51 Amazing Celtic Shoulder Tattoo You Should Try!

In Europe, the Celtic people were the dominant ethnic group. Their descendants can now be found only in Ireland, Scotland, and the surrounding areas. Celtic people had a complex culture and celebrated their Celtic traditions and so as Celtic Shoulder Tattoo have gained much fame in the  tattoo art world.

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51 Amazing Celtic Shoulder Tattoo You Should Try!

They used knots and symbols to communicate information. Life, eternal life, death and spirituality are all represented by these symbols.

If you enjoy Celtic tradition and culture, getting a Celtic tattoo is a meaningful and distinctive alternative. These Celtic tattoo designs are intricate and scribbled.

When the Celtic tattoo design is finished, it appears stunning, adaptable and beautiful on any part of the body. These tattoos are most commonly found on the shoulder, forearm, and chest.

What Makes Celtic Designs Popular For Tattoos?

Celtic designs have grown famous as a result of their distinct appearance that catches the eye. Celtic animals tattoo designs were chosen because the Celtic people revered animals and believed that they represented courage, ferocity and safety.

Celtic tattoos are one of the most well-known tattoo patterns. Their patterns are great for honoring Celtic origins. Men are the ones that usually design these tattoos. Some people create because they want to look good.

These symbols are now used in tattoos. To discover more about the Celtic tattoo design with its detailed information, read the following article. 

1. Celtic Tribal Fusion Tattoo Design

Every Celtic tribal tattoo is a representation of history. The Celtic knot’s designs were distinct and different and it was the sole way to beseech the spirits for protection and guidance when fighting their foes.

Their signs were intertwined with various patterns and textures, which were indicative of their bravery, social rank, and other characteristics.

Credit: churchstreettattoo_irl

2. Awesome Celtic Tree Tattoo

This tattoo is the most popular way to emphasize the close relationship between Celtic culture and nature. The tattoo below depicts a tree with branches reaching towards the sky and roots firmly planted in the ground.

This is an excellent metaphor for their life: remaining modest and grounded while striving for greatness.

Credit: cbroukztat

3. Odin’s Wolves Tattoo On Shoulder

Wolves play many vital roles, from good to bad. Odin had two wolves named Geki and Freki, respectively. Both were called Odin’s wolves. Odin only drinks wine and gives all his food to the wolves. Both wolves help the Odin in the battles.

These wolves are symbols of incredible strength and loyalty toward their owner. This tattoo reminds you to be confident in your life and face any difficulty in life with courage.

Credit: jonmdc

4. Black And Grey Celtic Symbol Tattoo

The tattoo design becomes more adaptable and exquisite by combining black and grey colors. The tattoo that follows depicts the Celtic tribes’ kinship.

They employed a variety of symbols in their culture to communicate in a unique and secret way. These symbols represent life’s infinity, such as courage, loyalty, faith, passion, friendship and so on.

Credit: morrigantattooartist

5. Black And Grey Celtic Girl Tattoo

These Celtic tattoo designs are the best way to show your muscular body. In this tattoo, one girl holds a bird design in Celtic pattern and style in her hand. A girl is crying, which symbolizes sadness and pain, and she goes through many struggles in life.

The feather attached to the girl and holding a bird in her hand depicts hope, wisdom, power and courage.

Credit: kristapher_walkin

6. Black Dragon And Celtic Tattoo

Inking dragon tattoos on a muscular body expresses your fearlessness style. Dragons are mythical creatures with horns and sharp fangs, and their whole body looks like a long snake.

The combination of a dragon with Celtic signifies immense power and colossal courage. For Celtic people, these dragon tattoos were thought to have magical healing powers.

Credit: buddymarley_tattoostudio

7. Abstract Celtic Tattoo

The abstract tattoo design is in general, the best approach to express oneself uniquely. It is well-known for its strategy of concealing the true idea and presenting it in a more appealing manner.

A tribal Celtic tattoo is also known as an abstract pattern Celtic tattoo. Celtic tattoo designs are available in a wide range of styles, patterns and textures. One of them is the Celtic tattoo motif shown below.

Credit: paganinkbysarahstreet

8. Brown Viking Celtic Tattoo

Viking designs have deep symbolism in Nordic tradition, culture and religious beliefs. The finest way to honor your ancestors is to be of Scandinavian descent.

There is a fair blend of Viking and Celtic influences, but each has its own symbolic meaning. According to the lengthwise, the forearm is a better spot to design this tattoo.

Credit: antik.tattoo.angers49000

9. Celtic Cover Up Tattoo On Shoulder

This tattoo is a symbol of a Celtic knot but represented in a different form and in a different shape which is what the coverup tattoo means.

It is a brilliant solution to change the old tattoo design into new by covering up that looks more bold and unique. So If you are looking for a Celtic tattoo, but in a new way, you can check out the below image of the tattoo.

Credit: churchstreettattoo_irl

10. Celtic Bear Footprints Tattoo

 All of the bear tattoos just demonstrate bravery in any struggle against their adversaries. They also have strong female connotations. As the mother bear shields her tiny kid, the Celtic bear tattoo depicts strength and protection.

This tattoo also represents a new beginning. Bear footprint tattoos are popular because they combine cuteness with a power and protective motif.

Credit: opedrobassi

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11. Celtic Cross Tattoo

For a reason, the Celtic cross tattoo is the most important and popular emblem. The Celtic cross tattoo is linked to a series of intricate Celtic knots. Many people choose this style of design because it best expresses their Irish heritage and spiritual faith.

As we all know, Christian symbolism depicts our soul’s relationship with God, or, to put it another way, it expresses to the world that you are deeply religious and sincerely believe in Christianity.

Credit: tattoosbycaptainbret

12. Celtic Dragon Tattoo

The Celtic dragon tattoo’s never-matched complexity has deep relations with Celtic folklore. Today many people design this tattoo to proudly show off their ancestry.

This is a mythical creature that symbolizes sovereignty, energy, or a leader of a clan. You can choose this design to show your powerful personality.  

Credit: tattoosbycaptainbret

13. Celtic Dotwork Tattoo On Shoulder

This is the finest alternative for getting an innovative traditional tattoo design by incorporating dots into the designs to make them look unique and appealing.

The use of black dots, in particular, modernizes the style. This dotwork will increase the beauty and seem versatile on your body if you want to add a new style to a popular tattoo design.

Credit: danigirltattoos

14. Celtic Pattern Shoulder Tattoo

You can choose any pattern that appeals to your tastes and preferences. This pattern design is also more pleasing because it uses black ink and is slightly grey in hue. Black and grey are one of the most popular color combos.

Credit: mutaborova

15. Blue Celtic Circle Tattoo On Shoulder

An amazing Celtic circle tattoo that inked with royal blue. Using royal color enhances the look of the tattoo overall. It looks very attractive and very beautifully designed.

You should add this unique and gorgeous design to your favorite one. If you are a true lover of tattoos, you must try this tattoo on your body.  

Credit: tattoosbycaptainbret

16. Celtic Bird Tattoo On Shoulder

Birds have the strength to fly up to too much height that reaches the heavens. So that’s why they depict freedom from the custody of the human spirit.

Birds were expected to bring the message of direction and protection from God to the earth, making them intermediary between the humans and the heavens. 

Credit: headhunterhiggins

17. Celtic Horse Tattoo

Epona, the horse Goddess, expressed the spirit of the land. Whichever king was ruling at that time demanded that. This tattoo depicts immense safety and protection.

This tattoo is perfect and ideal for those who desire to be secured by a high Goddess. This Celtic horse tattoo also represents freedom or free spirit that symbolizes victory at war.

Credit: painted_lady_az

18. Celtic Warrior Tattoo Design

This tattoo is mainly for those people who believe in the power of true spirits that guide and protect in the battles. This tattoo symbolizes the power, durability and other qualities that make the strong personality of the warrior.

That’s why it also represents action, status and heroism. People design this tattoo to show that they are warriors for their family’s protection that can bring light to the darkness.  

Credit: bloodeagletattoos

19. Celtic Raven Tattoo On Shoulder

The raven bird, sometimes known as the crow, is a significant tattoo design for the wearer. It denotes death, secrecy and gloom. This is the only bird in the group of birds that can exhibit both positive and negative emotions. His fiery eyes are filled with rage.

Credit: captainbret

20. Celtic Tree Of Life Circle Tattoo

The tree of life circle Celtic tattoo symbolizes the balance and harmony of the mind and body in life. This majorly represents the three stages of life are birth, death, and rebirth in another life.

The Celtic people’s history, faith and culture represent this tree of life circle symbol. This tree has many branches and a massive network of roots diggers.  

Credit: jonwalterstattoo

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21. Pitch Black Celtic Tattoo

Cover your muscular body with this bold pitch black Celtic tattoo. A Celtic knot design is represented with a pitch black design in this tattoo. Design tattoos using black ink boldly became the popular choice among the people.

It looks impressive and amazing and gives a satiated feeling. You can choose this tattoo if you love the black color.  

Credit: sebatattoonyc

22. Amazing Armor Tattoo Design

The armor tattoo design represents loyalty to ideals, honor and being ready to stand up for the weak, nobility, and valor. The armor is always remaining faithful and loyal to their duty.

Armor serves as a shield that secures against evil. This shows their strength and courage. In simple words, armor was considered the warriors.

Credit: canvastattooandartgallery

23. Celtic Turtle Tattoo

The Celtic turtle tattoo represents purity, wisdom, protection, and longevity. Turtles were considered sacred animals by the Celts. When it comes to the shape of a turtle, Celtic tattoos look wonderful.

It is a simple tattoo with a versatile design that may be applied to any part of your body.

Credit: tattoosbycaptainbret

24. Colorful Celtic Skull Tattoo

In the culture tradition and culture, the skull has seemed the seat of power. The Celtic people tossed the skull into the wells for fulfilling their wishes for purity, cleansing with the divine, and renewal of the soul.

The skulls were believed to have a magical power according to Celtic mythology. 

Credit: captainbret

25. Celtic Armband Tattoo

This tattoo looks like a band that expresses love, Christianity, luck, the holy trinity, the Celtic knot and traditions. This also symbolizes eternity due to their connected lines unending to each other.

This is basically a Celtic knot designed in an armband pattern that looks amazingly beautiful and eye-catchy. 

Credit: tattoosbycaptainbret

26. Celtic Triangle Tattoo

The Celtic triangle tattoo is also known as the Celtic trinity tattoo. It is one of the significant and meaningful symbols in Celtic culture. Trinity Celtic or three corned symbols associated with spirituality meaning that depicts a distinction piece of artwork style.

The Celtic Christian church used this triangle to show the holy trinity and adopted it as a symbol.

Credit: mago_tatuajes

27. Celtic Raven Head Tattoo

Crows (ravens) were seen on the battlefield eating the bodies of the dead Celts. They are the symbol of death and battle. Across the living and dead worlds, these tattoos are linked to strange powers and strengths.

It’s a one-of-a-kind tattoo with grace, elegance and charm. If you’re seeking something unique and stylish, this tattoo is for you.

Credit: 10_4_68studiotattoo_madpat

28. Celtic Knots Pattern Tattoo

The eternal knot, triquetra knot, lovers knot, spiral knot, Dara knot and many others are examples of Celtic knots. Dara and shields Celtic knot pattern combine in this tattoo.

Dara is an oak tree with a root, which denotes wisdom, power and vitality. The shield knot is intricate and elaborate, symbolizing safety and good fortune. 

Credit: luckyfishtattoo

29. Line Work Celtic Art Tattoo

This tattoo depicts a Celtic warrior defending his tribe. It is a sign of security and safety shield. The tattoo’s outer design depicts a powerful shield, which is a form of Celtic knot pattern that adds to the meaning of this symbolic tattoo.

This graphic, in basic terms, expresses pride in being a Celtic warrior.

Credit: thrudtattoo_rougebarbe

30. Cloud Background Celtic Art Tattoo

Because it has symbolic importance, the cloud implies uncertainty and is usually employed in the background of tattoo designs. The dark cloud represents a time of conflict, when many people died.

The stormy weather with thunder is shown in this tattoo. If you want the most profound Celtic tattoo with the most symbolism, this is the one to go with.

Credit: ta2andy

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31. Fenrir And Tyr Celtic Tattoo

Fenrir is a legendary wolf with supernatural strength. He directed his vengeful blood towards the Norse pantheon. Later, it was determined that his activities were retaliation for the deity, who was playing games on him.

Tyr has pondered sacrificing one of his hands to the fearsome Fenrir wolf. This legendary creature was adored by many. If you like Norse mythology and want a Fenrir tattoo, go no further than our selection below.

Credit: morrigantattooartist

32. Outline Celtic Art Tattoo

This is essentially a Celtic cross tattoo with only black ink as an outline. A Celtic trinity knot appears in the middle of the cross. This is a really profound tattoo with a strong spiritual connection. This can also refer to the memories of a loved one who has made a religious commitment.

This tattoo represents your religious devotion and unwavering faith. The trinity is regarded as a hallowed emblem in Celtic culture.

Credit: celtic_art_tattoo

33. Celtic Owl Tattoo

This is the most interesting and simple design as the owl’s body looks attractive and unique. The owl has many essential symbols like freedom and knowledge and is connected with many Gods and Goddesses as the owl has many relations with Gods.

This type of design is liked by the people who are more religious and strongly believe in Christianity. 

Credit: lesdernierstrappeurs

34. Unique Celtic Tattoo

Simply the Celtic tattoo symbolizes vitality, power and protection. To have a modern look and desire to add a lot of unique style to the body with some significant, meaningful symbols.

you have to go for this unique Celtic tattoo to represent protection, power and courage. 

Credit: b.tyler.tattooer

35. Polynesian Celtic Tattoo

Polynesian tattoos are different from others. As you can see, the tattoo design looks so unique and different from the other designs of the tattoo.

Inside the tattoo, a trinity sign is a Celtic type of knot that they used to show as a symbol of holiness and spirituality. The three-cornered Celtic knot also represents three sacred stages of a woman’s life. 

Credit: panama69

36. Celtic Themed Sleeve Tattoo

These kinds of tattoos are loved by everyone as they contain an absolute vibe of purity. A Celtic-themed sleeve tattoo covers the full arm and symbolizes the guys who want to express their presence with bravery.

This dark black ink tattoo is labeled the best work of the artist. 

Credit: kirknilsentattoos

37. Coverup Eagle Celtic Tattoo

This tattoo signifies power, force and integrity. The combination of the Celtic symbols connected with Celtic knots denotes longevity, strength and the ability to do anything; it makes the perfect with the symbol of strength and power of the eagle.

A full coverup Celtic eagle tattoo expresses the long-lasting energy of the eagle with its capability to outlast any task.

Credit: cruithni_custom_tattoo

38. Celtic Pierced Goat Tattoo

Goats have legendary status as the earliest domesticated animal, dating back thousands of years. Because they are not particularly shared, the Celtic people regard them as anti-social goats.

According to Celtic symbolism, goats walk onto a person’s pathway; it is a sign to emulate their particular strength and power.

Credit: howardstattoos

39. Celtic and Hungarian Combined Tattoo

Because the Celtics are known for their love of animals, this tattoo features two Hungarians inside the tattoo. This is a fantastic pairing for them both. This tattoo can be designed on your muscular forearm if you are also an animal lover.

Credit: heal_ink_

40. Celtic Tattoo With Angel Girl

The angel girl with wings holding the sword in her hands represents the angel warrior that symbolizes wisdom, faith, protection and safety from the evils.

The wings are also a tribute to their loved ones who passed. Combining Celtic with a warrior angel represents that she saves and protects the Celts.

Credit: paleanntattoo

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41. Huge Celtic Art Tattoo

This tattoo is a mixture of many Celtic designs that look unique and steal attention. Eagle, Celtic armband, shield knot, triangle knot and circular knot pattern design.

If you desire to design many patterns of Celtic in one tattoo, this tattoo is a masterpiece and ideal for you.

Credit: antik.tattoo.angers49000

42. Classic Celtic Tattoo

Designing a tattoo using bold black ink is always a good idea. Only inking with black provides the right finish touch, resulting in extremely pleasing end results.

That is why black ink tattoos are becoming increasingly fashionable. This tattoo pattern is distinct from others.

Credit: juantanamobay_

43. Celtic Anchor Tattoo

This Celtic anchor indicates the profound links of diverse components with their mother earth, as the Celtic community spends a lot of time at sea. In a hurricane, an anchor helps to keep the ship stable.

Applying the tattoo implies being able to handle any situation without difficulty.

Credit: __nj__tattoo__

44. Dwarven Mask Celtic Tattoo

Do you enjoy creating arm tattoos that cover the entire arm? Then you’ll love this tattoo design. A rich, velvety black tone was applied by the artist. Get a significant tattoo that covers your entire arm sleeve.

Dwarven disguise Celtic tattoos usually indicate that you are filth from Dust Town and are unfit to be a member of Dwarven society.

Credit: thrudtattoo_rougebarbe

45. Marks Of Iberia Celtic Tattoo

This tattoo depicts the relationships between Celtic European and Iberian populations. The ancient Celtic community is translated from Iberian to Tartessian, suggesting that Celts and Iberians are the same.

So you can recognize how profound its meaning is. This tattoo is also distinctive compared to others and has a special meaning.

Credit: totemikoh

46. Carpe Diem Celtic Tattoo

The carpe diem tattoo design represents a self-assured, meaningful, positive and brave person in his life choices. In basic terms, it represents his life satisfaction.

This tattoo pattern is becoming increasingly popular among the younger generation. Carpe diem means “to live in the moment without thinking about tomorrow.”

Credit: blacklinetattoo_schweiz

47. Celtic Sun Tattoo

The Celtic sun tattoo is the most popular among men and women. It represents heat, fertility, healing, medicine and life’s wellspring. The sun, according to Celtic mythology, has a relationship with the Gods.

From that point forward, people began to worship the sun as a God. You can see how profound its meaning is. You should have this tattoo since it appears to be lovely, versatile, and attractive.

Credit: bobinc0kin

48. Vidar Killing Celtic Tattoo

Vidar is the punishing spirit in Norse mythology. In Vidar, there are few legends, and just a few have survived to this day. Vidar is a legendary young Norse deity, according to legend.

The battle between Vidar and the enormous wolf Fenrir made Vidar renowned. Fenrir was a vengeful God that attacked the Vidar God because he had played him like a fool.

Credit: thrudtattoo_rougebarbe

49. Realistic Celtic Tattoo

 A goat head, an eagle, two swords forming a cross, and a Celtic knot pattern are all featured in this tattoo. The goat head represents power, fertility and strength.

Freedom, fortune, domination, focus, power, spirituality and the apostle of God are all symbols of the eagle. He is sometimes referred to as the anti-evil foe. Each Celtic knot pattern represents something different.

Credit: lu.tattoo

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50. Celtic Bear Face Tattoo

The Celtic bear face tattoo is meant to symbolize strength, fearlessness and bravery in adversity.

Men who wish to show their strength, power and courage can style the Celtic bear face tattoo to show their fearlessness and power against the darkness, the cold or even death.

Credit: limitatu.bastattoo

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51. Witchcraft Celtic Tattoo

Make a Celtic shield knot in a circular shape at the bottom of the tattoo. This knot pattern is unique because it combines several classic knot types into one.

Soldiers utilized this emblem as a good luck charm to stay safe, and it was also used to help the weak, making it nearly a magical amulet.

This tattoo features a human body with a goat’s head, fertility, and a lunar symbol.

Credit: star_child_tattoo

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Celtic Symbols And Their Meanings?

In general, Celtic tattoos symbolize vitality and strength. They also symbolize protection and Celtic ancestry. Each Celtic pattern has its own special meaning and appearance.

Celtic Knot Tattoos: What Do They Mean?

Celtic knot tattoos represent an everlasting tie between two individuals or between humans and nature. They might also represent everlasting life.

The Celtic knot was a significant emblem for ancient Celts, and it is still significant for Irish and descendants of Irish forebears today.

What Does The Celtic Cross Tattoo Mean?

This tattoo represents your pride in your Irish ancestry. It also implies that you are deeply pious and wish to flaunt your Christian faith.

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