75 Super Cool Astronaut Tattoo Ideas As Inspired Body Art

There are many different meanings with ideas that come for an astronaut tattoo design ideas and you have different choices to choose from. Without interruption, there are many other inspirations for an astronaut tattoo design making a flashy comeback. While getting involved at an early age in subjects that involve spaces and astronaut talks, makes it essential to pick and get the tattoo design inked.

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75 Super Cool Astronaut Tattoo Ideas As Inspired Body Art

As compared, space is an essential part of the universe, and also there are many more secrets to know and yet much more mystery in the outer and inner space world. Therefore, a person who tends to explore everything in space is referred to as Astronaut. Doing the universe in different color styles is always a magical and brilliant option, and getting an astronaut tattoo with the same thing in black or grey is super interesting when done correctly.

Getting a tattoo that is reminiscent of one of your favorite designs without further interruption comes with bold and brilliant inspired body art. Some individuals love to get an astronaut tattoo instead of planets or galaxies, and these tattoos range from minimalist tattoos to larger tattoos. There are numerous popular tattoo design ranges for sci-fi lovers that you can opt for.

Astronaut tattoos meaning:

Astronaut tattoo meaning has become an icon for both men and women and the obvious astronaut tattoo meaning makes you think about your dreams, striving for space programs, and more. Although definitely superb and cool designs, the astronaut tattoo design is not something you see often giving it a superb meaning. The image of an astronaut tattoo design such as of Neil Armstrong is much more different as it was done in the past. As a symbol of intelligence and freedom, it encourages young people or sci-fi lovers to become scientists and explore or discover the universe most popularly.

Tattoo ideas include

1. Shaded astronaut tattoos: 

Shaded astronaut tattoo works by getting countless things and keeping the love for space exploration in different and apparent shades.

Image: @papa_sway

2. Drifting in the void tattoo

As an excellent design for youth dreams, you can get your drifting in the void tattoo design and have it on display as body art and gives with the wonders for a great artwork.

Image: @dzulinklounge

3. Basic outline tattoo: 

With an extravagant design, having galaxies, moons, the simple or basic astronaut tattoo design either makes it a marvelous piece of art.

Image: @hushanesthetic

4. Geometric astronaut tattoos 

Don’t panic about geometric astronaut floating tattoos as these are for ones who love space might choose to get actual astronaut tattoos and explore more ideas during your spaceflight.

Image: @manchestertattooemporium

5. Sketched effect tattoo design: 

Conveying the feeling that someone is a fan of space, sketched effect tattoo design is a great option and to have your favorite tattoo in outlined form.

Image: @teil.aubry

6. Larger tattoo detailed design: 

The high-strength tattoo is designed with extra detailing and sensitivity, keeping the dream alive with other elements to explore more space.

Image: @freespiritmanly

7. Unique body art tattoo design: 

If extraterrestrial items have excited you since childhood, you can get astronaut tattoos ideas that are inspired by aspects that you can touch or feel. Giving a unique look to the image, you can also add up some of the creative ideas or other elements of your choice to get an elegant and different tattoo design.

Image: @norbyon.tattoo

8. Reaching astronauts in space tattoo : 

People who love science fiction might get a very simple astronaut design or reaching astronauts in space design is to have extravagant designs with extra art.

Image: @blackbear.ink

9. Linework tattoo: 

With various cool and intelligent designs, many galactic tattoo choices have done this linework tattoo artwork. Such an astronaut tattoo design ideas with line work style comes as a constant reminder to you and for keeping an aim of this style either for the stars or beyond.

Image: @ta2chieh

10. Meditating tattoo: 

Astronauts in lotus position tattoo and spaceman silhouette symbols with a vibrant illustration, relaxing, peace of mind designs work well.

Image: @inkredibletattoostudioo

11. Floating spaceman tattoo: 

Floating spaceman tattoo design comes as a terrific yet elegant option design idea for those who have dreams of getting or reaching out to galaxies. With a more extravagant floating spaceman tattoo design, the afloat spaceman design looks adorable. The floating spaceman tattoo design ideas can also help and give your childhood that dream of a platform to shine or your love towards the space zone.

Image: @artistryking

12. Detailed dot-work tattoo design: 

With complicated techniques, paying attention to every fine detail to show off the talent looks fantastic in the detailed dotwork art.

Image: @bm__tattoos

13. Body art astronaut tattoo design: 

Designing with creative professionals the best and unique astronaut tattoo art that never goes out of style and is widespread.

Image: @janmarloy_ink

14. Constellation and spaceman tattoo

Instead of getting a full arm constellation and spaceman tattoo, a small arm tattoo design is perfect by capturing the landscape on the moon or galaxy that is very popular.  It is like a space race!

Image: @_michromatic_

15.  Astronaut design and flowers tattoo

Creating a masterpiece of astronaut tattoo design with flowers or gravity in unity selection is the best way in unique or customized design. You can also have this astronaut and flower tattoo design inked anywhere on the body thereby making it look appealing yet elegant artwork.

Image: @spida.ink

Astronaut helmet tattoo

16. Galaxies in helmet’s reflection tattoo

The extraterrestrial is where the future lies, and astronauts stare out into the infinite cosmos, eager to explore and learn its secret.

Image: @marc_tattooink

17. Helmet with a lightning bolt tattoo

Helmet with a lightning bolt tattoo design comes as a perfect tattoo for those aware of it and also the last great adventure to have unique ideas on your own.

Image: @honey_tattoo_ink

18. Outerspace reflection tattoo

Getting an Outerspace reflection tattoo design or artwork while someone is inside, helps reflect the world around them.

Image: @rafwada

19. Helmet temporary tattoo: 

The symbol of an intrepid explorer is still there, and the stylized line makes the helmet temporary tattoo design with uniqueness on a quick level.

Image: @tattoos_by_kelly

20. Black 3D helmet tattoo: 

For those with passion for the universe, the black shaded touch with 3D effect of helmet on the body looks impressive and incredible with elegant style.

Image: @thebeeink

21. Dot work with a scene in reflection tattoo

The symbolism behind the very popular image of an astronaut is recognized the right way, and even an easy astronaut tattoo your love an excellent fit.

Image: @poppyrosetattoo

22. Planetary reflection in a helmet tattoo

The fantastic choice of planetary reflection helmet tattoo and wearing a spacesuit experiencing new sheer joy and love.

Image: @e_lisa_betha

23. Explorer helmet tattoo design: 

Explorer helmet design demonstrates the heart and mysterious nature of the explorer while exploring the void helmet design tattoo.

Image: @woodman_tattoo

24. Plants growing out of helmet tattoo

It is said that: those bottom leaves are not going anywhere until they fall off the plant. The astronaut tattoo with plants growing out of the helmet can range from just being an astronaut or could being a part of someone’s ink making it look desirable.

Image: @reyestatts

25. Girl in space helmet tattoo

In addition, girls also love to explore space too, and a girl in space helmet tattoo design is yet a good and creative choice for reminding the world of that choice. Just a little or too much comfort for your tattoo choice, you can bravely honor the women also with this creative girl in the space helmet design art work tattoo.

Image: @blackrootstattoo

26. Dotwork helmet tattoo design: 

Dotwork helmet design tattoo is a creative and elegant choice for keeping secrets close and who lives for adventure and it is best for explorers.

Image: @tamir_tatts

27. Galaxy helmet tattoo idea: 

The space enthusiast who wishes with inspiration and others with their exploration fever is sure to do the trick with galaxy helmet design.

Image: @santre_tattoo

28. Flower-filled tattoo design: 

The cute astronaut tattoo design is a great way to honor one’s child or a child-like exploring deep reaches of life and it is also an excellent and elegant tattoo design.

Image: @bodycanvastattoobrisbane

29. Helmet portrait tattoo

As the sky is not limited, the astronaut helmet portrait design tattoo is viewed from the front in colorful ink gives a unique and adorable look with special effect.

Image: @anem_illus

30. Helmet with reflection tattoo

Instead of getting a full astronaut tattoo, people often get the tattoo of an astronaut’s helmet with a reflection of astronaut or other elements in it.

Image: @jasxnink

NASA Tattoo

Many Americans wants to have a NASA tattoo design that shows their love for space and that also works for honoring the expeditions and with so many things, it could represent that but a NASA tattoo bags the prize. In other words, NASA tattoo design idea is the section that you will fall for and might also like to get it inked on self.

31. Space shuttle temporary tattoo: 

The line art NASA space shuttle patch in the form of a temporary tattoo can be worn on sleeves, leg pieces, or on the back as it is a unique and quick selection of artwork.

Image: @lagaleria.tattoostudio

32. Astronaut art tattoo

A pretty clever design making an otherwise standard astronaut suit into a better suit is a great way to show love for space tattoos and yearning to travel beyond.

It’s like seeing science fiction that happens in reality.

Image: @guys_tattoo_art

33. Rocket launch artwork tattoo

A hand-drawn badge of rocket launch tattoo as body art for ones who like to jump into a spaceship or some other contraption with different illustrations looks great. So, one can also keep aiming for the stars by adding different elements to the rocket launch artwork tattoo design.

Image: @lauracat.tattoo

34. Space tattoo for men

Who is not fascinated by space? Space tattoo design ideas for men are one of the things that we will never explore fully and also that it is one of the things that we are always dependent upon! Getting beautiful space tattoo designs for men and thereby getting to know the obvious astronaut tattoo meaning behind them is all love.

Image: @tk_ashgrayink

35. Black and white full sleeve tattoo

Black and white full sleeve tattoo designs are beautiful to look at as it almost has an enchanting feel to do it and it would look like the stars are in the body making it look unique.

Image: @christinachoi_sdt

36. NASA logo astronaut tattoos: 

From extraterrestrial missions to the moon’s phases, NASA logo astronaut tattoo is the best and unique way to have a fantastic choice for beauty alone. Furthermore, you can get an astronaut tattoo with the American flag for an ode to a patriotic life making it look desirable and elegant in its own way with some addition of other elements.

Who knew a space program could make a great tattoo?

Image: @vanessaspezowka

37. Rocket tattoo design: 

The rocket design tattoo’s with bright color and pure aesthetics giving minimalist design artwork is a brilliant choice and it could be a way to honor NASA.

Image: @new.tribe.tattoo

38. Solar system tattoo

With the choices and messages of the solar system ink design, there is no denying that the tattoo can be a breathtaking piece of body art that you can be proud of.

Image: @gurogomi

39. Dark Milky Way tattoo design:

Dark milky way design is the most realistic tattoo design work that a person can fill up your sleeve with and adding some of the fantastic wonders of the universe as the design comes with a calm and pleasant illusion.

Image: @twelve.gauge.tone

40. Outer space chest piece tattoo

Another idea is the first thing you need to get is something bigger and more colorful with an outer space chest piece tattoo design idea and creeping out to realistic skin peeling off is the first choice. An outer space chest piece tattoo design comes with great mystery and is one of the design ideas to enjoy the beautiful moments with simple yet elegant design.

Image: @mehaibakaty

41. Full sleeve tattoo: 

Full sleeve tattoo is a beautiful tattoo design idea that comes up with unique and elegant design ideas for women if they are interested. The soft colors with more intricate details are going on the tattoo such as inclusion of comets and asteroids in the tattoo looks adorably great.

Image: @alecsmack

42. Sketched tattoo design: 

Sketched tattoo is done by engraving vintage and elegant design ideas with the fantastic and perfect expression of both cute tattoos. In addition, it is an adorable design tattoo artwork that is a reliable, unique and elegant design style idea.

Image: @chereri

43. Orbiting astronaut art tattoo

Setting the grounded style tone and mixing or matching your favorite orbiting astronaut art prints, the design looks great. Ranging or adding other elements from being an astronaut on the moon or circling is a great way for the design work and leaving orbit design is good to go for a tattoo.

Image: @cadinktattoo

44. Constellation and puppy astronaut tattoo

Nothing beats a beautifully made tattoo, and a beautiful constellation tattoo with a puppy astronaut could transport you directly in the haze of mystery and peace.

Image: @lunastattoos

45. Colorful planet sleeve tattoo idea: 

From solid to blazing red, these bright and bold colors are one of the reasons why getting a colorful tattoo on sleeve is an excellent and unique outcomes. The contrast with bright and bold colors can also help make the tattoo look bold and alive and the tattoo can also look more ablaze with uniform designs.

Image: @migtatou

46. Galaxy half sleeve design tattoo: 

With great imagination, the abstract version of good stargazing on the sleeve might not look messy and the magical and fantastic galaxy tattoo in light and colorful design looks great!

Image: @simonbaldwintattooart

47. NASA shirt on astronaut tattoo girl: 

With classic insight into fashion trends and custom astronaut tattoo design ideas, this design choice makes sense in a unique style. The gorgeous black and grey tattoo or in colorful tattoo design idea is the forearm piece looks great and can eventually be added with other elements!

Image: @tintamorelia

48. NASA inspired tattoo design: 

Dreaming of being an astronaut for NASA at any point with a marveling and modish inspiring tattoo design idea for both men and women is absolutely a love.

Image: @leyseravalos

49. Pulsar Map tattoo design: 

As a part of famous and misleading ink lovers, the Pulsar Map tattoo design with adoration of the world beyond comes in beautiful and geometric design.

Image: @asyoulikeittattoo

50. Realistic space shuttle tattoo

A realistic space shuttle astronaut tattoo contemplating the outer world conveys hope and achievement.

Image: @curtisaldrich

51. Detailed astronaut tattoo: 

These detailed astronaut tattoo ideas are quite clever design choices and the exact artwork of a detailed astronaut tattoo is a great way to make an otherwise standard spacesuit into one better artwork.

Image: @hushanesthetic

52. Space lover tattoo design: 

With a constant source of attraction for people who love things beyond visible to the naked eyes, a space lover tattoo design looks adorable and cute. A plan relieving the space lover tattoo design with expeditions can also find a variety of ideas with addition of other elements looks great.

Image: @kcsmithart

53. Planet-inspired ear tattoos: 

Small tattoos behind ears or small star planet-inspired tattoo designs with a minimalist theme are mind-blowing. As ear tattoos are in, the planet inspired ear tattoo design ideas can inspire mimic and straightforward designs created on the sensitive skin.

Image: @leroygiesbers

Small astronaut tattoo ideas 

54. Matching astronaut tattoo: 

If you and your beloved want more familiar things, getting those beautiful portraits of the solar system symbolizes how things look the same but can be felt differently.

Image: @nvagriottattoo

55. Outlined Astronaut tattoo: 

Exploring the tattoos for men in vintage style with bright colors is good and the cute design with just a simple outline and tiny details makes it hyper-realistic.

Image: @luckyytattoo

56. Astronauts in the galaxy tattoo: 

Astronaut in the galaxy tattoo designs for men might not feel lost in the beautiful galaxy and they are aiming high who want an endless selection in a unique form.

Image: @peter_tatter

57. Thin line woman astronaut tattoo: 

Depending on your style, it can be done in the tattoos on your shoulder, with delicate line detailing behind the astronaut, such as the night sky in general.

Image: @izzyxmars

58. Tiny little Astronaut tattoo design 

It is a fantastic fractal design by creating your fractal, abstract and beautiful design as long-lasting specific themes and the small tiny tattoo pulls in mind at a meager cost.

Image: @t.i.g_tattoo

59. Tethered astronaut tattoo design: 

The Tethered astronaut design tool on the suit of the astronaut in a tattoo looks terrific and it helps alter the orbit depending on the size of the force and the tattoo design allows adding dynamics to the plan.

Image: @2an_tattoo

60. Small astronaut tattoo designs: 

The minimalist or small astronaut tattoo idea with the influence of exploring space by either looking to the universe at the surface takes time to design.

Image: @outerlimitstattoo

61. Ankle astronaut tattoo holding flowers: 

Unique astronaut tattoo with a seamless pattern of flowers gives a vintage look to the ankle tattoo and getting it done from an expert tattoo artist will help give it a subtle and customized look.

Image: @_michromatic_

62. Line tattoo of Astronaut: 

A perfect design suitable for those interested in the sky looks fantastic as you can also customize the design by just adding a crescent or a dozen different unique ideas.

Image: @the.inkprgrss

63. An astronaut standing on a planet tattoo

These tattoos can range from just being an astronaut on the earth or an astronaut being a part of the planets—the whole range of attributes to flaunt attributes that men love.

Image: @erinashleesmith

64. Little temporary Astronaut tattoo: 

Punchy and incredibly intricate design with either small tattoo representation of the astronaut gives a variety of fake or quick tattoo style ideas.

Image: @binitattoo_highpark

65. Astronaut tattoo among the planets: 

The majesty of the earth can be difficult to indicate in black or grey colors or bright shades for those who like to explore the experimenting journey.

Image: @artbyjessehill

Simple astronaut tattoo designs

66. Funny quotes with spaceman tattoo: 

However, if you are looking for an astronaut tattoo in the right place, the tattoo artist makes the body art with funny, inspirational and vintage style for inking.

Image: @mastersonstudio

67. Floating in the stars tattoo

A person who loves the idea of drifting around with floating stars designs the idea of a tattoo in space that looks like a real astronaut symbolizes freedom. The floating in the stars tattoo design idea looks ideal for the dreamers and explorers to have a selection from different but unique tattoo ideas.

Image: @ah_puck_tattoo

68. Holding the moon tattoo

As a symbol of growth, creativity and manifestation, holding the moon tattoo design is related to a new phase or a new chapter and it also represents a new beginning. The professional tattoo artist can also draw the tattoo in black and white or in a bright and colorful choice for a unique and elegant appearance in the body art.

Image: @sheentattoostudio

69. Spaceman holding onto the moon tattoo

Lift off to the sky and explore many designs during spaceflight or spaceman holding onto the moon design with a variety of designs, you can get a cool and elegant tattoo design.

Image: @liviamatox

70. Fishing to stars tattoo

A temporary tattoo design can range from committing forever rather than just getting leads comes as a selection of the very best and unique body art.

Image: @paulyvelezblog

71. Flying away tattoo design: 

With great tattoo ideas, selecting astronauts as spaceflight explore designs with the cool men tattoos and great inspirations for those with a passion for the extraterrestrial are inspired by those elements we cannot feel or touch.

Image: @kelseybarehamtattoos

72. Astronaut Lego man tattoo

The classic space mini-figure has many variations for composed and high-quality accurate tattoo design. With elegant or indifferent design under the background, the real-sized model of the astronaut lego tattoo design looks great when done on arms.

Image: @poppyrosetattoo

73. Skull Astronaut Tattoo: 

Showing or flaunting a support for NASA, with space exploration design ideas the skull tattoo design work looks best making it an elegant art work. With a trendy and great choice of getting skull tattoo design inked on the body with other elements that look like these is a great idea to create an artsy tattoo.

Image: @sashafiltattoo

74. Spaceman throwing a paper plane tattoo

A spaceman throwing a paper plane tattoo comes with an option for a regular scratch-resistant coat finish making it look incredibly different. Cleverly propelling himself, a person who adores space can decide to get an astronaut tattoo rather than just getting stars or galaxies.

Image: @sky_jedi

75. Portrait of Astronauts tattoo

A portrait of astronauts tattoo comes in a unique form for someone who loves space might decide to get an astronaut makes it a striking illustration. There are many choices of getting a tattoo inked on the body but a wide variety of tattoos with addition of other elements also helps in making it look incredibly great.

Image: @voodootattooclub

Additional Tattoo ideas you would like:

Shooting star tattoo: getting a shooting star tattoo comes as a symbol of wishes or dreams when tattooed on the skin, it resembles a person who likes to chase the best thing. In addition, it also comes with a popular choice of also having those shooting star ideas exceeding the symbol of truth, protection and guidance.

Elbow tattoo: those with typical elbow tattoos have a high pain tolerance, it can tie in spiritualism and with numerous tattoo designs, the circular shape comes with a simple reason for body art.

Vibrant Violet flower design: the best selection of royalty-free flowers in vector style commonly used in unique hand-crafted arrangements looks excellent. The vibrant violet flower design with customized and unique intricate detailing helps for a perfect addition to the flowers.


What is the origin of the word astronaut?

The word astronaut comes from the Greek language. It is a combination of the two words “astron” (star) and “nautes” (sailor).

What is a constellation tattoo?

Similar to an astronaut tattoo, a constellation tattoo symbolizes your enchantment and love for outer space and the stars.

What does an astronaut symbolize?

The concept of an astronaut tattoo signifies technological advancement and futuristic possibilities with a whole range of attributes that men love! Although, the most popular astronaut tattoo meaning remains your love for space.

What do star tattoos mean?

Star tattoos are very popular with men as well as women. Star designs can have a range of different meanings, including hope, desire, mystery and ambition.

What does a moon tattoo mean?

Moon tattoos come as a symbol of female power, transition, creativity and growth and astronaut tattoo is a perfect and fascinating design that comes with a huge range of body art to show love with unique and customized design.

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