71 Colorful Bird Of Paradise Flower Tattoo Designs You’Ll Love

The bird of Paradise, aka Crane flowers, is one of the most spectacular forms of flower you could ever see! They look just out of the world and will glue your eyes for a while when you see them – they are that beautiful.

The endless beauty makes them the perfect pick for body ink. You will be amazed to know the number of people wearing a bird of paradise tattoo! They are the new style statement people are raving for like no other!

If you love colorful tropical flowers and distinctive art, a Bird of Paradise floral tattoo will be the perfect match for you. This exotic flower makes a beautiful tattoo design that can take on many different forms and variations.

If you’re also here to find the best tattoo idea for your first or tenth tattoo, a treasured collection of stunning tattoos is waiting for you.

But, before you head to that part, let’s uncover some exciting talks about the bird of paradise flower tattoos you must know for a good reason! So let’s get started!

The Symbolism Of The Bird Of Paradise Tattoo

The superb bird of paradise flower is a great symbol of hope, transformation, freedom and grace. Moreover, thanks to its sacred association with the Hawaiian goddess, Pele, it symbolizes spirituality.

Let this fantastic flower carry these divine messages for you as a perfect reminder to enjoy life, spread love and positive energy to others, and become your spiritual guide.

The Bird of Paradise symbolizes a higher spiritual state, heavenly beauty, and living happily ever after. The bird of Paradise is well-known for its unique flower presentation. The flowers on the bird of paradise stems grow up to 3 feet tall and emerge in an upward-facing spiral-like pattern as the flowers fully bloom.


The Bird of Paradise flower is a favorite for many reasons. It is straightforward to recognize, and its vibrant colors are a treat to the eyes. In addition, there is just something about seeing this plant come into bloom. Here are some facts about the Bird of Paradise that you may or may not have known.

The tropical beauty of Fiji inspires the Bird of Paradise flower tattoo. This unusual but gorgeous flower resembles a bird with bright colors, making it an appropriate choice for getting a colorful or black and white tattoo.

If you love exotic and rare tattoos, the Bird of Paradise will be a perfect fit for your skin. With up to 67 colorful flower tattoo designs to choose from, you can take this design in black and white or get it in color if you prefer.


The Bird of Paradise flower is indeed a floral masterpiece. It is one of the most popular flowers globally and can be symbolically linked to many things. However, if you don’t know what you’re looking at when it comes to Bird of Paradise flowers, you might as well be lost.

The Bird of Paradise flower is quite a complex flower. It can symbolize many ideas and messages that people see when looking at the flower. 

The flower often symbolizes royalty as well. The Bird of Paradise flower has a royal look to it. Perhaps this is why it has come to be associated with royalty and the idea of Paradise, both in the real world and in fiction.


The Bird of Paradise has many meanings and interpretations. Still, the primary intention is that this iridescent flower – its colors changing as you change your perspective – helps us lead “paradise on earth” lives.

Furthermore, Bird of Paradise tattoos has a variety of different meanings. It’s believed to bring good luck and prosperity, along with growth and success for new business ventures. The flower is often referred to as the Bird of Paradise because of its beauty and bird-like appearance. 

The tropical flower can be found in Papua New Guinea, Brazil and Australia. This flower is also called Crane Flower in Hawaii, considered a beauty symbol. The Pacific Islanders also use this flower for medicinal purposes.

This is a fun tattoo design because it’s so colorful. The main reason to get this flower tattoo is beauty, but there are other reasons. If you have a passion for exotic flowers of the tropical variety, or if you are a person who loves to travel, this is an unusual and beautiful tattoo. 

This may not be a typical tattoo choice, but don’t let that fool you; it’s still an excellent choice.

The Bird of Paradise is a flower with many names, including the Fire of the Forest, Crane Flower and Tree of a Thousand Colors. Now you can add its name to your list along with 67 different designs. The bird of paradise flower never looked so good!

These tattoos are available in various sizes and shapes, but the most common designs are here. 

They include flowers with different shades of yellow, red and green, and blue. Take note that these tattoos can also come with a little bit of black.

Why do People Love them So lot?

Bring Paradise to your home! The Bird of Paradise flower is a striking, exotic bloom that blooms for months. 

Although also called an African Violet, the Bird of Paradise is a beautiful houseplant that requires little care and thrives even in low light or indirect sunlight. This botanical wonder comes in various colors and sprinkles your home with a pleasant fragrance. Please pay special attention to its vibrant yellow cup, which means it’s healthy and happy.

Bird of Paradise flower essence awakens the kundalini energy at the base of the spine and promotes spiritual awakening. It helps one forgive oneself for personal, emotional, physical and material past actions/reactions/judgments and let go. Stimulates the Heart Chakra and enhances self-love when combined with Rose, Deva or Violet color essences.

The Bird of Paradise flower…deep greens and blues, intricate markings and electric red on the crest; indeed, a tropical beauty. A native of New Guinea, this large cluster of blooms is one for the books. There are over fifty trillion seeds in one bird of Paradise; enough to feed the world until the year 3000!

What Are The Perfect Placement Options For Bird Of Paradise Flower Tattoo

The size and placement are the last things you need to determine before getting your Bird of Paradise tattoo. If you want a giant tattoo, the back is the perfect spot for this tattoo. However, if you are more of a person for a smaller tattoo, you can have it on the arms or legs.

What is the Bird of Paradise Spiritual Meaning?

Get Ready To Discover Timeless Designs

67 Colorful Bird of Paradise Flower Tattoo Designs for Men and Women. A review about different arms, neck and breast tattoos:

1. Colorful Bird of Paradise Flower Tattoo Idea

The Bird of Paradise is a popular flower because it looks like something from a coloring book. It is considered a rare and exotic flower. It is also one of the most colorful flowers in the world. 

The two colors that it is traditionally known for are red and yellow. However, it can come in white, blue, pink and orange, but the white variant is rarely seen. 

When people tattoo this flower on them, they will never forget it because it’s so vivid.

No matter what color you use, the tattoos always look good. If they are black and white, they look like a bird. 

This flower is trendy in Hawaii, and many people wear them on their shirts. And since this flower is extraordinary, you should make sure that you get a fantastic tattoo of it!

Credit: trueloveart

Credit: tattooist.vitna  

Credit: tattooist.vitna     

                                                                 Credit: cloudy_tattoo

Credit: nathantattoos                        Credit: celticdragonesstattoo

2. Bird of Paradise Back Tattoo Design

Bird of paradise flower tattoo can be your best shoulder companion! The forever jewel can make your off-shoulder dresses an extra glamorous look effortlessly!

The bird of paradise flower is quite popular among tattooers. It’s rare and refreshing, just like this tattoo! Many people are getting these tattoos, and there’s a good reason for it – they look fantastic! 

Anyone who’ll be seeing this stunning design from afar will notice it at once because of its orange hue and its ornateness. 

Also, the girl wearing such a beautiful tattoo will look fantastic in a bright dress or when her back is exposed.

Credit: dracaenasurcanaperouge          Credit: mordette_art_tattoos

Credit:smallstattooing         Credit: jenuine_leigh_art

   Credit: roncha_tattoo           Credit:leewestartwork

3. Large and Simple Tattoo of Bird of Paradise Flower

If you’re fond of large tattoos, go with this stunning large tattoo combined with meaningful quotes and other exotic objects like flowers! 

They make a fantastic tattoo design!

Bird of paradise flower tattoo is unique and beautiful in its appearance and meaning that it doesn’t need to be significant to convey their meaning. 

However, if you love to wear it in a big part of your body, there is no reason to stop! 

So go for these beautiful designs!

Credit: lanterntattoo                                  Credit: olivetats

Credit: tattooart.lviv               Credit: sunnya_tattoo

Credit: flowbeehaircut.tattoos              Credit: goodtattooshop

4. Colorful Outlined Flower Tattoo

Colors are the soul of flowers! But they work magic when it comes to birds of Paradise! 

The Bird of Paradise flower is an unusual but equally gorgeous-looking tropical flower. It almost looks more like a bird than a flower when you see it. 

So many people are determined to get a tattoo of this flower on the skin because of this exotic, rare beauty. 

You get this flower ink on any body part with a finely outlined area to make it more eye-catching and spooky!

Credit: goodtimes_tattoo          Credit: jrminttattoos

Credit:janetattoo_nz                  Credit:lifetimej

Credit:eightsandacestattoo    Credit:nokaoitikitattoo          

5. Watercolor Inspired Bird of Paradise Tattoo

Watercolor is about delicate washes of color, swirling and blending as you go. 

This slick style of tattooing has been making waves in the tatt scene for its elegant whimsy and masterful use of hues and contrast. 

A watercolor tattoo can be as detailed or abstract as you want it to be.

And there is nothing more beautiful than a  watercolor tattoo of a Bird of Paradise flower.

Credit:dani.blalock Credit:adaireartsappreciation

Credit: 13michaelc               Credit: marcellaxdreadnot

Credit: franziska_faulstich_           Credit: kate.tattoos_

6. Large Splatter Paint Bird of Paradise Tattoo Design

The most delicate and pretty art forms, watercolor tattoos, are made famous for their lively, vibrant hues—not only because it’s water-soluble ink that forms the design but also because there are so many different ways to make a watercolor tattoo unique.

You can also think of getting a large splatter paint bird tattoo to have something unique and beautiful both at the same time.

Credit: brodycalypso         Credit: oliviabrumentattoo

Credit: ivyhtattoos        Credit: silviabruno15

Credit: lee__dangelo         Credit: skindeeptattoowaikiki

7. Small Black and White Bird of Paradise Flower Tattoo

When it comes to painting, less is often more. So why not bring that to the canvas of your skin? The delicate, intertwined designs in watercolor tattoos are a sight to behold, especially when they’re balanced on top of another tattoo. From small designs covering just an inch or two to more significant works taking up half a body, these ink stains are meant not just to brighten your day but also to show off your artistic talents.

The bird of Paradise is one of the most beautiful flowers because of its stunning colors. 

However, you need to make sure that you also give a test drive to a black and white tattoo! They hit different with whole different vibes. The best part is you can get a small design too!

Credit: abee_tattoo         Credit: globe_ho_tattoo

Credit: jane13tattoo       Credit: iris.inkwell 

Credit: elva__tattoo        Credit: melpzvc

8. Full Leg, Long and Dramatic Flower Tattoo

You’ve probably noticed that tattoos on the upper thigh or lower leg tend to be particularly eye-catching.

It might have to do with the lack of space up top or simply the fantastic way that a leg is designed to bend and flex (kind of like an accordion or a slinky). Whatever it is, it’s hard to look at one without wanting a piece for yourself.

So if you are also planning to get a leg tattoo or are pretty confused about your placement for your next tattoo, legs can be the perfect canvas! Get inspired by the below designs to get eye-pleasing tattoo art for you!

   Credit: emi_tattoo_nc        Credit: rocaline_tattoo

Credit: taotattooo                   Credit: jason67.tattoo

Credit: angelinaphoenixartistry        Credit: cathpillingtattoo

9. Two Vibrant Flower Back Tattoos

For every tattoo lover, a floral design is an ideal choice. And the bird of paradise flower tattoo design is among the best options when it comes to flowers. 

This beautiful flowering tree looks like a flower; a significant portion looks pretty colorful and stunning in its tattoo design. The petals of this flower tattoo look like waves and hence the name Flower Wave Tattoo Designs.

Furthermore, floral prints are always in trend and especially when it comes to getting tattoos, women love to get flowers on their bodies. As they are available in various designs and sizes, one can choose the format they like the best depending on their taste.

  Credit: kel.tait.tattoo         Credit: vf_art

Credit: edlitamtattoo       Credit: elo.bhyrr.ttt

Credit: olivetats       Credit: irenebogachuk

10. Long Stemmed Flower Tattoo

Winged creatures take flight with our Bird of Paradise flower tattoo. Featuring a rainbow assortment of colors and a long, trailing stem that connects to the halo—this beautiful flower is sure to soar above the rest!

The long stem of the bloom represents the spiritual path that each soul must take to ascend heavenward. Finally, Paradise found, your soul will ascend to meet its maker.

Credit: thegirlatthegallery        Credit: maudes.tattoos

Credit: af_tattoo_studio       Credit: maudes.tattoos

Credit: you.want.it.darker         Credit: jeff_maus

11. Beautiful Bird of Paradise Flower Art Tattoo

Simple and beautiful, the Bird of Paradise flower is an everlasting symbol of love. These flowers can be as simple or complex as you want them to be, but no matter how you ink it, this design guarantees long-lasting and heartfelt beauty.

Credit: township31          Credit: rafael.delagarza

Credit: tattooart.lviv        Credit: siminamina

Credit: tattoosbypony          Credit: belenatattoos

Credit: jessydoestattoos

Final Words

The phrase “the more the merrier” is undoubtedly applicable to flowers. And what better way to show your love for floral tattoos than with some of the world’s most beautiful flowers, such as daisies, hibiscus, and roses and, yes, Bird of Paradise? 

Plus, with our Flower Tattoo Designs in hand, you can match your motif with a body part that’s right for you! So get ready to find the best tattoo designs!


Why Bird of Paradise Flower Tattoo Are So Desirable?

The bird of paradise flower tattoo design is colorful, striking and exciting. It’s no wonder why so many women and men love it. 

The best part about this is that you can customize this look to fit your style. 

There are a million ways to wear it, so you can choose the type of bird of paradise tattoo that works for you…or combine them all into one masterpiece as our artist did.

What does a Bird of Paradise Flower Tattoo symbolize?

Bird of paradise flower meanings includes joy, spiritual growth, and rising above the mundane. This beautiful flower is a symbol of grace, beauty and purity. It may also symbolize a goal or accomplishment.

Are Bird of Paradise Flower Tattoos Good for Women?

Bird of Paradise flower is among the most beautiful and widely known tropical flowers globally. Its meaning is expansive and can comprise passion, Paradise, and spiritual awakening. 

These tattoos are great for girls and women who want an elegant look with an exotic flair.

What Are The Best Placements For Bird Of Paradise Flower Tattoos?

  • Stomach
  • Rib Cage
  • Arms
  • Legs
  • Back
  • Ankle
  • Thighs
  • Wrist

Does inking a bird of paradise tattoo hurt?

Discomfort is the first word that comes to mind when people think about getting a tattoo, despite the placement. 

What comes next are the actual steps in making your bird of paradise tattoo. 

It is not as hot as any other part of the body, but it would still leave you a little uncomfortable. Let us face it: having a tattoo is painful enough, but it is not something unbearable.

So fret not; if you want to have a tattoo, you can get it ink without worrying.

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