. The cross tattoos needs to be clean symbolizing faith and you can also add other elements to design the tattoo.  

Image: @nero.liquido

59. Tribal Cross Tattoo Design

Tribal cross tattoos have a history and has become one of the most popular tattoo designs around the world and in addition, these designs never go out of style and represent strength, history and courage. Maltese cross tattoos or cross necklace tattoo design in tribal design looks amazing.

Image: @peter_srt_pablo

60. Cross Tattoo With Tribal Background

Serving to establish the difference between the local tribes in the tribal cross tattoo are made to honor your ancestors, family and most importantly you. Choosing the right tattoo designs can be challenging, but it is also essential to understand the meaning behind the tattoo designs. 

Image: @matt_tatt

61. Fineline Cross Tattoo

The simple tattoo design comes as a holy symbol without the flash or flair with enduring choice looks excellent and the small cross tattoo looks small yet subtle and beautiful as the small tattoo design is a loud piece with a half-chest design. You can explore different colors to make this unique design.

Image: @pjoe_art

More cross tattoo ideas to like include

The best cross tattoos for men include Maltese cross tattoos, neck tattoo, cross finger tattoo, tiny cross tattoo design, cross arm tattoo, cross shoulder tattoo, cross ankle tattoo, heart cross tattoo, cross forearm tattoo, infinity cross tattoo, Irish cross, cross back tattoo, cross face tattoo, cross hand tattoo, cross necklace tattoo, crown tattoo, shoulder tattoos, sleeve tattoo, hand tattoos and many more.


What does a cross tattoo symbolize?

The principle symbol of Christian religion symbolizes Christianity, faith, devotion, love, freedom and sacrifice.

Are cross tattoos religious?

As a representation of devotion to faith, the cross is where Jesus died to save humanity and is a significant symbol and representing unconditional love and sacrifice, cross tattoos are meant to be religious.

Is it a bad luck to get cross tattoo?

Tattoos that are considered to be bad luck represent death. Some of the tattoos that are considered bad luck are an upside down horsehoe, an upside down cross, crude jokes, fad tattoos, predicting the future and more.

How long does a chest tattoo take?

If it is going to take multiple sessions, the tattoo will take more than 12 hours and also by inking half of the chest with detailing would cost you more than $100 but the range might differ based on the size, and detailed design.

What religion is against tattoos?

Tattoos are classified as dirty things and in Judaism, Christianity and Islam have been a hostile to use the tattoos but making an extensive use, Hinduism and Buddhism makes extensive use of tattoos as a tool of protection and devotion.

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