61 Great and Amazing Tattoos of Adorable Birds For Wrist

Bird tattoos have been seen since ancient times when sailors used to get these to show their love for the open seas and used to think that the bird was their savior. Like the bird will be the one watching over them in tough times and unknown seas.

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61 Great and Amazing Tattoos of Adorable Birds For Wrist

Many tattoo enthusiasts have grown interested in bird tattoos, especially wrists; moreover, bird tattoos have symbols of courage, freedom, and travel.

If you are looking for a wrist tattoo, read further for some fantastic ideas.

61 Flying Birds Tattoo Ideas

1. Elegant Bird Tattoos For Wrist

If you are looking for a minimalistic tattoo for your wrist, this elegant bird tattoo with simple black ink and a sleek design is a great idea.

Image: @artandartist.007  

2. Bird Tattoos Idea With A Small Wave

You can add a small wave with the tiny bird tattoo to your wrist; the wave tattoo symbolizes going with the flow. So if you are the kind of person that goes with the flow, then this tattoo is for you.

Image: @artbeatts

3. Bird Tattoos For Wrist With A Heart & Leaf

A single leaf symbolizes happiness, and the heart is for love. So one can interpret this tattoo as love bringing you joy. Club these with a bird, and you will have your authentic tattoo.

Image: @826isa  

4. Flock Of Bird Tattoos Idea

A flock of birds represents freedom, and if you get 2,3 birds flying behind each other, they look great.

Image: @titofranco

5. Hope Script With Bird Tattoos

If you want a unique bird tattoo, then a bird that ends with the word hope written looks incredible.

Image: @ink.art_tatto 

6. Blue Bird Tattoos With Paint Brush

A bluebird tattoo with a paintbrush in its claws is a fantastic idea to show your love for painting. The blue birds also imply happiness, so drawing or sketching brings you joy; you can get this tattoo.

Image: @bexbtattooist

7. Simple Black Outline Bird Tattoos

A simple wrist tattoo is getting a sketch with a black outline forming the shape of a bird.

Image: @kellylouise39 

8. Graceful Black Bird Tattoos In Linear Line

Simple blackbirds in the form of a silhouette flying in one direction.

Image: @ivkacro

9. Silhouette Of Black Bird Tattoos In Different Directions

Small black birds filled with whole black ink flying in different directions are a great way to show freedom.

Image: @jmc7227

10. Two Birds Tattoos Sitting On A Branch And Heart

Instead of a branch here, you can also use a nest, birds are some of the rare animals who love one partner, and this is why you can get this as a great couple’s tattoo.

Image: @tattoos_gh

11. Simple Outline Bird Tattoos

A simple outline sketch with light ink is a good idea for a minimalistic tattoo.

Image: @youz_tattoo  

12. Old School Bird Tattoos With A Band

A colorful bird tattoo with vibrant colors in an old-school format looks magnificent; look at this tattoo, for instance. You can get it with a band looking like a tattoo to match.

Image: @inkstawoman

13. Colorful Bird Tattoos

Use your colors wisely, and your tattoo artist can also help you choose what will suit you best. For instance, look at this tattoo; you can get a bird in blue and orange with an orange fruit on a branch of the tree to give the tattoo an authentic look.

Image: @tatink_tattoo  

14. Black And Grey Shading Birds Flying Tattoo

A bird in black and grey shading is sitting on a tree branch.

Image: @graetattoos

15. Pointy Beaks Flying Birds Tattoo

This tattoo is great if a single person wants it or if you’re going to get it in a pair; look at these two guys with identical tattoos. You can even get this as a couple of tattoos.

Image: @cameronhobbs_art   

16. Cute Design Bird Tattoo Idea

A graceful tattoo of a bird with the touch of leaves is a terrific tattoo idea for a minimalistic but catchy one.

This one is done with a very crafty design.

Image: @tattoofever105

17. Black Birds And Colorful Bird Combination

You can get a line of blackbirds tattooed in the form of a silhouette and then add an excellent detailed colored bird with it to make it an authentic one. 

Image: @castillo_reims 

18. Small Birds On Wrist Tattoo

Two simple birds in plain black look great on the wrist as they symbolize peace, happiness and optimism.

Image: @chilltarae

19. Eagle Mighty Bird Tattoo

The Eagle is a predator bird, and it is the symbol of power and dominance. So you can get this tattoo to show a trait of your personality; in this tattoo, it looks like the Eagle is looking down, about to pounce down on its prey.

Image: @jai_ambe_tattoo 

20. Graceful Bird Tattoo With Leaves

Leaves symbolize the circle of life and death, so you can get a bird with them that can add more meaning to your tattoo. For instance, look at the tattoo below.

Image: @morales_outer_ 

21. Great Looking Memorial Tattoo

You can also get a memorial tattoo in the form of a bird tattoo; look at this tattoo; it is done in the loving memory of someone’s grandad. In this way, you can get a tattoo done on you as a tribute.

Image: @urge4ink 

22. Elegant Birds Tattoo For Wrist

This particular tattoo is done in a very captivating way in which the birds show a transformation journey; you can use this tattoo to show a change that you have gone through for the better. These birds represent spiritual self-direction and physical capability.

Image: @rudratattoo

23. Penguin Bird Tattoo

If you want a unique bird tattoo, then a penguin bird tattoo is an excellent choice for you, as you must know that a penguin is one such bird that cannot fly. Penguin is the sign of good luck, prosperity, dreams and love. If you look at this penguin tattoo, you can see that this penguin is used as a love tattoo.

Image: @byyclouds   

24. Intricate Design Detailed Bird

You can have a bird in shading with an intricate design that is about to take flight; it looks renowned.

Image: @efka_tattooart

25. Simple Ink With Bird Tattoo

If you want a simple design with plain ink, then this tattoo can be the one; if you are looking for a tattoo idea that can be your first tattoo, then try this.

Image: @shashank_ar

26. Simple To Complex Tattoo

This one is a good idea for a one-of-a-kind tattoo because it starts with a simple bird design with no detailing and texture and then other birds with a detailed strategy.

Image: @augsburgtattoo        

27. Matching Birds Tattoo

If you want a matching tattoo, the birds are a great option as birds are also used as a symbol of love; couples can try this tattoo. 

Image: @gracemidwesttattoos   

28. Simple Red Bird Tattoo

First tattoos can be mistakes sometimes; this red bird tattoo is a great idea for a coverup tattoo if the first tattoo was a small one, and otherwise, also, you can use this tattoo as a unique bird tattoo.

Image: @the.maneko

29. Black Ink Bird Tattoo

Cute dainty birds compliment on girls’ wrists.

Image: @hayall.art

30. Black Ink Small Bird Tattoo Idea

Another great idea is a small bird tattoo on your wrist in black ink.

Image: @artbymichellle

31. Pink Flamingo Tattoo

The pink flamingo has become a popular tattoo choice among the Millennials, and it is the symbol of beauty, balance and grace. You can get a pink one standing on one foot.

Image: @el.chino.montero

32. Colorful Bird Tattoo

A bird in vibrant colors with matching flowers in colors is a good tattoo.

Image: @tikiwonder

33. Bird Flight Motion Tattoo

This tattoo is a great artistic impression as it shows how a bird takes flight and flaps its wings after it is in rest position. You can add a tree branch in black to make the tattoo more engaging.

Image: @blackberrytattoostudio

34. Parrots Tattoo With Dainty Flowers

The parrots are the symbol of courtship, abundance, and boldness. Look at this beautiful tattoo with yellow parrots, and to match it, graceful yellow dainty flowers are used.

You can also have parrots done along with a stem of flowers like this.

Image: @nomade.tattoo_france

35. Bird Love Tattoo

You can even have the bird tattoo done as a love tattoo with the person’s name written with a heart. For instance, look at this tattoo, where the tattoo artist has written two characters and connected them with a heart.

Image: @shiva.tatto.art 

36. Owl Bird Wrist Tattoo Idea

Owl is a bird that is active during the night and is rarely seen in the day, and it is the symbol of mystery, magic and wisdom, so you can use this tattoo to show any similar personality traits.

Image: @rajat_tattoos

37. Birds Carrying Flower Tattoo

Birds and flowers complement each other well in a tattoo as both these are symbols of love for nature and are graceful. The bird carries a bundle of flowers in her claw in this tattoo.

Image: @vanya.ink 

38. Upside Down Bird Tattoo

This one is an unusual way of getting a tattoo as most people get the tattoo in a manner that looks in the correct position according to the viewer’s point of view, but it is not the case with this tattoo. The bird looks upside down from the viewer’s point of view but will look acceptable from the owner’s point of view. Yet this is another intelligent way to make your tattoo unique.

Image: @anto.catladytattoos

39. Bird With Barbed Wire Tattoo Design

In the tattooing world, the barbed wires have been used to symbolize a person’s time behind bars, but with the bird, the meaning changes. As the birdcage tattoo represents that the wearer has been longing for freedom for a long time.

Image: @dzejkopfs    

40. Simple Black Ink Birds Tattoo

Birds following each other’s path in flight is a popular tattoo choice.


 Image: @mashisandra

41. Feather And Bird Tattoo Idea

You can even get the bird along with a feather; a feather’s symbolic meaning is that of courage and wisdom. Moreover, it defines freedom, just like the bird; they complement each other well, and you can add colors to your tattoo to give it an artistic impression.

Image: @rockhop.eternal   

42. Two Plain Black Birds Tattoo For Wrist

Two bird silhouette of small birds also looks gorgeous as a tattoo.

Image: @sakura_ink_tattoo

43. Pointy Bird With Shading Tattoo

The beak is purposely made pointed to make it more intriguing, and the body is kept plain, adding great texture of shading and detailing to the upper body and wings of the bird.

Image: @baungbentattoo_ 

44. Small Black Bird Tattoo On Wrist

A small black bird with a different design and shape looks like an engaging tattoo.

Image: @sioou

45. Colorful Different Looking Bird Tattoo Idea

The tattoo of this particular bird is made in a doodle form, and the colors used in it are also unique. So if you want a bird tattoo but want it to be one-of-a-kind, then this is the tattoo for you.

Image: @mina_farbrausch 

46. Detailed Design Bird Tattoo For Wrist

This one is a bird done with intricate detailing and a shade of black and grey; you can look at the feet of the bird clearly; this is what makes this tattoo unique.

Image: @diamondtattoo_gb

47. Ostrich Wrist Tattoo

Ostrich bird is a very uncommon choice when you see a bird tattoo. But the ostrich has a profound meaning; it symbolizes feminity, truth and balance. You even add a symbol with the prominent tattoo like it is done in this one.

Image: @winnie__waiyin

48. Colorful Birds Tattoo On Wrist

You can use the combination of colorful birds on both your wrists; it looks incredible. For instance, look at the color combination used on birds in this tattoo. You add branches and nests to make the tattoo more dramatic.

Image: @painterlyfiend

49. Simple Wing Bird Tattoo

This is a minimalistic tattoo in which just the wing of a bird detailed adequately in black and grey is used. It also looks like an angel wing which is again for power and freedom.

Image: @crazy_ink_tattoo_surat   

50. Cute Bird Tattoo For Wrist

This tattoo is a simple one with a lesser design, but it is made excitingly, and the oval shape boundary adds more to the tattoo. Feathers and stars are also added to it.

Image: @clover.tatto

51. Duck Tattoo For Wrist

You can also have a duck tattoo for your wrist; it looks surreal; the duck symbolizes migration, calmness, peace, protection and adaptability. Add a little water at the bottom like this one.

Image: @ravingartist 

52. Watercolor Bird Tattoo For Wrist

It is done in the way a watercolor painting is done with paint splashes and a nicely drawn bird sitting on the branch of a tree.

Image: @bextattoos

53. Bird Tattoo Designs In A Pair For Wrists

You can even get the bird’s tattoo in a pair and get it so that when the two people are together, the tattoo seems more meaningful. For example, look at this tattoo done intelligently; when the arms meet, it looks like the birds are flying forcefully in each other’s direction to meet. So in this way, it can also be done by couples.

Image: @boxcat138     

54. Graceful Bird In Black Ink Tattoo

The design of this bird makes it look like a graceful bird yet a simple tattoo.

Image: @sabljaboutart

55. Eagle Flying Bird Tattoo For Wrist

This tattoo is another way of getting the mighty eagle tattoo.

Image: @origintattoostudios    

56. Crane Funny Bird Tattoo

The tattoo looks funny because it is done like a doodle; as you can see, the bird’s claws look hilarious. But the other half of the bird is done with a challenging design. Getting a crane tattoo is an intelligent way to obtain a unique tattoo. Moreover, the crane is the symbol of a loyal and successful marriage.

Image: @tattoosfromvenus

57. Green Bird Tattoo With Sun

Looking at this beautifully drawn bird tattoo in green color sitting on a branch with the Sun in the background looks like an impressive artistic impression. The Sun symbolizes light and rebirth, so getting this tattoo will add meaning to the prominent tattoo.

Image: @andresco_hmt

Other Bird Tattoo Ideas For Wrist

Some other tattoo idea that hold relation to human life are phoenix bird, mythical bird, blackbird tattoos, feathered friends with a touch of native American culture.

Image: @heise.tattoos 

Image: @hippie.ink

Image: @leveluptattoouk

Image: @titisatori_tattoo


What do birds mean in a tattoo?

The bird’s tattoo can be seen in many different cultures, each with its significance. Still, the birds are generally taken as the symbol of independence, freedom, peace and sometimes they are also taken as a symbol of optimism and happiness.

What Do Small Birds Mean In A Tattoo?

In the earlier times, small tattoos of swallow birds were worn by soldiers as they used to think that the bird would be their protector and was the one watching over them.

The swallow bird was taken as the symbol of safety and also the symbol of motherhood. But the small birds generally used in tattoos symbolize strength and inspiration to push us to achieve things that we may think are impossible to achieve.

What bird do people get tattooed?

The bird tattoo has gained popularity now because it looks fantastic as a tattoo and brings happiness to the wearer. But in the past ages, the swallow bird tattoo was mainly worn by sailors as they thought that if they were to drown the swallow, it would take their soul to heaven.

What do 3 bird tattoos mean?

The three birds tattoo references a Bob Marley song, three little birds which say don’t worry about a thing cause everything’s going to be alright. So the three birds have derived meaning from this, and it means that you should not worry about things in life as everything will be okay.

What is the meaning of a feather tattoo with birds?

The feather tattoo shows the bird’s ability that they are not afraid to be high above the ground flying high, so feathers show that you can fly high and spread your wings to do that. Meaning you are free to take off into the sky.

Here are a lot of different bird tattoos that you can choose from to wear on your wrists. Bird tattoos have significant meaning, and there are a lot of birds that you can get tattooed; go through all of these to find your incredible options.

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