Bull Skull Design Tattoo Meaning – Inspiring Design Ideas

The bull skull design tattoo has long been used as an emblem of courage and strength, making it one of the most popular tattoo choices among men and women. While there are several meanings associated with this particular tattoo design, it is essential to note that they can vary greatly depending on their specific interpretation. This article will help you know the bull skull tattoo meaning.

Bull Skull Design Tattoo Meaning – Inspiring Design Ideas

A bull skull design tattoo is a trendy design made up of numerous smaller parts. The most common elements are the snout, the nose, the eye sockets, and the horns, but you can find bull skull tattoos that incorporate other features, like an apple in its mouth or flowers growing out of its forehead.

Bull Skull Tattoo

Credit: kelseylorrae

Each part of the tattoo has its unique meaning, so you should consider each design carefully before getting it permanently inked onto your body.

Bull Skull Tattoo on feet

Credit: @berryblues

Are you considering getting a bull skull design tattoo but aren’t sure what it means? Well, have no fear – we’ve compiled this guide on the meaning of bull skull design tattoos to help you figure out whether or not it’s right for you!

Bull Skull Design Tattoo Meaning

The skull tattoo design that most people think of when they hear the term skull tattoo is a bull skull tattoo, representing strength and power (much like the animal it’s based on). Though it may look fearsome, the bull skull design tattoo has positive connotations in the western world and is often associated with concepts like perseverance, courage, and loyalty. It can also symbolize thoughts about mortality and the human condition in general.

Bull Skull Tattoo On Chest

Credit: goodluck_tattoo_seou

The symbolic meaning behind a bull skull design tattoo is dependent mainly on the tribal design in which it’s placed. Since bulls are associated with strength, many cultures view bull skulls as symbols of power and virility. A bull skull design tattoo can also symbolize bravery, persistence, or someone who refuses to give up. In some countries, it’s worn as an amulet against bad luck and evil spirits.

Arm Bull Tattoo On Arm

Credit: steelninkbarrie

Today, it’s mainly used as an art form. No matter what you choose for your bull skull tattoo, remember that not all bull tattoos have deep spiritual meanings. Some people like how they look!

Some Meanings of Different Parts of Bull Skull Design Tattoo

Spikes & Horns

These are two critical components of any bull skull design tattoo design. You will find them pretty much in all bull skulls out there – regardless of their placement or other elements present alongside them. On average, horns represent masculinity, power, and energy! Spikes stand for protection, dominance, and victory over death (as they hold symbolic importance in some cultures).


In popular culture, bull eyes symbolize wisdom, and some believe they bring good luck. But remember, symbolism varies across regions and tribes, so it’s best to know whether these beliefs hold value among people with whom you share solid cultural bonds.


Unlike horns and spikes, lips hold no particular significance. They serve to adorn bull skull designs. As they come in different colors, their appearance often differs from one tattoo artist’s work.

Inspiring Bull Skull Design Tattoo

1. Simple Bull Skull Design Tattoo

Simple or minimalistic designs are just the patterns of the finest tattoo designs. These tattoos have basic designs, yet sometimes the simplest designs are the finest. Individuals who don’t  desire tattoos covering a substantial portion of the bodies can have a moderate bull skull design tattoo with an open mind. You may have a clean and simple bull skull design tattoo, similar to the ones shown in the images below. You may also select several additional minimalistic bull skull design tattoos that accurately reflect a bull skull. They will always appear elegant.

Bull Skull Tattoo

Credit: inksabbath

Leg Bull Skull Tattoo

Credit: wildcoyoteco

Bull Skull Tattoo

Credit: josephineleighton

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2. Typical Western Bull Skull Design Tattoo

Classical 90’s tattoos for both male and female are just as appealing as modern tattoo designs. Native Americans still decorate their body part with just conventional tattoos. These typical native American culture tattoos are commonly found in vibrant shades like blue, red, green, black, white, & bold lines.Tattoo artists already have a huge range of designs of early American bull tattoos in their collection. The images below are such examples. You may also select any other designs that you want.

Bull Skull Tattoo

Credit: boonzietattoo

Arm Bull Skull Tattoo

Credit: 2.can.sam

Bull Skull Design

Credit: suzieqtattoos

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3. Tribal Bull Skull Design Tattoo

Tribal tattoo are typically associated with particular individuals and cultures. It reflects the cultural and racial legacy of its folks. It conveys their narrative, so while anybody may get one of these tattoos, it’s a little condescending if you don’t know the true meaning of these tattoos you’re getting. All tribal tattoo designs have a specific look consisting of geometric motifs, and you can ink a tribal bull tattoo of your design that is similar to the tattoos seen below.

Tribal Bull Skull Design Tattoo

  Credit: uhhhhtaco

Wrist Bull Skull Tattoo

Credit: tattooist_sandeep

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4. Bull Skull Design Tattoo with Flowers

While talking about tattoo designs, every flower has its own symbolism. On the other side, many skull tattoos have both negative and good connotations. Humans actually add flowers to skull tattoos to emphasize the more positive attributes of the tattoos. These skull tattoos with flowers are among the most famous patterns. Flowers can be placed on the head or right beside the tattoo. Pick your favorite flower, look for inspiration, and create your own bull skull flowers tattoo.

Arm Bull Skull Tattoo

Credit: arien.inks

Bull Skull And Flower Tattoo

Credit: inkbyshane

Leg Bull Skull Tattoo

Credit: ajcullenink

5. Chest Bull/Cow Skull Tattoo

Chest bull/cow skull tattoos for males and females typically have several meanings in contrast to the significance represented by the unique tattoo on the chest of the wearer. Tattoos on the chest indicate facing forward, bravery, or power. Primarily essential, it signifies that the aspect you’re being tattooed is near to the heart. You may have a chest tattoo in whatever pattern or size you like. It can be enormous but fundamental, as shown in the images above. It may be detailed, tiny, and realistic, with additional aspects of your choosing.

Chest Bull Skull Tattoo

Credit: joshjohnsons4l

Chest Bull Tattoo

Credit: redhouseirons

Credit: northasher

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6. Bull Skull Design Tattoo And Bird Feathers

The significance of feathers varies between different species whose feathers you choose. There are a couple of similar connotations shared by both bull skull and bird feather tattoos, such as boldness and courage, or power. As a result, many individuals like to tattoo these two motifs: bull skull and bird feathers simultaneously. You may actually add bird feather designs, such as embroideries, to the bull skull design tattoos, or you can have a basic bird feather and bull tattoo.

Bull Skull Design Tattoo And Bird Feathers

 Credit: adi.tatts

Bull Skull Tattoo With Bird Feathers

Credit: hope_skool_tattoo

Bull Skull Tattoo

Credit: fannymagine

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People are increasingly opting for various types of tattoos on their bodies. If you want to have the bull skull design tattoo, you can get inspiration from all these bull skull design tattoo designs and choose the one that fits your individuality well. You may choose which part of your body to get these tattoos on and make sure you understand why you have them. Keep in mind that it is always necessary to have a concept or objective before selecting a design that will incorporate your individuality.

Frequently Asked Questions – Bull Skull Design Tattoo Ideas

Where to put bull or cow skull tattoos on your body?

Where you decide to put your bull skull design tattoo can be as meaningful as its design. Whether you get it on your neck, hand, stomach, or anywhere else, it’s essential to keep in mind that where you put it will have meaning – and if you place it somewhere inconspicuous, make sure you’re ready for people to ask about it! For example, getting an arm tattoo is more noticeable than one on your leg.

Which attributes are associated with bull skull tattoos?

The most common attributes and meanings that are associated with the bull skull tattoos are Strength, Durability, Fearlessness, Courage, protection, leadership, and toughness.

Should I get a Bull skull design tattoo?

If you are wondering whether or not you should get this animal tattoo design on your body, you should first understand its meaning and then decide! So, if you’re going to get a bull skull tattoo, it’s important to first make sure that you love what they stand for. If its meaning impresses you, go ahead and get it inked on your body!

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