51 Best Banner Tattoos You Must Try

There are text tattoos, and then there are banner tattoos.  Use text with uncanny calligraphy to communicate your personality diligently.

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If there is a phrase or your philosophy of life that has turned around things for you, a banner tattoo will do justice to your thought. You may even use a banner tattoo for nostalgic appreciation or a moniker of a loved one. 

To get more ideas of what you can do with banner tattoos, read below!

1. Myself Banner Tattoo

The colors added to this tattoo create a perfect contrast; you can also use your favorite colors in such a way. The heart crossed with an arrow is the symbol of romance and relationships.

Image: @travisbrucetattoos

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2. Little Sparrow Holding A Banner Tattoo

The sparrow stands for freedom, true love, and humility. The sparrow is popular as people use it to represent loyalty and commitment.

Image: @meganlee.tattoo

3. Ship In A Water With Banner Tattoo

The ship is for new beginnings, the way of life, journey, good luck, and bravery. 

Image: @catlolitattoo

4. Black Work Leaf With Banner Tattoo

The black ink is a popular tattoo choice among many people. The leaf is the symbol of the cycle of life. 

Image: @boobiestattooginowan

5. A Swallow Bird Flying With Banner Tattoo

Swallow is a symbol of protection, and sailors used to get this as a tattoo in the earlier days as they believed it would protect them from the roaring sea. The colors chosen on this swallow look fabulous. 

Image: @stabbed intheblack

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6. A Bunch Of Flowers With Quote Banner Tattoo

If you like flowers, then here is an ideal tattoo you can have on yourself with a mix of all different flowers. All flowers have different meanings, but a tattoo like this can show that you love nature and flowers.

Image: @jharmony_tatts

7. Daisy Flower And Banner Tattoo

The daisy flower stands for love, luck, and loyalty. You can even use the daisy to honor someone special. These are popular with middle-aged people as much as the youth.

Image: @mothershiptattoo

8. A Dot Work Rose With Banner Tattoo

The dot artwork has become popular in recent years as a style used for tattooing as it uses tiny dots to make the whole tattoo. The rose is the symbol of love lost or love found.

Image: @dannyb.tattoos

9. Potion Bottle With Banner Tattoo

A potion bottle may mean death, but it can also mean other things like magic. However, this one here looks like a bottle put in the sea to save the soul. But the script written with represents death.

Image: @ivyjotattoos

10. Church With Man Made Banner Tattoo

People often use tattoos to express themselves. You can also do so and get a tattoo to show your religious beliefs to the world. When matched with the script, the cross broken above the church makes for a very symbolic tattoo.

Image: @sierradawnarts

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11. Birds Heart And Flower With Mom Banner Tattoo

You can also get a tattoo for your loved ones to show them how special they are in your life. For example, here is a tattoo for a mom with a heart and some swallow. Swallows are a symbol of protection.

Image: @talismantattoocompany

12. Bear And Banner Tattoo

This is an unusual tattoo with a bear made in a pretty intimidating way. If you are looking for something scary, then you can take an idea from this tattoo and transform it into a similar theme.

Image: @jptattooartist

13. Chest Quote Banner Tattoo

This is another great quote about tattoos with religious beliefs. It says God is the provider and shall not be greedy.

Image: @morethanhype

14. Wings And Cross With Banner Tattoo

Wings signify freedom, and the cross tattoo can mean God gives someone freedom.

Image: @themarkedsparrow

15. Banjo Musical Instrument Banner Tattoo

Music touches the soul, they say. If you love music, show your love for it with a tattoo.

Image: @jharmony_tatts

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16. Upper Chest Banner Tattoo

Chest tattoos are popular with gym goers; look at the tattoo here to know why.

Image: @derekheidorn_ftc

17. Go Away Heart Banner Tattoo

The script ‘go away’ within a heart may imply pushing people away.

Image: @beaurichardsontattoo

18. Lantern Lamp With Banner Tattoo

A lantern stands for a couple of things like a protector, leader, and glow in the dark.

Image: @meggopokes

19. Skull With Banner Tattoo

The skull is the symbol of death. Therefore, if a person is wearing a skull tattoo, it usually means that he is not scared of death. This skull is made in a little animated way.

Image: @brasscitytattoo

20. Small And Empty Banner Tattoo

A small empty banner is also an excellent idea for a tattoo, as it can mean that it is available for many memories.

Image: @tat2ri

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21. Cool Angel With Banner Tattoo

The angel is known as the messenger of God. So wearing an angel tattoo can bring luck into your life.

Image: @jdaviestattoo

22. Flowers And Banner Tattoo

Flowers are always beautiful for a tattoo, showing your love for nature.

Image: @tifftats

23. Dove And Banner Tattoo

The dove is the symbol of victory, love, peace, and God’s will, so you can use one to relate to these things.

Image: @vinny.tattoos

24. Wooden Cross And Praying Hand Banner Tattoo

You can even get a tattoo in the loving memory of someone. Like here, the owner has got the tattoo to honor her mother. The folded hands with the rosary show faith in God.

Image: @don_tito_the_original

25. Dot Work Banner Tattoo

This motivational tattoo can keep people from going on and constantly pushing harder. Here is another style in which one can get a tattoo.

Image: @taintedlovetattoo

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26. Boxing Gloves Banner Tattoo

The boxing gloves are the symbol of the fighting spirit. Everybody is fighting their own battles in life, and this tattoo can be a great way to show that. 

Image: @aliyahshafer

27. Pocket Watch And Flowers With Banner Tattoo

A pocket watch is used as a representation of time. So if a person wears a pocket watch tattoo, it has to do with some special memories. The date written on the banner tells about a significant memory of a person.

Image: @marcpellantattoo

28. Mini Sun And Banner Tattoo

The Sun is the symbol of light and rebirth. Also, in some cultures, it is for the balance of life. You can use this tattoo for new beginnings and if you have rediscovered yourself.

Image: @mitchwolfftattoons

29. Dad Banner Tattoo

People use the hook tattoo to show their love for fishing. But having it done with the script written as dad tells us, the bearer may have some significant memories with his father.

Image: @dripping_moustache

30. Black And White Banner Tattoo

The black and withe shading done using the skin color is a fabulous idea for a rare-looking tattoo. This one looks like an in-loving memory tattoo.

Image: @jakewilsontattoo

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31. Spanner And Banner Tattoo

A spanner tattoo shows the person’s love for the tool, or it may indicate the job they do use it. For example, here, the script with the tattoo tells us that the person loves being a mechanic.

Image: @lrt_art_

32. Forever Love Banner Tattoo

The diamond comes in the category of symbolic tattoos as they represent that beauty is found in the inner side. Yet, this tattoo can mean two things: the person loves diamonds or is attracted to people’s personalities.

Image: @brytrue_tattoo

33. Colorful Anchor And Clock With Banner Tattoo

An anchor is the representation of the sea, but it can also be used to represent commitment and safety. The anchor with the watch may be for a memory of the person.

Image: @wolfmanink

34. Skeleton Hand With Banner Tattoo

A skeleton tattoo is to pay homage to a loved one. So usually, when you see this tattoo, it may be because someone has lost people dear to them. Or it may be just part of the trend.

Image: @babyfaceoneill

35. Compass And Map With Banner Tattoo

The compass tattoo shows that the travel bug bites the person. Hence they love to travel. So if you love to travel, you might use this tattoo.

Image: @stechbar

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36. 7 Eyes And 7 Horns Goat With Banner Tattoo

This is a tattoo that has to do with religious beliefs about Christianity.

It is Revelation 5:6: “And I beheld, and, lo, in the midst of the throne and of the four beasts, and in the midst of the elders, stood a Lamb as it had been slain, having seven horns and seven eyes, which are the seven Spirits of God sent forth into all the earth.”

Image: @crystaldawntattoos

37. Tools And Banner Tattoo

Here is another tattoo that shows a person’s love for tools. It also shows that a person loves making things using them.

Image: @nepeta.ink

38. Italy Map And Foods With Banner Tattoo

Using the map is an unusual way to show your love for the country. You can even get a tattoo of a country you have always dreamed of visiting.

Image: @dzulinklounge

39. Cards And Dice Banner Tattoo

The cards and dice show the person’s love for gambling and risk-taking. Or the tattoo may be used to show the love for playing cards.

Image: @donaldvoelker

40. The Tree Represent Four Seasons With Banner Tattoo

Even the seasons of nature are not permanent; they keep on changing. So this tattoo looks like a motivation tattoo that no matter what life goes on. 

Image: @hammel_ryan

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41. Feelin Lucky Clover Banner Tattoo

Just a regular script tattoo, but the design used in the banner is unusual. 

Image: @creas99

42. Flamingo Bird And Banner Tattoo

A Flamingo is for freedom and a sense of whimsy. So if you relate to these traits, you can also go for a flamingo tattoo. Although this looks like a love tattoo with the names on the banner and the birds used to represent a shape.

Image: @chanaya_twain

43. Some Roses With Banner Tattoo

Roses are the most popular flower tattoos that people use to represent love. One can even use it for love lost. The names beside each rose in this tattoo show that the flowers are representations of each person.

Image: @ravensquilltattoo

44. Healed Eagle And Banner Tattoo

The eagle is the symbol for a couple of things like strength, trust, freedom, and honor. The eagle is also the symbol of focus. Like it does not take eyes of its prey until it ounces upon them. 

Image: @loganhowardtattooer

45. Raccoon And Banner Tattoo

The raccoon is a symbolic tattoo that shows the trait of a person that they can make out who is being deceptive around them. The words on this tattoo are also intriguing.

Image: @megansketch

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46. Heart And Arrow With Banner Tattoo

The arrow with the heart represents the cupid’s arrow. It means that you have fallen in love. Or it can simply just express love and romance.

Image: @wyntertattoo

47. Black And Grey Work Bear And Flower Banner Tattoo

This is a traditional bear tattoo. A bear is for strength, courage, and tenacity. You can use a conventional design and blend it in your favorite shape. Traditional tattoos are a great way of being in touch with your culture.

Image: @loganhowardtattooer

48. Fire Heart With Banner Tattoo

This, again, is a religious tattoo. The fire with the heart is the symbol of Christ’s undying love for humanity. You can use this tattoo to show your love for humanity.

Image: @jerryjames_tattoos

49. Timer And Banner Tattoo

The skull tattoo is the symbol of death, but if a person wears it, it means that they are not afraid of death. The hourglass blended with the skull shows that the owner is aware that death is inevitable, but he is not bothered or scared of the fact.

Image: @mattchild007

50. Rib Cross And Banner Tattoo

A cross tattoo is for Jesus. If you are also a believer in Christianity, you can get a cross as it represents Jesus sacrificing his life for human salvation. The cross represents the most significant moment of Christianity when Jesus gave his life away for mortals’ sins.

Image: @jdgrimtattoo

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51. Salt Of The Earth Banner Tattoo

This is an unusual tattoo with a symbolic meaning. And it is made in an animated way.

Image: @highsocietytattoo


What are the 5 types of tattoos?

Broadly there are five categories for the type of tattoo you can go for:-

  • Medical tattoos
  • Amateur tattoos
  • Temporary tattoos
  • Cosmetic tattoos
  • Professional tattoos

What is a banner tattoo?

Banners look like the ones that were used in old times to write things. You can use that kind of frame on your skin to have word tattoos instead of simply having the words written.

What is a scroll tattoo?

The scrolls in history were to represent beliefs and creeds that men kept with themselves for integrity. By using the body art design, you can give the scrolls a new dimension. Choose a skillful body art person for it.

What were scrolls used for?

In ancient times scrolls were just a form of how one could preserve the text. Also, they were used to communicate messages across kingdoms with messages written on them. Now you can use your skin as the form of a scroll.