120 Alice in Wonderland Tattoos- Dive into the Rabbit Hole of Inked Dreams

Key Takeaways: 

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  • They are a celebration of imagination, creativity, and the magic of storytelling.
  • Consider your favorite elements from the story and work with a skilled artist to create a unique and meaningful design.
  • Like any tattoo, understanding the significance of your Alice in Wonderland tattoo is crucial before getting one to ensure it aligns with your personal story and values.

In a world where individuality and creativity know no bounds, tattoos have emerged as one of the best forms of self-expression. Among the myriad themes and inspirations that grace the world of body art, “Alice in Wonderland Tattoos” have gained remarkable popularity.

The problem? Finding the perfect tattoo design that encapsulates the whimsy and wonder of Lewis Carroll’s timeless tale can be challenging. But fear not, for in this article, we will take you on a journey down the rabbit hole, showcasing 115 enchanting Alice in Wonderland tattoo ideas.

Our action is to inspire and guide you through this fantastical realm of inked artistry, unveiling designs that pay homage to the classic tale’s characters, quotes, and iconic imagery. So, if you’re seeking a solution to bring your Wonderland dreams to life on your skin, look no further; I’ve got the key to unlock the door to your very own Wonderland-inspired tattoo masterpiece.

The Cheshire Cat in “Alice in Wonderland” represents ambiguity and the fluidity of reality. Its ability to appear and disappear at will mirrors the unpredictable nature of Wonderland and the shifting logic within it. The cat’s eerie grin symbolizes the absurdity and absurd logic Alice encounters throughout her journey, encouraging her to question her surroundings and perceptions. Ultimately, the Cheshire Cat serves as a whimsical reminder that Wonderland operates by its own rules, challenging conventional understanding.

Significance of Alice in Wonderland Tattoos

Alice in Wonderland tattoos hold significant meaning for those who choose to ink this whimsical theme on their skin. These tattoos often symbolize a love for fantasy and imagination, embracing the idea of exploring a world filled with curious characters and unconventional adventures.

They can also represent a desire to break free from the constraints of reality and societal norms, embracing one’s inner child and the idea that it’s okay to be different. Additionally, Alice in Wonderland tattoos can serve as a reminder to stay curious, question the world around us, and never stop seeking the magic in everyday life.

Placement of Alice in Wonderland Tattoos

The placement of Alice in Wonderland tattoos largely depends on personal preference and the size of the design. Many people choose to have smaller Alice in Wonderland-themed tattoos on areas like the wrist, ankle, or behind the ear, allowing for a subtle yet meaningful expression of their love for the story.

Larger and more intricate designs, on the other hand, may be placed on the upper arm, thigh, or back, providing a canvas for more elaborate depictions of Wonderland’s characters and scenes. Ultimately, the choice of placement is a reflection of the wearer’s style and the level of visibility they desire for their tattoo.

Finding the Right Tattoo Artist 

Finding the right tattoo artist for Alice in Wonderland tattoos is essential to bring your Wonderland-inspired ink to life. Look for an artist with experience in creating intricate, detailed designs and a portfolio that showcases their versatility.

Communication is vital; ensure they understand your vision and can adapt it to your unique style. Moreover, consider hygiene, reputation, and their willingness to collaborate throughout the creative process. By carefully selecting the right tattoo artist, you can ensure your Alice in Wonderland tattoo becomes a mesmerizing work of art that captures the magic and wonder of Lewis Carroll’s timeless tale.

Aftercare for Alice in Wonderland Tattoos

Proper aftercare for Alice in Wonderland tattoos is crucial to preserve their vibrancy and ensure quick, complication-free healing. Initially, remember to keep the tattoo covered for a few hours and gently clean it with mild, fragrance-free soap and lukewarm water. Apply a thin layer of tattoo-specific ointment to keep the skin moisturized and aid in healing. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight, swimming pools, and hot tubs during the initial healing period. Keep the tattoo clean and avoid picking at scabs. Lastly, stay hydrated, maintain a healthy lifestyle, and follow the specific aftercare instructions provided by your tattoo artist to enjoy your Wonderland-inspired ink for years to come.

Personal Opinion: 

Alice in Wonderland tattoos are one of the best and timeless choices, allowing individuals to carry a touch of enchantment and curiosity wherever they go. They’re a captivating symbol of embracing one’s inner wonder and celebrating the magic of imagination.

1. All The Little Buddies Are Wonderland’s Alice Tattoo

The tattoo is designed with dark ink. Little Alice is staring at all their little buddies. Different elements are fused in this tattoo. Hence, this Tattoo looks amazing.

Image: @jaybird_tattoos

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2. We’re All Mad Here Wonderland’s Alice Tattoo

“We’re all mad here” as a tattoo can mean different things to different people. The sentence is frequently understood as a comment on the insanity and turmoil that Alice encounters in Wonderland.

Image: @megankinsellatattoo

3. Digging Cool Cat Wonderland’s Alice Tattoo

Simply have your favorite passage or dialogue from the novel or film tatted in black in a distinctive typeface. For a finishing touch, add other symbols, such as digging cat.

Image: @outofstepbooks

Before You Get Started

  • Choose iconic characters from “Alice in Wonderland” that resonate with your connection to the story.
  • Maintain a consistent theme or style to tie together different elements from the whimsical world of Wonderland.
  • Think about where on your body you want the tattoo to ensure it complements your anatomy and desired visibility.
  • Decide on a color scheme that captures the vibrant and fantastical nature of the Wonderland universe.
  • Collaborate with a skilled tattoo artist experienced in fantasy designs to ensure they can bring the magical elements of “Alice in Wonderland” to life with precision and creativity.

4. Mini Wonderland’s Alice Tattoo

The portrait of mini Alice standing in a bottle looks beautiful. This tattoo is designed with blue, yellow, black, and white ink.

Image: @ollytattoos

5. Luna Mash Up Wonderland’s Alice Tattoo

A Luna mashup Wonderland’s Alice tattoo is a unique design that combines elements of two different worlds. This tattoo is designed with watercolors.

Image: @tattoosbyjaclyn

6. Beautiful Tattoo For Shoulder Wonderland’s Alice Tattoo

The Cheshire cat smile tattoo is an excellent way to honor the original Wonderland’s Alice adventure. This character looks great in various genres, from blackwork to watercolor. The Cheshire cat tattoo can also represent guidance, as this character accompanies Alice and supplies her with knowledge throughout her wild and beautiful adventure.

Image: @sconcelise

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7. Cheshire Cat Wonderland’s Alice Tattoo

This Cheshire cat tattoo is an excellent choice for a splash of color. This tattoo features a mischievous cat’s face with an outpouring of purple ink in the backdrop using the watercolor tattooing style.

Image: @mortuarytattooaj

8. Cat With Hat Wonderland’s Alice Tattoo

The renowned Cheshire cat tells Alice, “We’re all mad here,” in one of the most famous Wonderland’s Alice lines. Many people get this quotation with or without the accompanying Cheshire cat.

Image: @hdpiercingstattoos

9. White Rabbit Black Work Wonderland’s Alice Tattoo

In the image below, a rabbit standing in shrubs is featured in this Tattoo. The tattoo design is stunning, and the choice of only one color makes the entire design look cool on the wearer’s back.

Image: @helen_tinc_etherington

10. 3D Wonderland’s Alice Tattoo

A 3D Wonderland’s Alice tattoo is a design that uses shading, depth, and other techniques to create the illusion of three-dimensional space and depth on the skin.

Image: @ignorantstyletattoo

11. Fallen Wonderland’s Alice Tattoo

This one virtually communicates the entire story with all the tattoo pieces. The quality of the tattoo work distinguishes it.

Image: @rozembie_25

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12. Eat Me Cheshire Cat Wonderland’s Alice Tattoo

Various elements are designed in this tattoo, such as mushrooms, a teapot, and a cup. Watercolors used to design this tattoo make it stand out from the crowd.

Image: @greenmess.ink

Alice in Wonderland Tattoos: Whimsy in Ink

  • Characterful Choice: Select characters from “Alice in Wonderland” with personal meaning or reflect your whimsical side.
  • Consistent Theme: Maintain a cohesive theme in your tattoo, ensuring elements from the Wonderland universe harmonize seamlessly.
  • Strategic Placement: Consider where on your body you want the tattoo, considering visibility and personal preference.
  • Vibrant Color Palette: Opt for a lively and vibrant color scheme to capture the fantastical essence of Wonderland.
  • Expert Collaboration: Work closely with a skilled tattoo artist specializing in fantasy designs to bring the magic of “Alice in Wonderland” to life with precision and creativity.

13. Back Neck Smiling Cheshire Cat Wonderland’s Alice Tattoo

Tattoo artists and designers have also created intriguing themes and aspects from the story for usage in Wonderland’s Alice tattoo designs. The tattoo design below appears mystical, with Cheshire cat eyes and glowing and terrifying teeth.

Image: @ben_f_grateful

14. Wonderland’s Alice Tattoo

As it is visible, Alice is tied up with shackles and not looking happy. The artist did magnificent tattoo work and made a realistic Wonderland’s Alice tattoo.

Image: @graveyart.tattoo

15. Stitch In A Wonderland’s Alice Tattoo

A tattoo of Stitch in an Wonderland’s Alice setting could represent a specific memory or experience important to the wearer.

Image: @workhorsecollective

16. Painting Alice From  Wonderland’s Alice Tattoo

A painting of Alice from Wonderland’s Alice can be a stunning and intricate work of art, and a tattoo of the painting can be seen as a tribute to the power of art and creativity.

Image: @lafragile_

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17. Beautiful Wonderland’s Alice Tattoo

The beautiful Alice tattoo on the female’s right shoulder looks very realistic. Moreover, getting this tattoo on your body will make you stand apart from the crowd.

Image: @stefykurone

18. Fine Line Tattoo For Couples Wonderland’s Alice Tattoo

The fine line tattoo of Alice is perfect for couples. Couples often design this tattoo on their bodies to express their love for each other.

Image: @yulright_tattoo

Keep in Mind

  • Personal Connection: Choose significant elements from “Alice in Wonderland” or reflect your connection to the story.
  • Story Consistency: Ensure the selected characters or symbols align with a consistent theme, creating a cohesive and visually appealing tattoo.
  • Size and Placement: Consider your body’s size and strategic placement to ensure the tattoo complements your anatomy and desired visibility.
  • Color Coordination: Opt for a color palette that captures the whimsical and fantastical nature of the Wonderland universe while complementing your overall aesthetic.
  • Detailed Consultation: Collaborate closely with a skilled tattoo artist, discussing your vision and preferences to ensure they can bring the magical elements of “Alice in Wonderland” to life with precision and creativity.

19. Mad Hatter From Wonderland’s Alice Tattoo

Whether you’re looking for a Johnny Depp Mad Hatter picture tattoo or a classic rendition of the renowned Disney figure, the Mad Hatter tattoo is a great way to honor the timeless tale.

Image: @emgormleytattoo

20. Watercolour Drink Me Wonderland’s Alice Tattoo

The “Drink Me” potion is a central element in Wonderland’s Alice, and a tattoo of this phrase can be a way to express a love of the story and its characters.

Image: @laura.caselles

21. Small Wonderland’s Alice Tattoo

The illustration below depicts Alice as a character grasping for something fictitious. The tattoo design is intriguing with the overflowing hair and the colors employed, making Wonderland’s Alice’s tattoo appealing.

Image: @whatever_tattooooo

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22. Tiger Lily From Wonderland’s Alice Tattoo

If you want a more detailed and realistic tattoo, you might have a tattoo artist create a design that looks like a photograph of a tiger lily.

Image: @southbaytattoo

23. Black Work Drink Me From Wonderland’s Alice Tattoo

The artist designed a cartoon-type Wonderland’s Alice tattoo in the image above. This tattoo is only designed using black. This design is perfect for those who do not want colorful tattoos.

Image: @juthoink

24. Anatomy Drawn Wonderland’s Alice Tattoo

If you want a simple skeleton tattoo, this design best suits you. The tattoo is designed with dark black ink.

Image: @punchlines.tattoo

Pro Tip

Infuse personal elements into the design, combining characters or quotes that hold significance to you. Consider a cohesive theme for a unified look, or embrace eclectic charm by incorporating various Wonderland elements. Consult an artist skilled in whimsical details for a captivating and unique tattoo.

25. Little Wonderland’s Alice Tattoo

The combination of Alice and a flower pot represents the tattoo’s meaning. Little Alice is staring at the flower pot. The tattoo is only designed with black ink.

Image: @moonlagoonx

26. It’s Only A Dream Wonderland’s Alice Tattoo

Suppose you are looking for a small Wonderland’s Alice tattoo design, the tattoo in the image below suits you.

Image: @pastelpumpkintattoo

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27. Forearm Cover Wonderland’s Alice Tattoo

The Wonderland’s Alice tattoo design below is stunning since so many characters are blended to create such a complex image of Wonderland’s Alice. The location of the tattoo enhances its appeal and beauty.

Image: @mischa.modra.tattoo

28. Cheshire Cat Quotes Wonderland’s Alice Tattoo

The Wonderland’s Alice tattoo design below is incredibly appealing, with attractive characteristics such as hearts, cats, and hats. The printed quotes add to the tattoo’s inventiveness and style, harmonizing nicely with the chosen location and colors.

Image: @naomivargatattoo

29. Cute Girl Wonderland’s Alice Tattoo

On the thigh of the person, the artist designed a cute girl Wonderland’s Alice tattoo. Alice is visible in this tattoo, staring at the flowers and folding her hands backward.

Image: @beserk

30. Gorgeous Wonderland’s Alice Tattoo

This one is adorable, fascinating, and vibrant. It shows Alice as a young girl peeking about. Her expression when she peeks is lovely, displaying interest as she stares blankly, which appears strange.

Image: @naiapopaps

31. Full Hand Piece Wonderland’s Alice Tattoo

Highly detailed Wonderland’s Alice’s Alice designed with different characters. The whole arm of the individual is covered with Wonderland’s Alice tattoo. This tattoo represents both childhood and, strangely, the loss of childhood.

Image: @bdbernhardt

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32. Fun Twist Wonderland’s Alice Tattoo

The Wonderland’s Alice tattoo design below features Alice having a tea party. Its many components merge fairly well, making the overall design look fascinating.

Image: @mousetattoos

33. White Rabbit Face With Clock Wonderland’s Alice Tattoo

The tattoo of White Rabbit’s face on the right shoulder of the female is designed with Black and pink watercolors. Incorporating the watch and the strong lines gives the design a varied and appealing appearance.

Image: @atelierkatzengold

34. Epic Caterpillar Wonderland’s Alice Tattoo

The epic caterpillar in the tattoo design below is frightening and surrounded by intricate details that reflect Wonderland.

Image: @elefanteconmolotov

35. Baby Wonderland’s Alice Tattoo

In the image below, the baby Wonderland’s Alice tattoo looks adorable. The tattoo consists of features like the cat, a hat, a watch, and a mushroom, thus making the entire Wonderland’s Alice tattoo look spectacular.

Image: @geisytattoo

36. Jonny Depp With Wonderland’s Alice Tattoo

This tattoo design creates a very realistic look and can catch everyone’s attention. Both males and females can get this design on their bodies.

Image: @andyarchertattooist

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37. Blue With Pink Cat Wonderland’s Alice Tattoo

The tattoo design on the left thigh of the female is designed with watercolors. This design is perfect for those who want their Wonderland’s Alice tattoo to be noticed by everyone.

Image: @ratmommy_ink

38. Hand Poked Cheshire Cat Wonderland’s Alice Tattoo

A hand-poked Cheshire Cat Wonderland’s Alice tattoo could symbolize the wearer’s desire for freedom, independence, and a fun and naughty personality.

Image: @uli.pokinpirate

39. Red With Black Rabbit Face Wonderland’s Alice Tattoo

A rabbit with a red and black face, the Wonderland’s Alice tattoo can be interpreted in various ways. Still, it often depicts a spirit of adventure, passion, and discovery.

Image: @vokuntattoo

40. March Hare Wonderland’s Alice Tattoo

If a person has a March Hare tattoo, it symbolizes that they can do insane things in quest of a thrill and end up hurting themselves or others.

Image: @skinscenetattoo

41. Inspired Teacup Wonderland’s Alice Tattoo

Both men and women can wear it, and it is a form of Tattoo for serious tattoo enthusiasts.

Image: @adrian.luthius.tattoo

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42. Mad Hatter’s Hat Wonderland’s Alice Tattoo

The tattoo is black and white. Instead, the pencil lines in it add texture and movement. This tattoo style is best suited for tiny to medium-sized tattoos. Also, this tattoo can be drawn on both men and women.

Image: @evo.tattoos

43. Compass With Cheshire Cat Wonderland’s Alice Tattoo

A compass with a Cheshire Cat Wonderland’s Alice tattoo can be interpreted in various ways, but it often denotes an adventurous spirit, self-discovery, and keeping true to oneself.

Image: @tanotattoo

44. Bouquet Flowers of Wonderland’s Alice Tattoo

The tattoo artist added facial expressions to the flowers. This Tattoo designs best suits the forearm. Flower’s tattoos represent the love between the two people.

Image: @thebighope

45. Colourful Caterpillar Wonderland’s Alice Tattoo

If a Wonderland’s Alice caterpillar tattoo appeals to you, know this theme works well in various styles and representations.

Image: @shiratwig

46. Drink Me Bottle Wonderland’s Alice Tattoo

The tattoo might reflect the wearer’s desire for development and progress and a willingness to welcome new experiences and viewpoints.

Image: @ahoiahoi_tattoos

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47. Little Mouse In A Teapot Wonderland’s Alice Tattoo

The tattoo can reflect the wearer’s capacity to adapt to difficult conditions and discover creative solutions to challenges.

Image: @bq.tattoo

48. All The Small Things From Wonderland’s Alice Tattoo

In the image above, the tattoo features various elements like a teapot, ‎a White Rabbit’s watch, and Mad Hatter hat. Yet, it is a simple design but can catch everyone’s attention.

Image: @panic.room_tattoo.studio

49. Cheshire Cat Tea Party Wonderland’s Alice Tattoo

This one is most visible when the entire back is exposed, which may appear too much skin for some. Just look at all the facts and how they’ve been presented. It looks great

Image: @rattattoofreiburgtattoo

50. Dot Work Rabbit With Clock Wonderland’s Alice Tattoo

The clock held by the White Rabbit is one of the most recognizable motifs from Wonderland’s Alice. A Dot work tattoo is made up of numerous little dot tattoos.

Image: @_kitattoo_

51. Blue Cheshire Cat Wonderland’s Alice Tattoo

On the woman’s left shoulder, the artist designed a realistic blue Cheshire cat tattoo. People often get Wonderland’s Alice tattoos to express their love for the show.

Image: @amanda_grace15

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52. Cool Alice And Cat Wonderland’s Alice Tattoo

Suppose you are looking for Wonderland’s Alice tattoo with no color. Then you are going to love this tattoo design with black ink. This tattoo is vibrant and surely be noticed by the crowd.

Image: @raginggodstattoo

53. The Shy Little Violets Wonderland’s Alice Tattoo

One interpretation of the shy little violets as a tattoo design is that they signify humility, shyness, or a wish to avoid conflict.

Image: @samanthagenevera

54. A Little Mad Thrilled Wonderland’s Alice Tattoo

A Little Mad Thrilled Wonderland’s Alice tattoo looks fabulous on the arm of the individual. The cat continues to stare without blinking its eyes. However, this design is perfect for those who want their Wonderland’s Alice tattoo to be noticeable.

Image: @crabbytattoos

55. Cheshire Cat And Tiger Lily With Wonderland’s Alice Tattoo

It is clearly described in the tattoo that Cheshire Cat and Tiger Lily are conversing. Various colors are used to design this tattoo.

Image: @markeetattoos36

56. Crazy Hat Wonderland’s Alice Tattoo

A Crazy Hat tattoo could indicate a love of the unusual, a desire to accept one’s peculiarities, or an openness to seeing the world in new ways.

Image: @anddreab.dot

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57. Illustration Wonderland’s Alice Tattoo

The Wonderland’s Alice tattoo design below is quite cool and simple, with Alice portrayed staring in awe and wonder at the bird. The tattoo pattern fits wonderfully in the leg where it is worn, adding some attractiveness.

Image: @stephalicetattoo

58. Cute Tim Burton Wonderland’s Alice Tattoo

This tattoo is very realistic because it is designed with excellent details. You can also design this tattoo on your forearm to bring attention to yourself and differentiate yourself from others.

Image: @lcf.tattoos

59. Chest Hatter Wonderland’s Alice Tattoo

A Mad Hatter tattoo indicates that the wearer lives as a different person daily and has no genuine sense of identity.

Image: @clawww_tattoo

60. Sushi Girl Wonderland’s Alice Tattoo

A “Sushi Girl” tattoo could symbolize a love of Japanese culture. An admiration for the skill of sushi-making or a wish to embrace the grace and accuracy associated with this delicacy.

Image: @mama.stiflera

61. Cat In The Mad Hatter’s Hat Wonderland’s Alice Tattoo

The Cheshire Cat is frequently shown wearing the Mad Hatter’s hat, ornamented with many bizarre artifacts.

Image: @illinoistattooco

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62. Funny Caterpillar With Cat Wonderland’s Alice Tattoo

The multiple elements of this tattoo help it stand out from the crowd and appear exquisite. This tattoo incorporates several design elements, including a watch, a cat, a caterpillar, etc.

Image: @_n.tattoo

63. Black And Grey Work Wonderland’s Alice Tattoo

The tattoo design on the forearm has a very realistic look. If you prefer to wear a half-sleeved shirt, you can get this design on your forearm.

Image: @shaneholtink

64. A Very Sad Wonderland’s Alice Tattoo

It could remember a difficult time in the wearer’s life. Moreover, it could reflect a wish to acknowledge and honor human emotions, including sadness.

Image: @luckydemxn

65. Mandala flowers Wonderland’s Alice Tattoo

The significance of any tattoo is determined by the person who gets it and their personal experiences and beliefs.

Image: @karencaintattoos

66. Smoky Caterpillar Wonderland’s Alice Tattoo

The Smoky Caterpillar Wonderland’s Alice tattoo has a very realistic appearance. Colors and elements were used to create this design. This tattoo is ideal for people who want their Wonderland’s Alice tattoo to stand out in a crowd.

Image: @mama.stiflera

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67. Rose With Butterfly Wonderland’s Alice Tattoo

The rose is a symbol of beauty, love, and passion. On the other hand, the butterfly is often associated with transformation, change, and rebirth.

Image: @hellabrittany

68. Amazing Colourful Wonderland’s Alice Tattoo

The story of Wonderland’s Alice is full of whimsy, imagination, and weirdness. A bright tattoo inspired by the story might symbolize a celebration of these characteristics.

Image: @roy_xtar

69. Small Tea Cups And Little Mouse Wonderland’s Alice Tattoo

The Wonderland’s Alice tattoo will look great no matter where it is tattooed on your body.

Image: @cammsolo

70. Traditional Wonderland’s Alice Tattoo

The tattoo could remind us always to be curious, embrace imagination, and look for magic in the world around us.

Image: @bbtattoodallas

71. King Of Hearts With Tea Pot Wonderland’s Alice Tattoo

The tattoo could represent a desire to balance these opposing elements in one’s life, finding strength in vulnerability and joy in unexpected places.

Image: @heartbreak_tattoo_johan

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72. Flamingo In To The Tea Cup Wonderland’s Alice Tattoo

Everyone cherishes a tattoo that has personal meaning for them. Tattoos, after all, are works of art that speak to us and our feelings and are shown on our bodies.

Image: @tattoocuriosities

Fun Fact

Lewis Carroll’s “Alice in Wonderland” has inspired whimsical tattoos with characters like the Cheshire Cat and the Mad Hatter. These tattoos capture the story’s eccentric charm, providing wearers with a fantastical escape into the imaginative and surreal world created by Carroll.

73. The Knave Of Hearts Wonderland’s Alice Tattoo

The Knave of Hearts Wonderland’s Alice tattoo has a realistic appearance on the individual’s body. The tattoo incorporates a variety of elements. As a result, each Tattoo has a unique meaning.

Image: @josie_pi

74. Red Queen Wonderland’s Alice Tattoo

The Red Queen is noted in the novel for her arrogant and overbearing nature and her obsession with power and control.

Image: @modelcitizentattoo

75. Absolem The Caterpillar Wonderland’s Alice Tattoo

A tattoo of Absolem may represent a yearning for wisdom and direction and a fascination with the mysteries of life and consciousness.

Image: @erictyler_ink

76. Watercolour Theme Sleeve Wonderland’s Alice Tattoo

If you want more watercolor tattoo ideas, see the image below. This tattoo was created using several watercolor inks. The tattoo’s unique elements set you distinct from the crowd.

Image: @voodooinkandpiercing

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77. Out Line Of Jabberwocky Wonderland’s Alice Tattoo

A Jabberwocky Wonderland’s Alice tattoo can be a creative and exciting way to honor this great literary masterpiece.

Image: @grannysmithastrid

78. Mini Trace Work Hat Wonderland’s Alice Tattoo

Wonderland’s Alice is a story that many people associate with their youth and cherish. Having a tiny trace work hat Wonderland’s Alice tattoo could be a great way to remember those times.

Image: @lukietattoos

79. Painting Roses Wonderland’s Alice Tattoo

When Alice observes three gardeners splattering crimson paint on white roses, they argue that the Queen ordered red roses, but they planted a white rose bush instead. Painting the flowers red has come to represent white lies or the concealment of painful reality

Image: @mireiamateostattoo

80. Mini Heart Queen For Wonderland’s Alice Tattoo

We all know that the Heart Queen in the narrative is a jerk, but she teaches us many lessons, one of which is to believe in the unbelievable.

Image: @sarabananatattoo

81. Black And Grey Trace Work Wonderland’s Alice Tattoo

The meaning of trace work in black and grey Wonderland’s Alice tattoo might vary based on the person who gets it.

Image: @jhkerwintattoo

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82. Eye’s On The Tea Cup Wonderland’s Alice Tattoo

Contemplate a simple Wonderland’s Alice tattoo. The tattoo below is ideal for individuals who do not want their Wonderland’s Alice tattoo too large.

Image: @witchy_jess

83. Rabbit On The Chess Board Wonderland’s Alice Tattoo

The chess board represents strategy, intelligence, and decision-making. Getting a rabbit tattoo on a chess board can be an excellent method to express one’s strategic thinking and demonstrate one’s ability to make sound decisions.

Image: @liquortattoo.studio

84. Alice Of The Great Benjamin Lacombe Wonderland’s Alice Tattoo

The reason behind getting Wonderland’s Alice tattoo is to express their love of literature or as a tribute to Lewis Carroll.

Image: @bang.and.tattoo

85. Green Shade Wonderland’s Alice Tattoo

The Green Shade Wonderland’s Alice tattoo produces a highly Realistic look. The tattoo is made by fusing a Cheshire cat face and a caterpillar. This tattoo is designed with neon green ink.

Image: @mr_dexter_ph

86. Angry Queen Of The Hearts Wonderland’s Alice Tattoo

An angry Heart Queen tattoo could symbolize accepting and embracing one’s wrath and its power.

Image: @heidijaerviart

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87. Bunny With Wonderland’s Alice Tattoo

The tattoo is made with a combination of Alice and a bunny face. Tattoos that are made near the ankle can catch everyone’s attention.

Image: @tattoostudioeleven_11

88. Key Wonderland’s Alice Tattoo

Alice enters Wonderland after unlocking a door with a key. A key tattoo could indicate a desire to open the door to new opportunities in one’s life.

Image: @daiikai

89. White Rabbit With Compass Wonderland’s Alice Tattoo

A White Rabbit with a compass tattoo may represent a desire to seek individuality and new life routes.

Image: @zigermeister

90. Cheshire Cat Vintage Look Wonderland’s Alice Tattoo

A Cheshire cat vintage look tattoo could represent the power of imagination and the importance of embracing creativity.

Image: @clairejames_tattoo

91. Elegant Wonderland’s Alice Tattoo

It is important to see both sides of Alice. Some people get Alice’s tattoo the same as in the novel, But some prefer Alice’s tattoo in a unique style. In this image, we can see an elegant Alice tattoo.

Image: @night_owl_tattoo

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92. Animated Wonderland’s Alice Tattoo

The tattoo’s animated design can enhance the fanciful components of the story and emphasize the value of imagination. It can symbolize a desire to stand out and be unique in a crowd.

Image: @barbara.tattoo.art

93. Realistic White Rabbit Wonderland’s Alice Tattoo

The enormous features of this tattoo make it eye-catching. Several colors are used to design this realistic tattoo.

Image: @kaser_ink

94. Calm Wonderland’s Alice Tattoo

A Calm Wonderland’s Alice tattoo could represent the wearer’s openness to new experiences and exploration of the unknown.

Image: @to.tattoo.hk

95. Heart Shape Eat Me Wonderland’s Alice Tattoo

The design’s heart shape might represent the wearer’s feelings and desires. Getting an Eat Me tattoo in this shape might remind you to follow your heart and do what brings you joy.

Image: @chey.inkz

96. Fun And Trippy Wonderland’s Alice Tattoo

Fine lines are used to create a fun and trippy Wonderland’s Alice tattoo. This tattoo is engraved on the individual’s right shoulder. The significance of getting this tattoo is to remember childhood experiences.

Image: @soulstonetattooshop

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97. Crown With Lady Face Wonderland’s Alice Tattoo

The design’s lady’s face can signify femininity, while the crown can represent beauty and grace. This tattoo can communicate the wearer’s admiration for women’s beauty and grace.

Image: @death.wish.tattoo

98. Sketchy Wonderland’s Alice Tattoo

A sketchy Wonderland’s Alice tattoo can symbolize the wearer’s desire to embrace individuality while rejecting societal norms.

Image: @sana.tattoos

99. Back Arm Mini Wonderland’s Alice Tattoo

Alice feels older and introspective here, with an air of mystery and a little darkness casting a faceless shadow before her. It lays exactly on the outer arm where light is received, making the shadow thrown in the opposite direction quite impactful.

Image: @jady.tess

100. As Lost As Wonderland’s Alice Tattoo

The as lost as Wonderland’s Alice tattoo on the individual represents the wearer is lost somewhere in real life as Alice was lost in Wonderland.

Image: @3_diamondstattoocompany

101. Inspired Mandala Wonderland’s Alice Tattoo

Mandalas are frequently utilized as symbols of harmony and balance. A mandala-style Wonderland’s Alice Tattoo can signify the wearer’s wish to reconcile the story’s chaotic and whimsical components with a sense of order and harmony.

Image: @___artbystaceychuu

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102. Scary Cheshire Cat Eye’s Wonderland’s Alice Tattoo

The tattoo artist designed a realistic Scary Cheshire Cat Eye’s Wonderland’s Alice tattoo. The neon color used in the Cheshire cat eye has put grace in this tattoo. Hence, the place where the tattoo is worn is the best.

Image: @redemptiontattoostudios

103. Blowing Cards Rabbit Wonderland’s Alice Tattoo

A blowing cards rabbit Wonderland’s Alice tattoo can represent time passing and the value of living in the present moment.

Image: @pixi.tattoos

104. Mad Hatter Hat With Clock Wonderland’s Alice Tattoo

Those looking for a simple Wonderland’s Alice tattoo can choose this design. It is just a normal tattoo that describes the elements of Wonderland’s Alice tattoo, like the Mad Hatter hat and the watch.

Image: @vidoriatattoo

105. The Dandelion And Tiger Lilly Wonderland’s Alice Tattoo

Getting this tattoo means representing the wearer’s hope for a bright and optimistic future.

Image: @erika.tattoo.art

106. Small Tools For Behind The Ear Wonderland’s Alice Tattoo

Huge or ornate tattoos put off many individuals. According to these people, tattoos are intrusive and take up a lot of space. As a result, they choose tattoo patterns that are similarly detailed.

Image: @this_is_tonianne

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107. Rabbit In To The Timer Wonderland’s Alice Tattoo

This tattoo depicts the bunny becoming caught on the timer. The tattoo appears to be colorful because of the use of several colors. But getting an Wonderland’s Alice tattoo on the outside of the leg is a terrific idea.

Image: @jayeshepherdtattoo

108. Tweedledum And Tweedledee Wonderland’s Alice Tattoo

Tweedledum And Tweedledee are sometimes shown as best pals. This tattoo is frequently used to symbolize the value of friendship and connection.

Image: @deserted_art

109. Curious Ostrich Wonderland’s Alice Tattoo

When threatened, ostriches are frequently represented as burying their heads in the sand. This tattoo might remind one to face one’s worries rather than hide from them.

Image: @clodin_93

110. Colourful Cartoon Theme Wonderland’s Alice Tattoo

All of the prominent characters from Wonderland’s Alice are depicted in the image below in this tattoo. You can display your love for this novel by getting this tattoo.

Image: @melissaconleyartist

111. Heart Queen Wonderland’s Alice Tattoo

In the image above, the artist used black ink to create a gorgeous tattoo of a highly detailed heart queen. The individual’s entire palm is decorated with Wonderland’s Alice tattoos, which appear clear and arranged.

Image: @mikehanfordcustomtattoos

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112. Dark Dancing Wonderland’s Alice Tattoo

The Dark Dancing Wonderland’s Alice tattoo symbolizes the wearer’s admiration for the darker side of the story, as well as their fascination with dark and bizarre topics.

Image: @jimiscottart

113. Black Mushroom With Absolem Wonderland’s Alice Tattoo

Getting a tattoo of a black Mushroom with Absolem Wonderland’s Alice can reflect the wearer’s desire to go outside the box and question conventional views.

Image: @lesmorganismes

114. Floral Tattoo With Message Wonderland’s Alice Tattoo

The floral components of the tattoo can signify nature’s beauty and complexity, while the message can represent the wearer’s appreciation for the natural world.

Image: @tattoos_by_sara

115. samurai Wonderland’s Alice Tattoo

A fusion of multiple cultures and genres can be seen in the combination of Wonderland’s Alice and samurai culture.

Image: @beaststreetofficial

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116. Colorful Wonderland Sleeve Tattoo 

A colorful Wonderland sleeve tattoo is one of the best vibrant journeys through Lewis Carroll’s whimsical world, brimming with iconic characters and surreal landscapes.

Image: @jackrebeltattoo

117. Gender-Swapped Mad Hatter Tattoo

A gender-swapped Mad Hatter tattoo is one of the best twists on a classic character, showcasing creativity and breaking traditional boundaries in body art.

Image: @lilianraya

118. Alice Tattoo with Blue Dress

An Alice tattoo with a blue dress captures the iconic imagery of the beloved character and her whimsical adventures in Wonderland, with a focus on her distinctive attire.

Image: @przemo_tattoo

119. Adorable  Cheshire Cat Tattoo on Shoulder

An adorable Cheshire Cat tattoo on the shoulder adds a touch of enigmatic charm, playfulness, and intrigue to your inked collection.

Image: @ms.sandracarlos

120. Beautiful Alice Tattoo with Rabbit

A beautiful Alice tattoo with a rabbit pays homage to the captivating bond between Alice and the White Rabbit, encapsulating the essence of adventure and curiosity.

Image: @doonas

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