Megan Ivy



Licensed tattoo artist

Megan Ivy

Megan's artistic journey in the tattoo world spans four vibrant years, during which she traversed the United States, showcasing her experience as an Experienced and Qualified artist. Her love for arts and creativity led her to share her creative flair at conventions and tattoo exhibitions, establishing her as an Authority and a Specialist in the tattoo community. The idea of being appreciated and crossing regional boundaries ignited her excitement and inspired her to even more creative pursuits.


In 2021, The licensed tattoo artist, Megan chose Psycotats as her artistic home, where she quickly earned a reputation as a beloved and sought-after artist, solidifying her position as an Expert. She enjoys bringing characters and cartoons to life with charming and delightful images that add a touch of whimsy to the body art world, showcasing her as a Master in her craft.

Megan views tattoos as storytelling canvases to celebrate individuality, emphasizing her dedication to creating meaningful, personalized body art. You can explore her captivating portfolio and the personal narratives of how she has helped her clients on her Instagram profile: @MeganElizabethIvy, establishing her as a respected and revered figure in tattoo artistry.