Daniel O’Hara



licensed tattoo artist

Daniel O'Hara

Daniel's fascination with tattoo artistry was kindled during his school days when he used to doodle on his schoolwork, showcasing his innate artistic abilities. With a remarkable decade-long experience in the tattoo industry, he has evolved into a seasoned and Experienced professional in the field. His specialization is creating intricate and expansive tattoo designs, demonstrating his skills as a Master and an Expert in tattooing.

Being a licensed tattoo artist, Daniel dedicates most of his work to Psycotats, his passion for tattooing extends beyond a single studio, as he frequently participates in local tattoo expos and collaborates with various reputable tattoo establishments across the vibrant landscape of Florida, solidifying his position as an Authority in the tattoo community.


Beyond the tattoo machine and ink, Daniel finds solace in the company of his three beloved Pitbull companions – Moose, Goose, and Dandelion, whose presence brings warmth and joy to his moments of respite, showcasing his compassionate nature and artistic talent.

For a visual journey and an impressive body of work, visitors can explore his Instagram profile, @DanielDraws, where his artistic talents come to life through the captivating medium of tattoos, emphasizing his position as a respected and revered figure in tattoo artistry.