3+ Stunning Ideas For Vertical Clitoral Hood Piercing Which Will Give You An Exciting Look

If you enjoy wearing body jewelry, you may have considered having one of your favorite spots pierced. You may get your clitoral hood pierced instead of your real clit, which is safer and more frequent. When someone mentions a clit piercing, they are likely referring to this.

Genital jewelry can provide some exciting outcomes and allows you to wear a beautiful piece of body jewelry in such a sensitive or delicate area. While there are other piercing locations on the female genital, the vertical clitoral hood piercing is extremely prevalent.

When jewelry is worn via the vaginal opening, particularly if it involves a bead, it may increase the wearer’s sexual desire. Many people who previously suffered from orgasm report being sexually satisfied after receiving the VCH piercing (some for the very first time).

While other piercings can be done on the spur of the moment (though it’s still a good idea to find a reputable piercer), you should see a genital piercing specialist, and you’ll probably want to schedule a consultation before the surgery. After all, a badly punctured VCH might cause sensitization or restrict arousal, which is the exact opposite of what you want.

The Procedure Of The Vertical Clitoral Hood Piercing

This piercing is done in the hood that protects the clit; one end of the jewelry is left directly touching the clitoris, boosting pleasure. Many women also get their clitoral hoods pierced vertically for aesthetic and empowerment reasons. However, when getting such a sensitive place pierced, you must do your research.

You should go to a piercing artist who has good experience with this piercing and has done this kind of sensitive piercing many times before. The piercer will ask you to show your ID card to make sure you are a suitable candidate.

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After that, the piercer will clean the area with surgical scrub and then will mark a spot on the piercing site, and then the piercer will place a needle-receiving tube beneath your hood and lift the skin to force the needle through the mark. After that, the jewelry will be inserted.

Then the piercer will stop the bleeding and will clean the piercing area gently. But if you get a piercing from a cheap and inexperienced piercer, then there will be a risk that your piercing will place poorly.

And apart from the threat of poorly placed piercing, you should make sure that your clit hood can support such a piercing and that your sensitivities are taken into account. If you have a higher sensitivity in that location, the VCH piercing may cause stimulation and arousal when you don’t want it.

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Pain Scale Of Vertical Clitoral Hood Piercing

Vertical clitoral hood piercing is done on such a sensitive area; hence it is prevalent to feel the pain. But many people say that it’s not as painful as they thought it would be, and even some of them compare the pain scale of this piercing with the pain scale of ear piercing.

You’ll probably feel aching for the rest of the day after getting a piercing, so dress comfortably in cotton underwear and sweats. You should also carry a sanitary pad for your safety as there is a possibility of bleeding.

It’s crucial to remember that bleeding may not begin right away, so wear the liner even if there are no signs of blood. The amount of discomfort you experience will be determined by your tolerance level as well as the piercer’s skill.

Healing Time Of Vertical Clitoral Hood Piercing

The vertical hood piercing is the quickest, less painful, most exciting, and fastest healing female genital piercing. This piercing takes 4 to 8 weeks to heal correctly only if you maintain a proper routine of aftercare for this piercing. And you just need to confirm from your piercer that your piercing is healed or not properly, and then you can stop the aftercare routine.

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Aftercare Of Vertical Clitoral Hood Piercing

Piercing the private parts require extra attention and care throughout the healing process. And apart from a regular aftercare routine, there are a few things that you should involve in your daily regime during the healing process.

Stay away from cranberry juice, orange juice, and other acidic beverages, and drink lots of water to dilute your urine, as your urine act as a good sanitizer for this piercing. Also, clean your piercing area with sea salt water solution a minimum of two times a day during this process.

Always wear clean and tight panties as this will help to keep the jewelry in place while doing other activities, and remember that you should not touch your piercing site with unwashed hands as it can cause infection.

It’s advisable to avoid playing till the piercing has recovered properly.  This might be aggravating, especially if the vertical clitoral hood piercing was done primarily for sexual reasons. But, playing with any new piercing, can lead to rejection and damage, and your hands are full of germs that you shouldn’t introduce to your healing piercing.

Be careful while doing any exercise or while riding the bike during the healing process. Even you can take a break of at least 1 to 2 weeks from exercise after getting this piercing.

Jewelry And Jewelry Material For Vhc Piercing

You can’t try a lot of jewelry on your vertical clitoral hood piercing. Curved barbells, hoops, or straight barbells are the few safe jewelry options for this piercing. But many people use curved barbells as their VHC piercing jewelry as this jewelry follows the figure of clit and allows them to relax comfortably and doesn’t cause much irritation.

It is recommended that you choose a piece of jewelry made up of good material as the wrong material can cause a lot of infection to your piercing. Stainless steel and titanium are mostly acceptable jewelry materials as they have very few quantities of nickel and stainless steel is a very affordable jewelry material for piercing.

You can also use 14 karat gold as your piercing jewelry material as it can also be a safe option. But keep in mind that you don’t use jewelry made of gold-plated as it contains a large quantity of nickel which can cause a large amount of infection or allergy to your skin.

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Cost Of Vertical Clitoral Hood Piercing

For vertical clitoral hood piercing, it is essential that you should go to an expert and skillful piercer. This piercing is expensive, and it costs you around $80-$100. It’s also relatively simple to get a genital piercing done poorly, so make sure you pick someone who understands what he is doing, and if that means driving to a different city or state, you should go for it. The cost of jewelry is always additional depending on the material, and it will cost you around $30 to $60.

Why Should You Have VCH Piercing?

Covering up your clit with some jewelry may increase your self-fulfillment -your erotic and genital self-image — just like any other area of your body. And vertical clitoral hood piercing has many sexual benefits as this piercing is done on the genital area of females.

This piercing helps to boost feelings and enhances sexual pleasure and efficiency for the piercee. From solo or mutual masturbation and dry stroking to sexual acts and vaginal involvement, the piercing increases satisfaction from almost every sex act.

Many people reported that it takes previously boring sex positions and amplifies them to orgasmic peaks. The vertical clitoral hood piercing can provide your partner more pleasure by delivering minor sensations on their genitals. This piercing is aesthetic, which might be enough to trigger considerable excitement in your partners.

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What Are The Indications That Show That My VCH Piercing Is Healed?

You’re probably curious about the condition of your vertical clitoral hood piercing since you want to try it out sexually or wish to change its jewelry. You can not change your piercing during the healing process, so you must wait until it’s properly healed. For this, you should go to your piercer as he will guide you whether your piercing is healed or not.

You can usually participate in sexual activity such as intercourse or masturbation when you’re ready. However, preserving hygiene and minimizing trauma is critical; throughout this phase, all sexual acts should be gentle. Avoid contact with your partner’s bodily fluids such as saliva and sperm by using physical barriers like condoms, dental dams, and waterproof bandages, among other things, to avoid infection.

What Are The Major Drawbacks Of Vertical Clitoral Hood Piercing?

Vertical clitoral hood piercing is performed on such a sensitive and private area that there are considerable risks involved with this piercing. There is a significant risk of allergy, which can occur because of the wrong jewelry material.

If a piercee does not follow a proper aftercare routine, then there will be a risk of infection near your piercing area. The skin might grow over and implant your jewelry if it is too short. When a piercing gradually migrates to the skin’s surface before exiting the body, it will cause rejection of the jewelry. This piercing also poses a danger of nerve injury and causes damage to tissues.