102 Funny Cartoon Character Tattoos You Would Love To Try

Cartoons are a part of our childhood; with the characters, we grow, laugh, cry and learn to become adults. Cartoons are a vast medium for expressing anything. An Animated cartoon tattoo gives us the ability to animate actions with underlying themes and endless possibilities.

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102 Funny Cartoon Character Tattoos You Would Love To Try

Getting a cartoon character tattoo is a bold statement to honor childhood; it is fun and reminds us to stay faithful. 

What Does A Cartoon Tattoo Character Mean?

The cartoon characters are always bright and colorful, with an eye-catching design. Each cartoon character has a unique identity, a distinct trait representing nature and the inner world of the artist who created it.

Many famous characters like Winnie the Pooh, Spiderman, the Little Mermaid, the Hedgehog, Transformers, Spiderman and Ninja Turtles are divided into categories with fiction or Disney look. 

You might consider getting a cartoon character tattoo if you have a great sense of humor. Many designs for men and women allow you to work hard and get a kick-off life while having most of the fun.

Cartoons were initially intended for children to stay true to themselves. Cartoon tattoos are fun and have an appealing quality to them. 

1. Snoopy Themed Tattoo Ideas

The snoopy tattoo is a reminder of all the joyous times we took for granted to grow. It shows the value every adult can gain from a peanut mascot.

It represents loyalty, imagination and a curious mind, a great man’s keynotes. It is the most popular design idea you might like to share

Snoopy Themed Tattoo Ideas

Image: @joshbtattoo

2. Final Fantasy Cloud Strife Tattoo

Representing the tragic backstory, iconic design and weapon, it is no wonder why he has resonated with fans of life.

The deceptive illusion of Final fantasy is inked majorly on the forearms, calves, and shoulders. The bold color design on the arm gives a styling appeal to the wearer. 

Final Fantasy Cloud Strife Tattoo

Image: @gamer.ink

3. Cool Tom And Jerry Tattoo

Tom and Jerry might signify that the wearer has an appreciation for mischief.

The tattoo represents many things about the wearer, especially their personalities, and the iconic cat and mouse duo represents the bold style of remembering a time of life’s joy. 

Cool Tom And Jerry Animated cartoon tattoo

Image: @bsticht_tattoo

4. Cartoon Futurama Bender Tattoos

You can get some of the best animation ink styles for Futurama Bender tattoo design. The excellent animated tattoo design of the evil robot in the movie became popular in applying tattoos.

The tattoo inked in grey color looks excellent with distinctive appeal. Making a royal and dashing look is a great idea. 

Cartoon Futurama Bender Animated cartoon tattoo

Image: @old.fishermen.tattoo

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5. Cool Deadpool Shaded Tattoo

The Deadpool tattoos of a fictional character come in numerous styles and shapes, but no matter how it is inked, there is no mistake about the red mask and wide black eyes.

Summarizing the aura, the animated image of the tattooed character makes the design fearless and facing down death.

Cool Deadpool Shaded Animated cartoon tattoo

Image: @geovannidmolina

6. Family Guy Tattoo Designs

The minimal TV series with a lovable, rotund father figure always seems to have an impressive animated legacy.

The familiar presence appeared on animated series with a modern host of colorful characters. The fictional character with fun-loving ways expresses love and adoration

Family Guy Animated cartoon tattoo

Image: @casey_tattoos

7. Scooby Doo Tattoo Designs

The cartoon characters and series move around Scooby Doo and his friends, who try to resolve mysteries. The trendy and faddish character recognizes the rest of its owner’s life.

One of the most memorable and recognizable characters of the popular animated series is to get a tattoo design inked. 

Scooby Doo Animated cartoon tattoo

Image: @girlwiththefoxtattoo

8. Traditional Baboon Tattoos For Men

The primate theme design comes with a traditional baboon tattoo design.

The traditional baboon cartoon character represents teamwork or being a team player, and the tattoo design also represents strength and sophistication.

The tattoo is a great ideal attraction to protect and guide you on your journey. 

Traditional Baboon Tattoos For Men

Image: @joemar_inkhabit

9. Creative Gorillaz Inner Tattoos

The primate theme design comes with a traditional baboon tattoo design.

The traditional baboon cartoon character represents teamwork or being a team player, as the design also represents strength and sophistication.

The tattoo is a great ideal attraction to protect and guide you on your journey. 

Creative Gorillaz Inner Animated cartoon tattoo

Image: @jettyroadtattoo

10. Tasmanian Devil Tattoo

The Tasmanian devil tattoo design says much about the wearer getting the tattoo. Many people overflow with excellent taste, and spontaneously getting a tattoo design inked is the option.

The cartoon character design inked on the body gives a creative look with spontaneous results. 

Tasmanian Devil Animated cartoon tattoo

Image: @boom.parker

11. Hairy Hulk Tattoo

The incredible Hulk’s ripped physique complements any man’s sense of toned masculinity. The animated cartoon character reveals the dual nature.

The marvel avengers tattoo look gives a school of art that animates the voice roles of animated series. 

Hairy Hulk Animated tattoo

Image: @alex_rattray_ink

12. Alice In Wonderland Tattoo

People love to get Alice in Wonderland tattoos for several reasons. The irrational aspect of life is seemingly innocent, and guidelines symbolize sanity and reason amongst the chaos.

The black outline design gives an elegant appeal to the forearm tattoo

Alice In Wonderland Tattoo

Image: @clodin_93

13. Green Hulk Breaking Tattoo

Hulk tattoos have a lot to do with strength and power. The marvel animated character leads us to choose fascinating and more attractive design ideas.

The green hulk breaking ripping design on the leg gives an attractive and diligent tattoo look. 

Green Hulk Breaking Tattoo

Image: @bethany_arzhanov

14. 3D Pokemon Charmander Tattoos

The Charmander adds an unexpected twist of all the power wrapped. The design represents self-reliance, defiance, authority and ultimate power.

The adorable, friendly and loyal pokemon tattoo design inked on the forearm gives a unique and incredible approach. 

Pokemon Charmander Animated cartoon tattoo

Image: @beepbat

15. Spongebob Jellyfish Tattoo

The jellyfish tattoo design represents longevity, immortality, strength, protection and more. The pink color design appears calm and serene, and the most dangerous creatures when threatened.

The SpongeBob cartoon design is a catchy jellyfish that is always having fun!

Spongebob Jellyfish Animated cartoon tattoo

Image: @novaluna_ink

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16. Small- Guys Gorillaz Tattoo

Cartoon characters love men, and if you are a massive fan of the band Gorillaz, you can get the design inked.

The tiniest element of the tattoo holds meaning when you get it inked on your body. With unique ideas, you can get the design style inked. 

Small- Guys Gorillaz Tattoo

Image: @song_tattoos

17. Creative Looney Tunes Tattoos

The coyote and daffy duck inspire some of the most popular characters. There are styles and shadings as there are characters to choose from some renditions of many favorites.

The classic character design looks beautiful with a big mix making the cartoon design elegant. 

Creative Looney Tunes Tattoos

Image: @andreaeternalcity

18. Ghibli Cartoon Tattoo

Ghibli created a universe of fantasy with all these fantastic fictional characters. They are not always perfect or powerful like other cartoons.

But they take us on a journey of self-discovery and encourage us to do the same. That’s why Ghibli character’s tattoos are famous for adults also. 

Ghibli Cartoon Tattoo

Image: @alicepatulacci

19. Minions Tattoo

The one-eyed minion tattoo design is one of my favorite characters. The minions are silly, funny, downright strange, and known to be free-spirited and crazy as hell.

The black ink minion can be modified with striking shades. You can get the tattoo inked in your choice of color or shades. 

Minions Tattoo

Image: @blxcoxttt

20. Tom And Jerry With Gun Tattoo

The tattoo design varies from person to person, and everyone has a different experience and memory with the show.

The best design for the spike can represent many concerning issues concerning the wearer, particularly the character. The tom and jerry with a gun give a styling look. 

Tom And Jerry With Gun Tattoo

Image: @mbrtattoo

21. Awesome Gnome Tattoos

Gnomes are known as symbols of good luck. Originally, gnomes were thought to provide protection, especially for buried treasure and minerals in the ground.

The tattoo design inked on the calf gives a beautiful and illicit design idea. 

Awesome Gnome Tattoos

Image: @emy.scissorhands

22. Small Wile E Coyote On Rocket Tattoos

The best looney tunes character – while e coyote on a rocket also used a wide range of gadgets.

The impressive, most delicate cartoon design shows themselves as predators of small animals. The iconic cartoon character design idea inked on the body gives an elegant tattoo appeal. 

Small Wile E Coyote On Rocket Tattoos

Image: @blackcattattoo_nz

23. 3D Snoopy Flying Doghouse Tattoos

Beloved pooch is not hard to know the popularity of the tattoo design.

With different meanings and design ideas, a white dog sitting on the red house and flying through space gives an elegant appeal. The quote designed up till the end gives a styling appeal. 

3D Snoopy Flying Doghouse Tattoos

Image: @tattoostudio.goodtimes

24. Amazing Mens Gyarados Tattoo

The extraordinary aquatic dragon-like creature gives a masculine design idea that shows strength and power.

Always in a happy mood, the pokemon Gyarados Japanese design with colorful inking comes as one such element with a traditional look. 

Amazing Mens Gyarados Tattoo

Image: @zmija_tatuaznik

25. 3D Metallic Marvel Tattoo Ideas

The avenger tattoo design in 3D metallic marvel tattoos is an ultimate design idea. The red mask’s unique and customized marvel design idea gives a distinguished and well-known style look.

The intricate detailing of the design inked on the shoulder gives a colorful and distinctive look.

3D Metallic Marvel Tattoo Ideas

Image: @caponetto_tattoos

26. SpongeBob Tattoo

Showing various characters and concepts for the SpongeBob tattoo design is simple yet meaningful and timeless.

It is a perfect accessory for men who move through life with an open heart and mind for mischief. The colorful design on the wrist gives an elegant and crazy tattoo look. 

SpongeBob Tattoo

Image: @nakagawa.tattoo

27. Peter Pan Tattoo

Peter pan tattoos are the most popular designs and are the perfect way to show that you are still young at heart.

Showing their magic and fairy dust off for all to the exquisite tattoos are an excellent example of gorgeous, beautiful, and hope-filled design ideas with a sense of freedom.  

Peter Pan Tattoo

Image: @floreisinger_tattoo

28. Archer Tattoo Designs

The archer tattoo design represents strength and power or a sense of direction. Rich in symbolic value, the powerful tattoo design makes the style aim at a definite mark with a fascinating appeal.

With a fierce girl look on the shoulder tattoo looks great. 

Archer Tattoo Designs

Image: @moshumoku

29. Elmer Fudd Looney Tunes Tattoo

The meaningful tattoo design can be a daily reminder with powerful ink that looks unique and customized.

The styling look makes the looney tunes idea impressive and distinctive in a characteristic way. 

Elmer Fudd Looney Tunes Tattoo

Image: @bb.ghost.tat2

30. Bulldog Tattoos

The bulldog tattoos are usually chosen by those with icons of goodness, bravery, and pure laziness.

The tattoo design represents intelligence, calmness, loyalty and the ability to adapt to a new thing. These are the most military-themed as a symbol of the United States Marine. 

Bulldog Tattoos

Image: @matty_roughneck

31. Fishing On Lake Forearm Tattoo

Representing the spiritual balance and calmness in a tense situation with brightly colored intricate detailing.

Affects the personal style that represents wisdom, power, patience, prosperity and luck. They are intelligent, and the style makes the tattoo look elegant.

Fishing On Lake Forearm Tattoo

Image: @peter_tatter

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32. Bugs Bunny Tattoos

Some people are known to be cunning or naughty, as the bug tattoos represent their personality of being the trickiest.

The cartoon rabbit series looks cutest and has a potent symbol of connection with the magic world. 

Bugs Bunny Tattoos

Image: @sofsmade

33. Artistic Kangaroo Tattoo

The artistic kangaroo tattoo design is a sign of a balanced, strong and energetic look, which is why people get inked with kangaroo tattoos.

The cartoon artwork shows that you are a fighter and the design represents an embodiment of steady determination. 

Artistic Kangaroo Tattoo

Image: @yorsh_ohh

34. 3D Ironman Tattoo

The fully robotic suit superhero looks like a toy or an animated action representing the crowning achievement of human ingenuity with the potential of images to celebrate the femininity of women or an iron man tattoo representing power and strength. 

3D Ironman Tattoo

Image: @mr.birdtattoo

35. Beetle Drinking Juice Tattoo 

Beetle again in the wings sometimes incorporates a subtle sense of humor. Describing the wearer’s interest as the tattoo is a sign of creativity, imagination and energy.

The creative idea of the tattoo design represents the abundance of love and powerful forces. 

Beetle Drinking Juice Tattoo

Image: @0uchless

36. Watercolor Hulk Tattoo

The incredible Hulk’s ripped physique compliments any man’s sense of toned masculinity. The watercolor effect of the tattoo shows dual nature making it look delicate and distinctive.

The aesthetic theme represents courage, diligence, hard work, creativity and determination. 

Watercolor Hulk Tattoo

Image: @eliroar

37. Simpsons Tattoo

The Simpsons tattoo comes in a wide range and has different meanings. The tattoo design focuses on the relationship between father and son.

Depicted as a mischievous, rebellious, and misunderstood youngster, the tattoo looks excellent, showing visual sense and enthusiasm. 

Simpsons Tattoo

Image: @bowleytattoo

38. Angry Bulldog Traditional Tattoos

The angry bulldog traditional tattoo represents courage, determination, protection and stubbornness.

The tattoo design inked on the shoulder represents pride and heritage and gives a distinctive tattoo look. The traditional design with the addition of colors enhances the tattoo style. 

Angry Bulldog Traditional Tattoos

Image: @grazianoleoni

39. King Kong Tattoo Ideas

King Kong is a symbol of nature’s power, which is unusual due to its size and color. The distinctive combination with the symbol of power represents detailing.

King Kong’s tattoo is the literal king and is the image of a Gorilla that represents strength. 

King Kong Tattoo Ideas

Image: @alenatattoos

40. Teethy Hulk Tattoo

The best marvel tattoos inked show the badass style. If you are a fan of your favorite superhero, the tattoo design of a character appearing in an American Comic Book could count!

The inspirational tattoo design idea gives a fantastic look to tattoos. 

Teethy Hulk Tattoo

Image: @nachotattoousa

41. Hulk And Spider Man Tattoo

The Marvel tattoo character of Hulk and Spiderman looks unique and gives a powerful symbol.

The colorful tattoo design looks incredible with intricate work. With stunning tattoo art, it shows fine detailing of colors making the style look classy. 

Hulk And Spider Man Tattoo

Image: @chrismorristattoos

42. Courage The Cowardly Dog Tattoo

Courage, the cowardly dog tattoo design, inked on the offbeat ankle adventure and the dog who must have overcome his fears to defend the unknowing farmer from all kinds of danger heroically.

The timid pink dog ankle tattoo of the animated character looks cute. 

Courage The Cowardly Dog Tattoo

Image: @filukitti

43. Ash And Pikachu Tattoo

The vintage cartoon character design of Ash and Pikachu is designed for the moment. The colorful tattoo inked on the body with the ideas of the classic cartoon is subject to the enormous style.

Appreciating the look of the cartoon character design makes the tattoo look stylish. 

Ash And Pikachu Tattoo

Image: @tiaani.riches_tattoos

44. 3D Shoulder Blade Tattoo

Winged sword tattoo in tribal style black and white tribal illustration of an ornate winged sword with a stylized handle and sharp blade for tattoo design gives an incredible design look.

The typical 3D design on the shoulder gives a creative look with beautiful artwork. 

3D Shoulder Blade Tattoo

Image: @josh.albert.tattoo

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45. Baby With Balloons Tattoo

A bunch of balloon-style tattoos to appear alluring and attractive gives a prevalent cartoon character.

The ethnic and seamless pattern of a baby girl holding a balloon gives a high-quality look. The happy smiles with the mood of the tattoo style give an elegant appeal to the tattoo. 

Baby With Balloons Tattoo

Image: @bia.ink.art

46. South Park Cartoon Tattoo

In honor of showing off an impressive legacy, talented tattoo artists‘ animated themed tattoo design shows a distinctive look featuring south park tattoo ideas for men.

The themed tattoo design gives a perfect and excellent collection of designs with a colorful look. 

South Park Cartoon Tattoo

Image: @ahcarol_ink

47. Artistic Broccoli Tattoo

The beautiful body art looks unique, featuring faces and accessories to more realistic rendering.

A broccoli tattoo is a way of letting the world know that sometimes you have to take the good with the bad. The artistic look of the green broccoli tattoo makes the style unique. 

Artistic Broccoli Tattoo

Image: @foodie.tattoos

48. Yellow Pacman With Blue Ghost Tattoos

Pacman tattoos can represent perfection, and happy people with a positive attitude towards life give a distinctive look.

The blue ghost design with flash moments is somewhat tricky, but easy to get it inked on the wrist in graphic style. 

Yellow Pacman With Blue Ghost Tattoos

Image: @by.lycan

49. Gorillaz Tattoo Design Ideas

The honored unique Gorilla tattoo inked with book style comes from pop culture and would not jeopardize the fame.

With fine line work, the tattoo design inked on the leg gives different meanings to the wearer. The Gorillaz are considered thinkers, and the style also gives an enhanced look. 

Gorillaz Tattoo Design Ideas

Image: @cable.tattoos

50. Japanese Gyarados Tattoo Ideas

Discovering an excellent aquatic dragon-like creature with a stylish look similar to Japanese dragon tattoo designs gives a beautiful look.

The Gyarados tattoo shows the strength and power of the one who bears them and shows them that they are ready to face challenges. 

Japanese Gyarados Tattoo Ideas

Image: @cheeseburgerchampion

51. Cool Luigi And Turtle Shell Tattoo

Turtle shells represent fertility, peace, longevity and freedom and the few intricate detailing makes the Luigi and turtle shell awesome.

Departing guiding them to their destinations in the colorful look makes the engaging style fits the tattoo. 

Cool Luigi And Turtle Shell Tattoo

Image: @jean_vader_tattoos

52. PowerPuff Girls Tattoo

The tattoo design highlights the wearer’s nature, who might be very emotional or sensitive.

The Powerpuff girl tattoo comes up for friendship or as the matching design with bubbles, blossom, buttercup, and mojo Jojo. The artistic ink giving creative ink makes the tattoo stunning. 

PowerPuff Girls Tattoo

Image: @rodolfo_hl

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53. Minnie Mouse Disney Tattoo

Minnie Mouse represents everything that Walt Disney represented. The tattoo design shows fun, dreams, happiness and togetherness, evoking positive feelings.

Getting a colorful Minnie design with a butterfly shows love, bond and attachment and lifts your spirit to heights. 

Minnie Mouse Disney Tattoo

Image: @katie_nomad.tattoo

54. Marvin The Martian Men Tattoo

With the iconic representation, the Marvin tattoo design is pretty straightforward.

It is an overall design for men. with a range of different tattoo designs, and the Marvin, the Martian men tattoo, has a different meaning for the wearer. 

Marvin The Martian Men Tattoo

Image: @tallsarahtattoos

55. Angry Hulk Face Tattoo

The angry face design of hulk compliments any man’s sense of toned masculinity. Revealing a dual nature of the gallant green ink style is primarily associated with strength and power.

There are many different variations to make the style unique with additional elements. 

Angry Hulk Face Tattoo

Image: @balara_tattoo_studio

56. Outer Space Sky Tattoo

People tend to look up at the sky and sometimes have deep thoughts. The outer space remains a mystery, and the optimistic design gives an incredible appeal to the tattoo.

The flawless affinity design makes the space tattoo look incredible with an inspiring appeal. 

Outer Space Sky Tattoo

Image: @muhomorink

57. Batman Cartoon Tattoo

The batman tattoo design shows the fight for justice, giving a menacing glare and symbolism of powerful force within someone determined.

The bold black ink with the addition of a logo and symbol represents a hero of the night. The excellent tattoo design on the calf gives a great look. 

Batman Cartoon Tattoo

Image: @rhur_tattoo

58. Taz Looney Tunes Tattoo

The wild, fun and unpredictable tattoo design combines the world’s love for cartoon characters.

The most popular design idea is a bold introduction to a man who blazes his traits through life. The fun character makes the style unique.  

Taz Looney Tunes Tattoo

Image: @godrowninyourownreflection

59. Geometric Bugs Bunny Tattoo

The bugs bunny tattoo appears to be animated, and the design is meant to last for eternity. It is a sign of majesty, power, royalty and courage.

The looney tunes tattoo idea shows that you are young from heart and the tattoo also brings back positive thoughts. 

Geometric Bugs Bunny Tattoo

Image: @tattoo.oz.split

60. Captain Levi Tattoo

The captain Levi tattoo represents strength and self-assurance. Featuring the main character in an attack of the titan for the character is described as creed, initiating rites and mission.

The colorful design idea with intricate detailing gives an elegant appeal. 

Captain Levi Tattoo

Image: @adrichan_tattoo

61. Cartoon Spiderman Tattoo

These days, spider-man is more than just a comic character.

The admiration of awesome tattoo art has a lot to do with obsession, and the style is unique. The fancy character design idea makes the fantastic design show a lot of obsession. 

Cartoon Spiderman Tattoo

Image: @liverpool_tattoos_orrellpark

Cartoon Spiderman Tattoo 2

Image: @noelia.ink

62. Popeye Cartoon Tattoos

The heroic cartoon character and his legendary spinach of Popeye have the best inking. The living image of freedom that can sail the seven seas has an elegant look.

The unique and customized design with intricate detailing enhances the tattoo style. 

Popeye Cartoon Tattoos

Image: @enrico_galli_tattooer

Popeye Cartoon Tattoos 2

Image: @serius.c_inkhlc

63. Monster University Tattoo

Monster University is all about personal failure. It can be one of the interesting Disney films with great new and used options to enhance the design look.

With various designs and styles, the monster university character represents amazingly animated tattoos. 

Monster University Tattoo

Image: @cloudy_tattoo

Monster University Tattoo 2

Image: @adriannavarrotattoo

64. Glaceon Pokemon Tattoo

The pokemon tattoo design has extended to popularity. The mysterious popularity is not the wrong inspiration for a portrait.

The ice-type pokemon is one of the eight evolution forms in the Eevee. The colorful design with a bold outline gives a stylish look to the tattoo style.

Glaceon Pokemon Tattoo

Image: @adamharmontattoo

Glaceon Pokemon Tattoo 2

Image: @_kenlar_

65. Star Wars Tattoo

There are many star war tattoo designs, and getting one to choose from the list, is a task! The most common reason why people get these tattoos is their love and obsession with Star Wars.

The various colors were added to indicate a stylish look to the tattoo design. 

Star Wars Tattoo

Image: @diego.peralta.tattoo

Star Wars Tattoo Disney Tattoo

Image: @nicola.da.lio

66. Dexter Cartoon Tattoo

There are many inspirational cartoon tattoo designs inked, and to get the unique design of dexter is the one character.

As a crazy fan of getting the tattoo inked, you can get one of his famous slogans inked in a small portion giving sustained attention to the influences. Many stunning tattoo ideas make a statement among crazy people. 

Dexter Cartoon Tattoo

Image: @brunooldskull

Dexter Disney Cartoon Tattoo

Image: @tatchtoo

67. His Infernal Majesty Tattoo

The tattoo design represents life’s duality, which is essential and inspiring for individuals. Making an angelic symbol for the tattoo gives the overall style statement an incredible look. 

His Infernal Majesty Tattoo

Image: @_rebeccalou

His Infernal Majesty Disney Tattoo

Image: @shelbytattoos

68. Super Mario Tattoo

Discover the brave and gregarious Italian plumber to show off the character on your skin! The oldest and most famous cartoon character in colorful inking gives a versatile artwork.

The forearm tattoo is love for the character, making it look adorable. 

Super Mario Tattoo

Image: @authentink_studio

Super Mario Tattoo 2

Image: @kyle._tattoos

69. Cool looney Tunes Tattoo

The Yosemite Sam tattoo design on the hand in colorful ink gives a more subtle note to the wearer.

Making art from chaotic, unconventionally permanent ink as there is a unique and genuine character to discover the artistic look. The looney-tune design gives an adorable look to the style.  

Cool looney Tunes Tattoo

Image: @janman_tattoos

Cool looney Tunes Disney Tattoo

Image: @witchyred_ink

70. Lion King Cartoon Tattoo

Paired with one of the favorite lion cartoon characters of the iconic Disney classic option is the best way for kids to party.

The colorful meditating lion on the stone is one of the great ways to enhance the look on the back. Get one of them inked now!

Lion King Cartoon Tattoo

Image: @yilin.zhu

Lion King Disney Cartoon Tattoo

Image: @daniela_moreno_l

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71. Cool Masked Man Tattoo

The gangster cowboy incredible masked man inked on the forearm in black and white inking gives a desperate look.

The vector portrait is a mark of creativity, confidence and cool stuff. The tattoo looks pretty awesome, and wearing a mask is the power to show. 

Cool Masked Man Tattoo

Image: @grimoireink

72. Beavis And Butthead Tattoo

The butt shaped tattoo definitely is an incredible art. The hilarious kind of tattoo art gives weird artistic looks, making it a cool art. The illustration of the tattoo gives a distinguished and stunning appeal. 

Beavis And Butthead Tattoo

Image: @noomx

73. Little Turtles Tattoo

The turtle tattoo is quite impressive and is naturally appealing. With different styles and inspirations along with the respective meaning, the joyful design with styling cute face gives beauty to the tattoo style.

The colorful turtle tattoo with wings looks tremendous, and to personalize the design, and you can add a date. 

Little Turtles Tattoo

Image: @ljubicatattoo

74. Smoking Devil Cartoon Tattoo

The coop classic smoking devil cartoon character helps you find your perfect look.

With unique and customized design ideas, the horrifying and versatile quick click makes deals end up in this afterlife. The bold black ink gives a deliberate look with notice to the offers. 

Smoking Devil Cartoon Tattoo

Image: @jbeantattoos

75. Black And Grey Rugrats Character Tattoo 

The beloved animated tattoo series looks pretty radiant. The black and grey make dominated intimidating tattoo design looks excellent when inked on the body.

The tattoo design makes the style look elegant, with one of my favorite characters. 

Black And Grey Rugrats Character Tattoo 

Image: @danyboy806

76. Cool Japanese Frog Tattoo

The tattoo holds infinite powers of prosperity, luck and lifelong abundance. The Japanese frog is heralded as the god of rainfall during the tsuyu season and ensurer of harvests.

With such a wealth of good fortune in its wake, the Japanese frog tattoo is the perfect totem for men of all walks of life.

Japanese Frog Tattoo

Image: @caitlinhaileytattoos

Cool Japanese Frog Tattoo

Image: @triguer.tattoo

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77. Betty Boop Cartoon Tattoo

The betty boop cartoon character is emerging as one of the most prominent symbols of desire.

The sweet-heart neck shot inked in bold black by creating new images makes the costume looks creative. The arm design gives an alluring look to the tattoo style. 

Betty Boop Cartoon Tattoo

Image: @johnduro_tattoo

Betty Boop Cartoon Tattoo 2

Image: @sharikthefreak

78. Cartoon Fox Tattoo

The positive cartoon fox tattoo represents wisdom, intelligence, cleverness and resilience.

The cartoon characters of foxes are also known for their cunning nature, craftiness and wit. With particular importance, the cute colorful fox design on both arms gives an unbeatable look. 

Cartoon Fox Tattoo

Image: @kaplan.tattooing

Disney Cartoon Fox Tattoo

Image: @blazeinruinstattoo

79. Finding Dory Cartoon Tattoo

The magical Disney character of the fanatic dory gives a cheerful character ideal for inspirational characters.

The clownfish tattoo is one of the features tattoos in blue to enhance the look on the forearm giving a realistic look. 

Finding Dory Cartoon Tattoo

Image: @tatoonya

Disney Dory Cartoon Tattoo

Image: @joelletruaxtattoos 

80. Stoop Kid Tattoo

The Stoop Kid lost his fearsome reputation because he was too attached to his home stoop.

The countless design ideas of emoticon hand that never took anybody’s public look by catching the dog out by the stoop makes the style look incredibly outstanding. 

Stoop Kid Tattoo

Image: @amaliaaveniartist

81. Rick And Morty Cartoon Tattoo

Rick and Morty love to play with philosophy. The underlying meaning of the show is just about the meaning of life, how vast the universe is, and how pathetic we are in comparison.

The fantastic tattoo design does not doubt in my mind love the style. The surprisingly common design on the forearm looks nostalgic and distinctive also. 

Rick And Morty Cartoon Tattoo

Image: @rsamira

82. Mike Wazowski Monsters Cartoon Tattoo

The mike wazowski is a short, lime green spherical monster with one large green eye, two small horns on his head, and thin arms and legs attached to either side of his torso.

The TV mini-series character with ultra-detailed inking makes the style look unique and gorgeous. 

Mike Wazowski Monsters Cartoon Tattoo

Image: @kozo_tattoo

Mike Wazowski Monsters Disney Cartoon Tattoo

Image: @missmaelaroux

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What Are Cartoon Tattoos?

Animated tattoos are just what they sound like or implanted images that move under the skin.

What Tattoo Symbolizes Connection?

Some people prefer a straightforward approach to their design, and a family heart tattoo is just that. The heart is a universal symbol of love and connection, while family represents closeness, loyalty, and an eternal bond.

What Tattoo Symbolizes Bravery?

The lion, a symbol of courage and strength, is an integral part of traditional celebrations.

What Is A Symbol Of Strength?

Known as the “king of the jungle,” the lion symbolizes strength, royalty and authority.

What Symbolizes Strength And Growth?

Tree symbol: this represents growth, nature, stability, and eternal life. Owl symbol: this represents wisdom and intelligence. Dragon symbol: this represents power, wisdom, strength, and mysticism. Butterfly symbol: this represents rebirth, beauty, and transformation.

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