Peter Beaker



Professional and licensed tattoo artist

Peter Beaker

Peter's journey in the art world began during his college years when he immersed himself in the art world, showcasing his early dedication to creative expression. His perseverance and passion for creativity led him to venture into tattoo artistry, solidifying his position as an Experienced, Qualified, professional and licensed tattoo artist in the field. His affinity for intricate designs and challenging projects continues to fuel his artistic fire, establishing him as an Expert and a Specialist in tattooing.

When Peter is not immersed in his craft, he finds joy in spending quality time with his loving wife and children, showcasing his commitment to his family alongside his artistic pursuits. His love for adventures and his appreciation for the beauty of nature further emphasize his well-rounded personality and creative inspiration.

To book a session with Peter and invest in an intricate and distinctive artwork, reach out to him now. Check out his artistic portfolio on Instagram: @PeterBeaker93, and follow him to stay updated on his latest artistic endeavors.


Peter's specialization is crafting awe-inspiring "sleeve" tattoos, where he skillfully merges larger designs with minuscule ones, demonstrating his mastery and artistic finesse. His collaboration with Daniel has created remarkable sleeves adorned with bold, captivating designs, further solidifying his position as a Master and an Authority in the tattoo community.