Vivienne Saoki



Specialist in-house body piercer

Vivienne Saoki

Meet Vivienne, our dedicated body piercing expert at Psycotat, showcasing her as an Expert with an impressive six years of experience. She has successfully pierced various body parts, solidifying her position as an Authority and a Specialist in her craft.


Vivienne is renowned for delivering top-notch service with consistently outstanding results, establishing her as a Master and a Professional in the field. She ensures the delivery of her services to reach customer satisfaction, catering to their specific piercing needs and preferences, showcasing her commitment to customer care.

At Psyco Tats, we offer a diverse collection of piercing jewelry, including silver, gold, and titanium, further showcasing Vivienne's expertise and the range of services available. For more information on our comprehensive body piercing services and jewelry, please get in touch with Vivienne. You can also explore her portfolio on Instagram: @ViviSa0ki, where her skill and dedication to the art of body piercing are beautifully displayed.