Amelie Soucy



Licensed tattoo artist

Amelie Soucy

Amelie Soucy is a licensed tattoo artist who continually pushes artistic boundaries in her work, showcasing her as an Expert and a Specialist in the field. Amelie's tattoos are an enchanting blend of art, culture, and personal narratives, solidifying her position as an Authority in tattoo artistry. Her artistic talent lies in seamlessly merging traditional and contemporary styles, emphasizing her unique and versatile approach to tattooing.


Amelie's tattoos represent a harmonious blend of contemporary and traditional styles, showcasing her mastery in creating captivating and visually striking body art. She loves incorporating intricate details and vibrant hues into her designs, showcasing her dedication to creating personalized and expressive tattoos. Amelie firmly believes in the transformative power of body art. She ensures that each piece becomes a profound work of self-expression, establishing her as a respected and revered figure in the tattoo community.

Contact Amelie now and embark on your creative journey toward a stunning, personalized tattoo that reflects your unique story and vision. Explore her stunning artwork and ongoing projects on her Instagram profile, @artscab, and witness her dedication to turning your tattoo dreams into vibrant, living art.