Is It Haram To Have Piercings In Islam?

Is It Haram To Have Piercings In Islam

In more recent years, we have seen body piercing and modification becoming more mainstream as one of the most common attractive trends when it comes to altering our bodies. This is why, it has become ever more important for those who practice Islam to know and understand their rights to their body. This is when … Read more

Can You Reopen a Belly Piercing By Yourself At Home?

Can You Reopen a Belly Piercing By Yourself At Home

There are literally dozens of piercings you can have nowadays. Among some of the most popular piercings you can have is the belly button piercing. Of course, the many new varieties of belly jewelry these days has a part to play in its growing popularity. Of course, another reason they are getting more popular is … Read more

How Do You Remove A Nose Piercing That Is Stuck?

nose piercing

Not everyone wants to keep the same nose piercing forever. In fact, there may be times when you have to change your nose piercing or take it out for a while. Perhaps you’ve gotten bored of looking at the same piercing in your nose all the time. Whatever the case, it makes sense for someone … Read more

Which Side Should A Nose Piercing Be On?

Which Side Should a Nose Piercing Be On

You’re looking for a cute new accessory to revamp your look, and you conclude that a nose piercing would be just the thing to help you achieve this. You’ve researched prices, good places to get the piercing done, and jazzy jewelry to put in it. The only problem you have left is deciding which side … Read more

When Can You Change Your Belly Ring for the First Time?

When Can You Change Your Belly Ring for the First Time

The belly piercing is a lot more complicated than many may think. It is a popular place to get a piercing done and is often many people’s go-to piercing other than the simple lobe piercing. However there is a lot more that goes into the piercing process rather than just admiring the end result. There … Read more

My Septum Piercing Smells How Do I Fix It?

My Septum Piercing Smells

Are you waking up to an unsettling aroma around your septum piercing? If you’ve ever found yourself pondering, “My septum piercing smells! How do I fix it?”- consider this post your guiding light in septum piercing care. Credits: baddobadtzmaru In my experience, maintaining a fresh and odor-free septum piercing is essential for your comfort and … Read more

Can Catholics Have Tattoos And Piercings?

Tattoos and piercings have originated far longer than most people think. While both forms of body modification became popular in the western world in the 80s, the history of tattoos and piercings have existed for thousands of years in indigenous cultures. Despite the fact that tattoos and piercings started in small communities as a form … Read more