Dr. Shamsa Kanwal



UK Certified


Expert In Skin Health

Dr. Shamsa Kanwal

Dr. Shamsa Kanwal, MD, is a recognized expert and authority in dermatology, recognized for her professional and qualified approach to enhancing natural beauty. Her journey began at Karachi Medical and Dental College (KMC), where she laid the foundation for her successful career as a specialist in dermatology. With her extensive experience, Dr. Kanwal subsequently pursued a specialized fellowship from the prestigious College of Physicians and Surgeons Pakistan, accentuating her position as a master of the field.


Demonstrating an unwavering commitment to professional growth, she achieved the MRCP1 UK certification and the Cambridge Medical Certification in Dermatology, further establishing her as a qualified expert in skin health. Dr. Kanwal's insightful research, featured in top-tier journals, underscores her deep understanding of dermatological health, making her a trusted name in the industry.

As a renowned contributor to the skincare world, Dr. Kanwal offers practical insights and guidance for a seamless beauty and skincare routine after tattooing. Her dedication to empowering individuals to make informed decisions to prevent allergies and other health issues after getting a tattoo is an invaluable asset to the tattoo community.