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About Psycotats

Welcome to Psycotats, a body piercing and tattoo shop down in Brandon, Florida. If you’re thinking of heading down to see us for some body modification, then let us first introduce you to what we’re about.

We’re Daniel and Peter, best friends turned tattoo artists. We met in kindergarten and began our tattoo journey together when we left school 10 years ago. It was six years ago when we opened Psycotats in 2017, and we’ve been growing our team and honing our skills ever since.

Let’s meet the team!

Daniel O’Hara

Daniel’s fascination with tattoo artistry was kindled during his school days when he used to doodle on his schoolwork. With a remarkable experience of a decade in the tattoo industry, he has evolved into a seasoned professional. His specialization is creating intricate and expansive tattoo designs, adorning limbs with captivating imagery.

While Daniel loves to spend his work at Psycotats, his passion is not confined to a single studio. He frequently visits local tattoo expos and collaborates with various reputable tattoo establishments across the vibrant landscape of Florida.

Beyond the tattoo machine and ink, Daniel finds solace in the company of his three beloved Pitbull companions – Moose, Goose, and Dandelion, whose presence brings warmth and joy to his moments of respite.

For a visual journey and impressive body of work, visit his Instagram profile: @DanielDraws, where his artistic talents come to life through the captivating medium of tattoos.

Peter Beaker

Peter’s journey in the art world started during his college years when he dived into the world of art. His never giving up attitude and his passion for creativity set him to try his hands as a tattoo artist. His love for intricate designs and challenging projects fuels his artistic fire. 

Peter specializes in crafting awe-inspiring “sleeve” tattoos, where he loves to merge larger designs with minuscule ones. His collaboration with Daniel has invented some remarkable sleeves adorned with bold, captivating designs.

When Peter is not working, he loves spending time with his loving wife and children. He loves adventures and finds solace in the beauty of nature.

Book a session with Peter now if you’re ready to invest hours in the tattoo chair for a complex and distinctive piece of artwork.

Check out his artistic artwork on Instagram: @PeterBeaker93. Be sure to follow him.

Meet The Wider Team!

Here at Psycotat, we have three full-time team members alongside Daniel and Peter.

Megan Ivy

Megan’s artistic journey in the tattoo world spans four vibrant years, in which she strolled across the United States Her love for arts and passion made her share her creative flair at conventions and tattoo exhibitions. The idea of being appreciated and crossing regional boundaries made her excited and inspired her for a lot.

In 2021, Megan chose the Psycotats as her artistic home. In no time she earned a reputation as a beloved and sought-after artist. She loves to bring characters and cartoons to life with charming and delightful images that add a touch of whimsy to the world of body art.

Megan views tattoos as storytelling canvases to celebrate individuality. You may check out her captivating portfolio and the personal narratives of how she helped her clients on her Instagram profile: @MeganElizabethIvy.

Kai Falmer

Kai is a highly experienced tattoo artist with over a decade of experience under his belt. His specialty is bringing portrait tattoos to life with his artistic skills.

Kai keeps a collection of ready-to-go flash tattoos, covering a wide range of styles. Whether you’re into realistic, skulls, roses, or unique versions of your favorite TV characters, Kai has a design to suit your taste.

If you’re searching for a tattoo that mirrors real-life details, Kai is the artist you should definitely book with.

To explore his impressive portfolio and discover a variety of tattoos, check out his Instagram profile: @KaiTattoos.

Vivienne Saoki

Meet Vivienne, our dedicated body piercing expert at Psycotat. With an impressive six years of experience, she has successfully pierced a wide variety of body parts, showcasing exceptional skill in her craft.

Vivienne is renowned for delivering top-notch service with consistently outstanding results. She ensures to deliver her services to reach customer satisfaction catering to their specific piercing needs.

At Psycho Tats, we offer a diverse collection of piercings jewellery, including silver, gold, and titanium. For more information on our comprehensive body piercing services and jewelry, please reach out to Vivienne. You can also explore her portfolio on Instagram: @ViviSa0ki.

Arlin Ffrench

Arlin Ffrench is different from your typical tattoo artist. He’s a storyteller with ink, turning your skin into a canvas where dreams come to life. Nature, myths, and imagination find salvage in his work, creating tattoos that tell a story of your unique self.

Choosing Arlin Ffrench for your tattoo is like going on an exciting journey. Your skin becomes a special place where his unique art happens. Each tattoo isn’t just a picture; it’s a part of your own story.

When you pick Arlin Ffrench, it’s not just getting a tattoo – it’s an adventure in art. Your skin becomes a canvas for his incredible talent. By working with him, you make a masterpiece that tells your story and shows off his extraordinary skills. Instagram profile: @boychildffrench

Alexis E Thomson

Meet Alexis E Thomson, the creative powerhouse of Psycho Tats, who turns dreams into tattoo reality with precision. Alexis has become a prominent figure in the tattoo artistry realm in a very short period.

Alexis blends contemporary and traditional styles, crafting tattoos known for intricate details and vibrant colors. Their work prioritizes clients’ unique stories, transforming each tattoo into a canvas of self-expression and empowerment. His portfolio is a treasure trove of diverse styles, from intricate black-and-gray realism to lively neo-traditional designs. 

If you are ready for a transformative tattoo experience? Contact Alexis to book your appointment and bring your tattoo ideas to life. Instagram profile: @alexisethomson

Amelie Soucy

Amelie Soucy is a tattoo artist who pushes artistic boundaries into her work. Amelie’s tattoos are an enchanting blend of art, culture, and personal narratives. Her artistic talent lies in seamlessly merging traditional and contemporary styles.

Amelie’s tattoos are a harmonious blend of contemporary and traditional styles. She loves to mix intricate details and vibrant hues. She believes in body art’s power and makes each piece a work of self-expression.

Contact Amelie now and embark on your creative journey towards a stunning, personalized tattoo. Instagram profile: @artscab

Nomi Chi / Makoto

Nomi Chi has perfected her craft over many years. Her journey into the world of tattooing started with a profound love for artistic expression. Nomi Chi / Makoto weaves Japanese artistry into contemporary tattoos.

Creating a harmonious blend of tradition and innovation that captivates the soul, their tattoos represent the lively expression. She believes that tattoos are a medium for personal storytelling and empowerment, making each piece a collaboration with her clients.

With roots in Japan, Nomi’s tattoos take you on a journey of intricate symbolism, where every design carries deep meaning and aesthetic finesse. Do check out their Instagram to see their aesthetic designs. Ready to start your tattoo journey? Make your appointment now. Instagram profile: @makoto.chi

Mitch Kirilo

Introducing Mitch Kirilo, a name with exceptional tattoo artistry and experience. With every stroke of his needle, Mitch’s tattoos are a testament to his unparalleled skill and creativity.

Mitch’s tattooing style is a captivating blend of contemporary and traditional elements. He views tattoos as a powerful form of personal storytelling and empowerment, collaborating closely with clients to bring their unique visions to life.

Mitch’s diverse portfolio is a testament to his mastery of various tattoo styles. Whether it’s the minimalist linework or bold and vibrant hues of his colorful pieces, Mitch demonstrates his versatility with every project he undertakes.

Ready to transform your tattoo ideas into reality? Contact Mitch now to embark on your creative journey toward your tattoo. Your dream ink is just a click away! Instagram profile: @_kirilo

More About Us…

The likelihood is that, if you’ve come to our about us page, you’re considering getting a tattoo with us. Congratulations! You’ve made the first step in a very exciting journey.

Let’s answer some of the most common questions we get to put your mind at ease and help you learn more about how we tattoo you.

How Do I Make An Appointment? 

You can contact the artist you want to tattoo you on their personal Instagram pages. Each artist is in charge of their own diaries, so you’ll need to sign up for their individual waitlists.

We know that it can be annoying when you have to wait months for an appointment, but our artists are worth the wait. We’re only human! We’re working as quickly as we can to get you all in.

Do You Take Walk-Ins? 

We have allotted time for walk-in appointments, every Tuesday from 10 am to 12 pm. These appointments are first come, first served, and there’s no guarantee we’ll get to everyone who turns up. The artist will change each week, so you’ll never know who you’re going to get!

To secure a confirmed appointment, contact your desired tattoo artist on Instagram. Please don’t come to the shop without an appointment outside of these walk-in hours.

Does Tattooing Hurt? 

Everyone is different – some people don’t feel any pain at all! However, the majority of people will feel some degree of discomfort. The pain is often manageable without painkillers, so we don’t offer these to our clients.

However, if you feel like the pain is too much, you can tap out at any time and we’ll take a break. If it’s too much to finish the entire tattoo in one session, we can book you in for another appointment and finish it another time.

How Should I Prepare For My Appointment?

We ask that you don’t drink alcohol or use any blood thinning medication 24 hours before the appointment. Please don’t use tanning beds for at least two weeks before a tattoo appointment, and limit your exposure to the sun.

Before your appointment, eat normally and make sure you get a full night’s sleep. Bring a bottle of water with you to keep hydrated. Wear loose clothing wherever you’re getting the tattoo, and make sure the area is easily accessible.

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Where To Find Us

We are located at 302 Bryan Road Suite 3 Brandon, FL 33511