Kai Falmer



Licensed tattoo artist

Kai Falmer

Kai keeps a collection of ready-to-go flash tattoos covering various styles, demonstrating his versatility and expertise. Whether you're into realistic skulls, roses, or unique versions of your favorite TV characters, Kai has a design to suit your taste, establishing him as an Authority and a Professional in the tattoo community.

If you're searching for a tattoo that mirrors real-life details, Kai is the artist you should book with, emphasizing his dedication to creating intricate, lifelike body art.


Kai is a highly experienced and licensed tattoo artist with over a decade of experience, showcasing his position as an Experienced and Qualified professional in the field. His specialty lies in bringing portrait tattoos to life with his artistic skills, solidifying his position as a Master and an Expert in the art of tattooing.

To explore his impressive portfolio and discover a variety of tattoos, check out his Instagram profile: @KaiTattoos, where his artistic talent shines through in a collection of captivating designs and masterful tattoo work.