All About The Marvellous Christina Piercing- Possible Side Effects, Advantages, Jewelry Styles

It’s not like all genital piercings are intended to boost sex life. Many, maybe not, as with the Christina piercing, often called venus piercing are designed to beautify the region (which improves bedroom ventures’ pleasure).

The Christina piercing differs from other vaginal piercings primarily due to its placement at the upper region of the vaginal opening just near the pubic mound at which the outer labia meet. In truth, many piercers do not even call it genital piercing.

If you want to get it done, here is about all you should remember about this clitoral hood piercing.

Female Piercing

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How Bad Is The Christina Piercing?

The Christina piercing is a surface piercing rather than just another genital piercing. As a result, you’ll experience pain identical to every other skin piercing. Most folks consider being extremely minimal. After all, the level of discomfort you experience will be determined by your particular pain threshold as well as the piercer’s competence.

Christina Piercing

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Healing Process For Christina Piercing

Unlike all other female genital piercings, unlike the healing piercing, it takes a lot of time to heal. You should plan on spending nearly 6 – 9 months, sometimes longer, on the healing process. Because this piercing is vulnerable to relocation and refusal, you should have a piercer ensure that you’ve adequately healed before discontinuing aftercare methods or altering the jewelry.

Aftercare For Christina Piercing

One will need to wash your Christina surface piercing also called venus piercing twice a day with a piercing maintenance saline solution, much like any other piercing. (Since you can make your own liquid at home, it’s simple to get all the ratios inaccurate. Getting a piercing aftercare solution isn’t that costly, so we suggest getting it from a store.)

Because of its placement, the tendency for rejection, and lengthy healing time, there are a few things you should keep in mind when healing.

Carry a Pad

Have a pad to use after you’ve been pierced. While obtaining the Christina piercing isn’t painful, this location is likely to bleed a lot. Carry a pad, preferably 2, to your visit. Remember to position the pad more front in your underpants than usual to soak the blood.


Prior to your session, shave or wax. For this procedure, you may have to be shaved. When you seem unable to ready, your piercer will clip your hair for you, even though you might feel more at ease doing it yourself.

Maintain dryness

Maintain as much dryness as necessary around the piercing. Moisture in the air causes some piercing pimples as well as other issues. To mitigate these troubles, leave your piercing clean by preventing excess moisture (such as tubs and hot tubs). Try to dry your piercing shortly after leaving the shower (we highly suggest using the chilly set-up on your blow dryer to avoid pushing the jewelry). Don’t forget to wash and dry the site once you get wet (post-gym sessions).

Avoid laced undergarments

Wear appropriate undergarments. Wear nice, firm cotton panties for the length of healing to maintain the jewelry immobile and for your personal comfort. These would hold your jewelry in place, won’t catch it like lacy underwear, and will be comfy.


Take caution when sitting or exercising. You’ll need to maintain the jewelry motionless as long as your Christina piercing cures. It may be problematic due to the position of the piercing. Keep an eye on your jewelry, especially if you’re sitting or doing something strenuous.

Avoid frontal sex

As just the piercing repairs, avoid any possible front sexual intercourse. As aforementioned, the Christina piercing is typically known for relocation and refusal. To allow your piercing the highest probability of success, keep it motionless as it heals. This focuses on eliminating frontal sexual intercourse (as in missionary position) for the duration of the healing period (around 6 – 9 months). It’s also worth noting that certain people still experience soreness in a cured Christina piercing from frontal sexual contact. Determine your sexual habits and decide how much the Christina piercing might influence them before getting pierced.

Christina Piercings

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Styles Of Christina Piercing Jewelry

Based on your anatomy, the Christina piercing accommodates surface bar or curving barbells. Your piercer will advise you on the appropriate jewelry to use.

As starting jewelry, it is preferred to go for a thin surface barbell or surface bar. They move more naturally with your body, putting less strain on the completely healed piercing. After the piercing has healed, you can switch to metal alternatives such as 14k gold.

This piercing is indeed simpler to remove than that of other genital piercings. If you are having difficulty changing the jewelry, please see your piercer for assistance so that you do not hurt your piercing.

Possible Side Effects

The hazards of this piercing are similar to those of other body piercings.

These are some examples:


When you pierce the flesh, you run the danger of introducing a virus into your body. Adopting your piercer’s aftercare guidelines helps reduce the chance of infection.

Infections carried by the blood

Blood-borne diseases such as hepatitis, HIV can be communicated from the practice of filthy needles. Try insisting on using safe piercing methods, such as sanitized, throwaway equipment will reduce the danger.


An allergic response occurs. Sensitivity to metals, particularly nickel, is frequent. Rashes, itching, and lesions may result from an allergic reaction. Before selecting your jewelry, inform your piercer of any sensitivities so that you may choose the appropriate material.


The jewelry might become lodged in the tissue if the area around it swells. Your piercer may advise you to start with a more significant piece of jewelry and then switch toward something smaller after the inflammation has subsided.

Inadequate healing

Christina piercing is more prone to discomfort and delayed healing because of its position. This is due to factors such as perspiration, contact from clothes, and specific sex positions.

Catching and tearing

Yes, ripping is potential when your piercing becomes entangled in with clothing, zipper or so.


Occasionally your immune system attacks jewelry as a foreign item and tries to force it out. If it ensues, you might spot that the hole grows larger.

Genital Piercing

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Why Should You Not Have A Christina Piercing?

Several individuals are not appropriate for this piercing; it needs to be specialized anatomically suited to be completed. Because it is prone to refusal, your piercer must ensure that there is adequate pierceable flesh in that location.

As a result, you must seek a piercer specializing in Christina piercings. They would have to have the ability to judge whether or not such a piercing will work with your physique. Ready to drive in an attempt to discover a professional piercer.

You might rethink getting this piercing if you favor sexual activities that cause friction against the Christina piercing region. Some people who obtain this piercing experience difficulty in positions such as missionary form, but after their piercing has healed completely.

How Much Is It Going To Cost?

In the United States, you may consider paying approximately $100. Nevertheless, while looking for a piercer, money should be the last thing on your mind. This piercing gets a vast amount of refusal, and you may see some permanent scarring if it rejects or migrates. You have to go to a piercer who’ll be competent to accomplish the piercing appropriately, which might include spending a lot of money for a wonderfully performed piercing.

The Christina piercing could be what you’re searching for if you want to bring a bit of decorative style to your bedtime. Nevertheless, you should not have a Christina piercing on the spur of the moment.

Are There Any Sexual Advantages?

Nope, not quite.

Apart from a clitoris piercing, which increases pleasure, a Christina piercing is entirely decorative. It’s near to the clit, but just not near at all to the nerve-rich tip to experience any of the beautiful feelings.

However, it does not mean it has not much value while having sex.

Can Anyone Have One?

Both shape and number of tissues present on the vulva influence the possibility of having a Christina piercing.

The upper region of your pubic should have a considerable number of flexible tissues to have this type of piercing.  You should have a deep divot so that the jewelry can fit somewhere above the hood.

Touch and pinch the area to find out if your body is Christina-friendly. If you get an adequate portion of flesh in between your fingers on squeezing, that is enough to hold your jewelry, then you could definitely have this piercing.

However, if you’re still are in doubt, set an appointment with a professional piercer.

Genital Piercings

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