80 Pleasing Tattoos Ideas and Design of Lovely Butterfly

New generations have started growing interest in tattoos, and the choices of tattoos have also changed a lot. Here we will focus on the varied ways of making butterfly tattoos as it has become popular and spread like wildfire among tattoo enthusiasts and young people.

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80 Pleasing Tattoos Ideas and Design of Lovely Butterfly

It was not decades ago that people were seen only with a single tattoo, but now people have a significant part of their bodies covered with tattoos. But single tattoos also look great have become a trend nowadays because minimalistic tattoos look classy and elegant at the same time. These soft tattoo options look cute on girls, but many people go for bold or simple tattoos on bold body parts.

Tattoos can be a way to express the personality of a person openly. For example, the butterfly symbolizes freedom, faith and transformation. 

A butterfly tattoo can represent the soft side of a person and is trending now.

These butterflies’ delicate and graceful designs will attract you to get one on you. So go through these fantastic ideas to explore all options.

The transformation aspect of the butterfly can also symbolize the change in humans. Looking here, you will get an exact idea of all your options and sizes in which you can get this tattoo.

Here are the ideas for butterfly tattoos:

1. Manly butterfly tattoos on the chest

A butterfly made using the negative space is one impressive butterfly. Placing it on the chest is an excellent tattoo for men, and the design looks like a tribal design. This butterfly will get pretty good attention as it seems like a very engaging tattoo. The size will depend on your chest and placement; the tattoo is done right in the center.

Credit: bugpin_beck

Credit: koka.tattoo

2. Symmetrical tattoos on thighs

The thigh is a significant body part, so it will usually be pretty big if you want a tattoo here. However, a giant butterfly can be done from around the waist; for example, e.g., look at this black and white butterfly made with pretty flowers and leaves with good shading.

Credit: franklintattoos

3. A white butterfly tattoo on the shoulder

The white butterfly is the symbol of purity and salvation. If you look at this tattoo, it is done impressively and has a black outline, while the butterfly has white color filled in it. Girls usually wear many clothes that have to do with flaunting shoulders, so this can be a good tattoo choice for them. White butterflies have a feminine touch and look great on dark skin tone because of the contrast.

Credit: dantattoo83

4. Huge butterfly covering entire back tattoos

One single massive butterfly on your back with tribal design and vibrant colors. You can have a butterfly that half covers your back or can have one that covers the full-back like it is done here. This is a perfect blend of the tribal design butterfly with a mix of modern colors and modern touch.

Credit: inmatattooartist

5. Moth combined with squares tattoos

Moth with squares is another geometric tattoo idea that you can do, and the circles made on the wings of the butterfly look like eyes made on the wings. Have two butterflies made with the difference in detailing to add a cinematic look to your tattoo, and you can get it on a forearm or near the ankle area.

 Credit: killa_kamila

6. The three butterflies in descending order of their size on wrist tattoos 

Three dainty black butterflies on the forearm are a cute tattoo representing grace; three butterflies made from more minor to increasing size show change and express their flight. Butterflies grow from caterpillars to butterflies with wings, and this is a fantastic way to show that change. Many people also do this tattoo to show inseparable bonds, and friends also go for this tattoo to honor friendship.

Credit: acanthus_tattoo

7. Mandala Butterflies on back tattoos

The mandala tattoo design is a sign of balance and eternity. The addition of a butterfly shows the balance in life. Moreover, mandala is a Sanskrit word for a circle, yet the mandala with a butterfly shows the process of life in which everybody goes through change transforms.

You can get this tattoo on your back; look at this tattoo; the butterfly is intelligently fused with the mandala. The irregularities and circular patterns of the mandala make it engaging.

Credit: djzinktattoo

8. A modern butterfly tattoo 

A butterfly on your thigh is a great tattoo for you to flaunt this summer; the butterfly is made with a twist as half of it is the average body while the other half has flowers. Both these represent natural beauty, so they look fantastic together. 


9. A chandelier butterfly tattoo

With the wealth of time periods, the chandelier butterfly tattoo looks beautiful. Made on the center of the back, the black and grey butterfly chandelier tattoo looks terrific. The open wings are added with a piece of jewelry as it is also studded in the butterfly’s body. It is a creative way to do a butterfly.

Credit: dosachetattooart

10. Butterflies on a sleeve tattoos

Butterflies with flowers make a unique tattoo sleeve, and you can have the butterfly done colorfully with blue and brown colors like this one. The brown-yellowish butterfly is the one that is usually found around flowers, so they look great in tattoos. For example, look at the tattoo sleeve below done with butterflies.

Credit: carmelo_silva_

11. A colorful butterfly on the neck tattoos

The neck is a pretty bold place to get a tattoo, and it is no secret that it is a body part that will hurt a lot more than the usual body parts. The skin is a little thinner here than most body parts, so naturally, it hurts. The neck tattoo is one such place that you can’t hide, meaning if you are getting this tattoo, you are an outgoing person and someone who likes to show their tattoos that speak about your personality. So be thoughtful before getting it on the neck; look at the tattoo done here covering the full neck with pretty colors to make the butterfly graceful.

Credit: chucky_tattoos

12. Butterfly eating tattoo

It is an absurd tattoo idea because one wing of the butterfly looks like someone has taken a bite on it in this tattoo. One wing of the butterfly is usually made with the beautiful black and grey design of this black butterfly tattoo.

Credit: franczakttt

13. Tribal styles butterfly on left shoulder tattoos

A tribal butterfly tattoos design is a pretty unique tattoo; the tribal design is a great way to honor your culture and stay connected to your roots. Every culture has different tribal designs, so you can look at your design options if you want something of your culture. Shoulders are best for this tattoo, but you can get it on other body parts. You can even add little stars to it for more design.

Credit: bueno_y_malo_arte

14. Butterfly frame on thigh tattoos

The butterfly frame looks impressive, with much different colored flora and fauna added to it and small butterflies. This tattoo will cover most of your legs and look outstanding on girls. They can use them as accessories while wearing short dresses or shorts.

Credit: pokesby_bobasaur

15. Music and butterflies on your back tattoos

If you love music, you can show your love for it by getting a treble clef tattoo, but you can even get it done creatively by blending it with a butterfly. 

The tattoo below is done beautifully by drawing the butterfly sideways and keeping space for treble clefs. 

The butterfly’s silhouette looks good on the back, and the tattoo artist can show his artistry in this tattoo.

 Credit: hope.lovella

16. Painting-like sleeve with butterflies tattoos

The watercolor painting style is an excellent classic for this tattoo; you can get it on the forearm with intricate design. The butterfly is made by adding colorful splashes of color and touches of black and white to the end of the wings.

Credit: yeyotattooartist

17. Large butterfly tattoos on your back

You can even get the butterfly on your back as a giant butterfly tattoo with a one-of-a-kind design. For example, look at this butterfly tattoo in black that looks alluring with great enormous wings and no butterfly’s body in the middle. It Looks like an angel wings tattoo but uses the butterfly wings.

Credit: diesell_ink

18. Roses combined with butterflies tattoos

Roses are the symbol of love and passion of love. You can have it with a butterfly to leave a pleasing effect. Add bright red rose to the tattoo and then add a blue color butterfly on top of it with a background of green.

Credit: tookie13biolena

19. Butterflies swirling on your back tattoos

Adding stars and design on your back in black with a blue and pink butterfly in the wings, and the stars are the symbol for honor, so it looks the perfect element to add with a butterfly. It will look like a mystic tattoo of a fantasy world.

Credit: grimdark.art

20. Butterfly tattoo ideas on leg

The dark black color butterfly just above the knee looks impressive. You can play with design.

Credit: black.mamba.tts

21. Butterfly tree on your back tattoos

You can use a tree’s stem from your collar bone towards the shoulder and add dainty pink flowers with dainty butterflying flowing along with it. This tree represents the circle of life and will add to the significance of your tattoo.

Credit: yeobaeg_tattoo

22. Butterfly with a face on arm tattoos

You can make your butterfly tattoo utterly different by adding the face of an owl to it, the owl is the symbol for wisdom, so in this way, you can have two tattoos in one. The eyes of the owl are drawn excitingly. It is also for magic, and you don’t need to get an owl face; you can get another face. Add a big black moon with apt shading above it to make the tattoo more mysterious. 

Credit: indylabtattoo

23. Symmetrical Dark Butterflies tattoos

Two identical black butterflies across your shoulders make a different tattoo; you can have it made on both your shoulder blades.

Credit: nikita.jaded.tattoos

24. Butterflies on the wrist tattoos

A simple butterfly on the wrist looks very classy and is fantastic for girls. Minimalistic tattoos have become a trend now, and simple designs always steal the show. Like in some body parts, silhouettes look impressive instead of adding an intricately detailed plan to every butterfly.

Credit: harugrim_zerokay

25. Colorful butterfly tattoos on your back

The colorful butterfly on the back looks fantastic; you can have the tattoo on your back; it has feminine touch, so you can have it made in sound design and details.

Credit: babyluvangel

26. Butterfly tattoo in green and yellow with a flower on top

Adrenaline written in classy font with the butterflies shows that you love butterflies and flowers. Have the flowers and fauna in black and grey shading in the background and add colorful butterflies above it.

Credit: manny_no.7_tat2

27. Symmetrical moths tattoo on legs

You can even get a similar tattoo on both your legs with identical-looking ones. You can get it in regular black sketch design or have it in colorful designs.

Credit: needlesanddreamss_tattoo

28. Butterfly Tattoo

A simple black butterfly looks graceful. It is also a good tattoo idea if you want to get something on your sternum.

Credit: la.mom.tattoo

Credit: tattoo.maror

29. Skull in a butterfly tattoo

The skull and butterfly are for the ones who are bold enough to be not afraid of death or have a gothic side to them. Because the skull symbolizes death and the bearer of such a tattoo means that he is not scared of death. Yet, this is one unique and scary looking combination with a skull added in place of the butterfly’s body. In addition, a unique design on the wings will make the tattoo even more authentic.

 Credit: silviatidi

30. Butterfly on your back with a touch of realism tattoos

Butterflies are an excellent option for realistic tattoos because the butterfly, when done in a 3D way, gives a mirage-like it is sitting in the person and is about to fly. Here is a design similar to that for a butterfly. However, the shadow is done using red color, so the artist adds a touch of creativity to this tattoo. But the contrast of red and blue makes the tattoo pleasing to the eye.

Credit: artisticbloodlineink

31. Simple and small butterfly on the side of your ankle with a flower on foot tattoo

Ankle tattoos are a popular choice among women because they have a feminine touch, and females like to flaunt their ankles. It is an attractive part of a woman’s body, and adding a tattoo will make the ankle look even more elegant and attractive. Look at the design done here on the beautiful ankle using blue butterflies and red color flowers.

 Credit: raffaelbolatattoo

32. Butterfly tattoo on chest

A simple butterfly tattoo on the chest in black color compliments light skin tone very much as it does in this particular tattoo.

 Credit: v.ffoxx

33. Big and bold butterfly tattoo on your neck

Rose and butterfly on the vintage style look will look great as a tattoo; a butterfly on a rose is a unique tattoo idea. However, the detailing on the rose requires skill and good shading.

Credit: lostboy.tattooartist

34. Regular and shadowy butterflies in an evil black swirl tattoos

You can even get the butterfly in a dark and evil style; look at this style to learn how you can get a scary butterfly and show that sticky side of yours. Look at this butterfly, how the graphics are added to it and how the play of colors makes it more dramatic. The shading in the wings is also done skillfully.

Credit: emilystattoos

35. Colorful butterflies on arm tattoos

This is another way of painting that looks like a butterfly tattoo; the half wing is done in the shade of orange-red and yellow, and the other half is done in green-blue color. Again, the color splash looks great on the black sketched butterfly. This is also called a watercolor butterfly tattoo.

Credit: josejoaquinhuerta

36. Butterfly tattoo on front ear or face

 A tattoo on the face or near your ear is a pretty bold choice for anyone, be it a butterfly or any tattoo. A tattoo of this kind that is so visible means that you are very open and confident about your choices. Because it is a tattoo that you won’t be able to hide as a tattoo is a permanent thing. The yellow-brown color of this butterfly looks pretty attractive.

 Credit: cody_shaggy

37. Tribal butterfly close to your navel tattoo

Navel tattoo looks attractive on women as females tend to have a lot of clothes in their wardrobe that is crop tops and show off the waist. So these tattoos make the core even more attractive in women, and a different design and color of the butterfly add a cherry to the cake, look at this one for your reference.

 Credit: dinski_tatts

38. Small butterfly on your nape tattoo

Nape tattoos look impressive; look at this simple butterfly made with grey and black shading but with an elegant and classy touch.

 Credit: tirkiztattoopiercing

39. Butterfly in a rainbow tattoo

The rainbow color has become a strong statement in this decade now as the color is to demonstrate the strong support you have for the LGBTQ community. So if you are a supporter of the community or belong to that community, you can get this tattoo; moreover, filling the butterfly wings with rainbow colors makes for an original tattoo idea and looks fantastic. Look at this realistic-looking butterfly with all the rainbow colors added to it.

 Credit: rudy_tattoos_

Credit: nosfertatu_

40. Butterflies all over your spine tattoos

Butterflies in linear form going down the spine is a good idea for a coverage tattoo. You can use it to cover some marks or scars or simply have it done for the love of it. A pattern of simple to intricate can also become your tattoo choice.

 Credit: phillygtattoos

 Credit: scabacino.ink

41. Too many butterflies and flowers on your lower back tattoos

Butterfly filled with roses or a bunch of them makes a significant artistic impression, and you can even have the body of it done with half colorful roses.

Credit: tattoosbyhannahv

42. Butterfly with thin lines on your back tattoos

Another great way to pull off the half flowers and half butterfly look on you. Again, a thin line to make the wings will create a good design.

Credit: sagomaink

43. Moth in two parts on your hand tattoos

Moth in tribal design is an original tattoo idea; it will spread a mystic look about your personality as soon as you enter any place.

Getting it on the hand is a smart option, and having it done in red and black with roses and bud is a perfect way to show the transformation.



44. Colorful butterflies in a tree pattern on your back tattoos

A tree symbolizes strength, and having it with different butterflies going in all directions is a fantastic idea. You can even add a quote in the middle and have similar-looking butterflies all around it.

 Credit: truly.gloomyink

45. White colored small butterfly on your foot tattoo

The white butterfly is the paradigm of purity and an excellent option for ladies. Getting it on foot will add to the perfect accessory for you to flaunt this summer with your flip-flops look.


46. A giant butterfly with a skull inside on your chest tattoo

Skull tattoos are for the bold, so if you want to flaunt that bold personality of yours, then this is a tattoo that you can go for. A massive tattoo across the chest with little wings on the head of the skull looks ravishing. Butterfly Skull Tattoo is trendy.

 Credit: vata.vision_ink

47. Small Black Hand Tattoo

The regular black tattoo has no reason to state it, but if you look at the texture of this butterfly, you will notice it is done in quite a different way. So if you are looking for a unique tattoo, then this is the one; moreover, it is done in the fashion of a band and a very indifferent one.

Credit:  iveta.m.tattoo

48. Butterfly with a face on your chest tattoo

A face is added to the butterfly instead of the average body; you can add the face of a character you like or even the face of a person who has brought significant change into your life. You can even add colors to it to get more life to the character drawn.

 Credit: buenviaje.arte

49. Just butterfly wings on your back tattoo

Simple butterfly black wings but the enormous size and left blank in the middle for the spinal cord to form the body look. The patchy black wings on the back look terrific.

 Credit: nadelmutig_jeanie

50. Forearms full with butterflies tattoos

 A full sleeve on the arm starting from the forearm with a butterfly highlights the scene. For reference, look at this beautifully done tattoo in black and white and a monarch butterfly added as a highlight to the tattoo. The butterfly sits on a sunflower in this tattoo, sucking nectar from it.

 Credit: michaelgagnontattoo

 Credit: lucasfernandestattoos

51. Old style colorful butterfly tattoo just below your nape

The traditional-style tribal touch butterfly is another engaging-looking creature. This tattoo will cover most parts of the neck, and the vibrant colors will. You can add a different design towards the end of the wing.

Credit: spooky.sara

52. Simple butterfly just on your shoulder tattoo

A simple black butterfly on the backside of the shoulder is also a good option.

Credit: tattoo_artist_dabinadias

53. Simple butterfly on your chest tattoo

Another realistic-looking butterfly on the color boine looks very attractive on women; the blue color reflects the fantasy world. So if the fantasy world attracts you, you can get this tattoo.

 Credit:  emalla.sophia

54. Big butterflies tattoos on your leg

You can add little bright red hearts in the wings of your colorful butterfly. The borderline of the butterfly will be in black as it will bring more life to the butterfly and make it vivacious—a combination of red, blue, green, brown and black looks pleasing to the eye.

 Credit: 9thgategallery

Credit: ledda_tattoos

55. Colorful butterfly tattoo with skulls 

This is another style of doing this unique looking tattoo with a skull; a tattoo of butterfly and skull before this was done in a similar kind of mane, but here the whole butterfly is used to make the shape and texture of the skull, and the gap between the wings is diligently used to make the nose of the skull. Again, add green color to it to make it more dramatic.

Credit:  veigaink

56. Butterflies and diamonds tattoo on your leg

The diamond and heart used to make the shape of the butterfly is a genius idea to draw a butterfly. A heart symbolizes love, and the diamond is for eternity. So these two symbols will add more significance to your butterfly tattoo. A diamond also shows that true beauty lies on the inside. You can even use this tattoo for someone who has brought significant change in you through their love.

Credit: vanisorr

57. A butterfly tattoo on your collar

Purple tattoo on women’s collar looks very attractive and graceful on women. It is a realistic-looking tattoo with a light shadow of the butterfly that brings more life to the tattoo and vibrant purple with the shading of black and white. 

 Credit: malavida.tattoo

58. Butterflies tattoo with your names on the back

You can even add little butterflies on your back with classy-looking fonts names of your loved ones. A parent can get this tattoo for their children, or a lover can also get it. Get a different-looking butterfly with each name that slightly resembles their personality.

 Credit: lotus_tattoo_piercing

59. Geometric moth on the chest tattoos

Geometric tattoos look fabulous when blended with indifferent tattoo ideas; for instance, look at this butterfly tattoo made on the chest, and the butterfly’s wings are falling towards the end. Your tattoo artist can add his creativity to this tattoo.


60. Realistic moth tiny butterfly tattoos on the upper back

The moth butterfly looks realistic when its shadow is added to the tattoo, and it is made in a 3D way; it seems like the butterfly is sitting on the back of the bearer and is about to fly. This is the reason that butterflies are an excellent option for realistic tattoo ideas.

Credit: mrs.pame.ink.tattoo

61. Butterflies tattoo with your names on your neck

A single name just below the nape is a great tattoo with a simple silhouette of a butterfly. Again, you can experiment with the font.

 Credit: blackstaintattoo

62. Side tattoos – flying

Rib Cage tattoos look great on men and women, but these tattoos hurt a little more than other tattoos because of less skin lining. Dark black butterflies on light tone skin look dramatic and fantastic. Look at these beautifully made butterflies on the side in a group of three. Three black butterflies are a popular tattoo choice.

 Credit: charlottestattoo_ink

63. A butterfly trapped in an octahedron tattoo

Butterflies trapped in the octahedron a good for a unique tattoo idea. You can add a geometric design to the tattoo to make the tattoo more authentic, and your tattoo artist can add his creativity to it. 

 Credit: joonathanliimatattoo

64. Butterflies flying with music on your back tattoo

If you like music, then this one tattoo is for you. You can have small dainty butterflies flying in different directions with small black trebles drawn. This is a great authentic musical tattoo for you, with minor elements like stars and different-looking clefs.

 Credit: g.art_12

65. Small cute butterfly on your finger tattoo

Small and dainty tattoos have become a popular choice with women because of the grace of this tattoo. For example, look at this cute-looking red butterfly; you can get this small butterfly tattoo as your first tattoo and if you do not want too much ink on you as of now.

 Credit: ayycerkan

66. 3D style pink butterfly tattoo on your shoulder

This is one butterfly done in a doodle style with glorious colors and a unique design. Look at the design that looks like the butterfly has a tail at the end and is flowing in a direction—another small element like stars in purple-pink add to the artistic impression. Girls can go for similar-looking tattoo art.

 Credit: panna.lew

67. Butterfly tattoo in the eye

Eyes added on the butterfly’s wings make a strange engaging tattoo; you can make your tattoo more bizarre-looking by adding different colors and adding one more eye in the center. A single vision is a symbol for the eye of God looking over all the creatures beneath. It means that we are surviving under the providence and guidance of God. You can look at this tattoo design to see how different it is done.

 Credit: hartfordcountytattoo

68. Butterfly tattoo on right side neck

 Credit: zimni.ink_melbourne

69. Small traditional butterfly tattoos

 Credit: simbiositattoo

70. Butterflies tattoo on autumn leaves for your wrist

Credit: the_lambo_scoundrel

71. Colorful butterfly covering your entire left arm tattoos

 Credit: sztuka_ciala

Credit: conventtattoo

72. Simple black and white design tattoo

Credit: jacknealdraws

73. Colourful butterfly tattoo design on the back


74. Black Ink Butterfly tattoo on Back


75.Blue Butterfly Tattoo

Credit: jeenunazeer

76. Black &White Tiny Butterfly Tattoos on Shoulder


77.Matching Tattoo


78. Yellow butterfly tattoo designs on your waist.

Credit: lonsimodernoutlaw

79. Butterfly flower tattoo


80. Dot Work Tattoo



What is a butterfly tattoo?

These delicate insects are the paradigm for natural beauty. It stands for freedom and represents transformation; you can call a tattoo a butterfly tattoo when it has a full butterfly, half-butterfly with some other element, or something else used in the tattoo to make the shape of the butterfly.

What do two butterfly tattoos mean?

The two butterflies have done together hold significance from Chinese culture; if two butterflies fly together, it symbolizes love.

What do butterflies symbolize in death?

 The black butterfly is associated with death in some cultures. It symbolizes a restless deceased soul unable to move; also, butterflies have other meanings for death; they are seen as a symbol of rebirth.

Should I get a butterfly tattoo?

If you are a female, then the butterfly tattoo can be an excellent choice because the butterfly’s wings symbolize joy and happiness in Japanese and Chinese culture. Moreover, the butterfly shows the agile transformation of a girl into adulthood.

Why is everyone getting butterfly tattoos?

The realistic butterfly tattoo has become a popular choice because it is beautiful, adaptable, and feminine, so it has become a prevalent choice for ladies.

Bottom Line

Butterfly tattoos have a feminine touch, but males have also grown interested in them. The symbolic butterfly tattoo meanings are deep and beautiful. Here are vast choices included from which you can choose that perfect butterfly tattoo for yourself. The semicolon butterfly tattoo also looks incredible.

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