53 terrifying Zombie Tattoos to Try Right Now on Legs for Best Inking

Back in literal heritage, the lifeless souls were once spelled as evil magicians or voodoo. The Haitian folklore was wrapped around sorcery and witchcraft. Within modern times, today, the characters have introduced an entirely new concept of ties in the past, referred to as zombies. And People, nowadays Printing Zombie Tattoos on the Entire Body to look like them.

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Whether you believe in voodoo folklore, the modern takes on the tales are new to enjoying these zombie tattoos. Each features cool walking dead designs with a depiction of the soulless corpse roaming around the place or street searching for the next bite.

Why are Zombie tattoos so popular?

Many people love to get horror and scary tattoos drawn on their bodies. So these zombie tattoo designs come up as perfect designs to choose for them as published in the mail or magazines.

Explained as a term to be dead creatures, they only have one obsession with infecting other living people by biting them. Zombies are the protagonist of series, videos, and even clips, and many forms of the tattoo include wearing of lifeblood and gun but work pretty well in a bit of humor. 

1. Colored Undead Creatures Tattoo

These dead people tattoo designs from a movie are striking and refer to hiding a person’s love for said individual or the value of the person represents. The colorful tattoos with a magic and realistic depiction of dead zombie skin as a representation of a photograph makes the tattoo look elegant on the body.

Credit: pagan_tattoo_jaszbereny 

2. Blue Zombie Girl Tattoo On Leg

The addition of blue to the zombie tattoo makes the design look distinctive. With intricate and delicate detailing, the addition of lifeblood from mouth in the artwork makes the tattoo look like an undead. The celebrity zombie girl on your skin makes the tattoo perfect. 

Credit: lizoness

3. Colorful Zombie Face Tattoo

The calm face design is trending, and the black heavily lined eyes hold many meanings. The bold black eye tattoos with dead designs for apocalypse and virus spreading ideas look creative. The different styles of neck blood makes the tattoo distinctive.

Credit: eddyleetattoos

4. Zombie chick Tattoo

A zombie is a fictional undead human created through the reanimation of a tattoo. The scary look with ripped face inked in all black makes the tattoo design distinctive. In addition, the shading effect of the tattoo gives a distinct look on the leg

Credit: norwhaltatts

5. Bloody Zombie Chick Tattoo On Leg

The yellow ink-eyed ghost look is such a bit of humor. The descent zombie to satisfy their insatiable hunger for human flesh with banners gives flickering flame. The skeleton hand and incomplete flesh of the chic make the tattoo blow off your mind.  

Credit: oruntattoojoinville

6. Wolf and Devil Woman Zombie Tattoo

The best zombie tattoos selection to get inked on the thigh traditionally created with wolves and humans to manage and escape for survival gives unique appeal. However, the crying devil’s look of a woman inked in the shades of black and brown makes the tattoo selective. 

Credit: tattoostudio_boutique

7. Zombie pin up girl Tattoo

Zombie pin-ups have become quite common and usually look like the old ones. As one of the most explicit expressions of femininity and beauty, the pin-up girls have generated a lot of interest. The addition of elements in the tattoo on the leg makes the tattoo distinctive. 

Credit: inkartby_erinn

8. Attractive Zombie Tattoo

The trending design of horror movies with abstract art and blue eyes makes the tattoo surprisingly versatile. The enlarged and subtle design of the art piece gives a disgruntled look to the devil’s face. In addition, the tattoo design inked on the leg makes the art unique. 

Credit: pennyblacktattoobutter

9. Inked Zombie Tattoo

The zombie tattoos run the full spectrum of meaning of fear, horror, and everything nightmare with the representation of strength, dominance and power. The horror movie-themed design with fabulous walking dead tattoo design gives great tattoo work with an addition of guns. 

Credit: smile_fwc

10. Colored Little Zombies Leg Tattoo

Zombies are creatures that are living dead but not alive as well. Perceiving the creature that lives biologically symbolizes loneliness and persecution. The colorful face of the zombie tattoo expresses various things, each of them telling a different story. 

Credit: seanjogrady

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11. Zombie Rabbit Tattoo

Cute zombie bunny design illustration has not simply been personified with humans. The grey-inked incredible tattoo is very well shaded and with perfect lines and colors. The rabbit tattoo looks great. The design inked on the leg makes the tattoo stylish. 

Credit: kristine_ink

12. Zombie with Grave Tattoo

The zombie hand tattoo design that can scare the life out of someone is filled with intricate yet delicate line detailing on men. The distinctive look of the grave and skull and other additional elements make a perfect look. It has had a special deep meaning for centuries that could tell a lot about a person. 

Credit: inkybynature

13. Green Ice Cream Zombie Tattoo On Leg

Zombie ice-cream tattoo designs are unique and can also customize the design. The green-inked zombie with a funny, linework cartoonish design makes the tattoo appealing. It expresses various things and can tell a funny, unique story. 

Credit: siknaktattoo

14. Zombie Hand Tattoo Image

The zombie tattoo is also popular among people inspired by Gothic artwork, literature, and horror. The enthusiast full spectrum on the hand tattoo perceives different meanings. The bottle with the hand makes the tattoo look stunning and elegant. 

Credit: taylablacktattoo

15. Roaring Zombie Ghoul Tattoo Design

Spooky Halloween-style zombie demon is roaring to scare you, giving a defeating style. The green inked skull face tattoo design with colors gives an appealing look. The addition of lifeblood is a bit of a caricature of the genre with a well-designed tattoo. 

Credit: blackendhands

16. Zombie Looking At a Mirror Tattoo Design On Leg

Snakes represent many different and powerful psychological life symbols. With a specific meaning of representing infinity, the humorous and relaxed eyes in the mirror make the flickering flame design look elegant. The skeleton look with zombies gives a stunning look.  

Credit: teslaclementine

17. Zombie Skull Pierced With Sword Tattoo 

Skull pierced with sword zombie tattoo starts a new search to explore more ideas. The black inked tattoo design on the leg illustrates a saw blade stuck in the head of a skull. In addition, the abstract tattoo design inked on the leg makes the tattoo impressive. 

Credit: voodoo_von_

18. Zombie unicorn Tattoo Design Image

Edge-to-edge front print unicorn tattoo design gives an elegant appeal. The colorful skull tattoo of the unicorn makes the tattoo modern and appealing in its way. The addition of green and pink shades with a bold black outline makes the tattoo selective and elegant. 

Credit: imperial_chyna

19. Zombie Face Leg Tattoo

The without eye Zombie tattoo designs give an incredible appeal. With stunning and distinct tattoo designs drawn, you can get a colorful zombie tattoo inked on the body. Making a red background with a close up kind ripped face makes the tattoo incredible on the leg. 

Credit: tattoosbymarf

20. Zombie Portrait Tattoo

When inked on the leg, the top masculine zombie tattoo designs give impressive appeal. The colorful zombie design portrait design makes the image look like a lady with virus spreading ideas. It shows distinct appeal making styling details on the leg. 

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Credit: porsiempretattoos

21. Green Zombie Girl Tattoo

Wearing of the graphic healthy environmental color zombie girl design makes the tattoo design impressive. Showing the cuts in the skin looked fascinating and scary at the time. The green color used on the face makes the tattoo appear stunning and realistic. 

Credit: royalcrosstattoo

22. Zombie Taco Tattoo

Featuring millions of designs created in colorful ink when created by the independent artist makes the style unique. The taco design inked in colors on the leg adds good guys, including a warm tongue. The addition of a scary look makes the tattoo distinctive. 

Credit: xiadra.tattoo

23. Zombie Face Tattoo On Leg

The face scab scar tattoo inked in black, grey and white ink with the addition of red color showing blood makes the zombie look realistic. An enhanced and bloody wound cuts off the mouth on the tattoo gives a distinct look to the tattoo. A perfect design looks classy and appealing. 

Credit: jespecht

24. One foot in the grave Zombie Tattoo On Leg

One foot in the grave means they are at the risk of dying. Half dead or dying zombie creature where death is catching up is represented with the help of comment or quote. The addition of a green inking style on the leg makes the tattoo design impressive and outstanding. 

Credit: thetrinity.collective

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25. Unicorn Zombie With Multiple Eyes Tattoo

Oxidation resistance, the long-time non-fading colorful inking design to match spooky eye dabbling illustration gives a distinct look. In addition, the unicorn style of the tattoo in the match provides high resolution for the inking style. Designed in countless ways as the accuracy and vividness make it look different. 

Credit: danigreentattoos

26. Wonderful Red Eye Zombie Tattoo On Leg

The original designs featuring millions of designs created with red eyes and an undead creepy look give a unique appeal. The black ink detailing of the tattoo makes the styling distinctive and enhanced in its way. It works well when designed by a trained tattoo artist. 

Credit: ram_tattoartist

27. Gas mask Zombie Tattoo Design

The gas mask designs for men, from explosive fallout to fumes in the air, give numerous points to admire the tattoo look. However, the additional inking style for the men tattoo shown for impression is perhaps the most horrifying design on the entire list. 

Credit: creepshowglue

28. Comic Book Zombie Tattoo

The artistic comic book zombie style with a grey and black touch of color makes the design look adorably lovely and freaking awesome. In addition, the white eye bloody zombie monster tattoo gives an incredible appeal with stylish linework and bold monochrome color. 

Credit: skip.k.tattoo

29. Shining Zombie Pin Up Girl Tattoo On Leg

The spectacular inked shading design with Zombie pin-up style makes the tattoo look distinctive. The spectacular and magic look of the tattoo with the open chin makes the tattoo stylish. The leg design gives a shining color appeal with styling appeal. 

Credit: linzihungerfordtattoos

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30. Scary Zombie Tattoo

The brain-eating zombies that haunt their nightmares are surely to love. The black shading tattoo design that depicts fear, horror and fright give an impressive look. The fictional undead human created through horror movies with required rights make the bloody design scary.  

Credit: mitchpleasance

31. Dotwork Zombie Tattoo

The without-coloring tattoo design with dotwork makes the tattoo stunning. The tattoo in bold black is a great conversation piece, though, and the most evil look tattoo. The great shadowing of the tattoo stands out nicely. 

Credit: atg_tattoos 

32. Surgical Zombie Babe Tattoo For Leg 

The entertainment design wanting to get a nurse with the death of a tattooed model reveals the disney themed zombie design. Done with surgical operations, having a heart in the hand gives an evil look. Wearing a green color dress and lifeblood flow, the tattoo is distinctive. 

Credit: monique_ligons

33. Nice Zombie Tattoo

The cute and less creepy zombie tattoo with bright and dominant green colors suit people looking for mysterious tattoos and scary art. However, the colorful details with dark details did not show a particular part with additional elements or components. 

Credit: helen_tinc_etherington

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34. Zombie Holding Flag Tattoo

A Zombie holding a flag with a dark-colored background shows a distinct look. The scary and particular tattoo with no color makes the tattoo appealing. The descent zombie does not want to satisfy their insatiable hunger for flesh. Including a bit of hunger makes the tattoo unique. 

Credit: bdoalrendon

35. Black and White Zombie Tattoo On Leg

Take a bit out of these top designs with spidery net zombie horror Halloween. The bold black ink design with a shading effect makes the tattoo distinguishable and resistant, easy to get inked. Unfortunately, the tattoo design is quite painful when inked around the ankle. 

Credit: divination_tattoo

36. Hot Zombie Girl Tattoo

The ripped skin adds a look to the tattoo, making it conversational. The bold purple bloody eye and colorful tattoo give an attractive look. The bone knotted around the hair buns makes the tattoo look elegant. 

Credit: flanderztattoo

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37. They Are Coming To Get You Zombie Tattoo 

Explore cool grave virus spreading ideas wanting a scary zombie on the back. As a result, to make the design looks creepy. The grave design inked in the green lasts a lifetime shows whatever additional elements are added. Including comic-style art does not translate well on the skin. 

Credit: christiansonnetattoo

38. Zombie Portrait Tattoo On Leg

The scary cut face makes the portrait look amazing when inked in bold and intricate detailing. The impressive tattoo design ends up cutting it out to make singles, and putting it in the girl’s center makes the tattoo look stunning and elegant. 

Credit: artist_coley

39. Zombie Angelica Tattoo

The aesthetic angelica tattoo idea on the leg gives a stunning look. Making the tattoo inked in colors gives styling appeals. The painting features a non-traditional tattoo style with an evil eye. The immortal design shows off her tattoos and curves by making a gothic look. 

Credit: stephentaylortattoos

40. Zombie Alien Cowboy Tattoo On Leg

The fantasy real wild life with Cowboy look as Zombie Alien gives an incredible look. The tattoo gives an incredible idea with a distinctive and appealing look that makes the tattoo give a colorful look. The zombie tattoo gives an enhanced look on the leg. 

Credit: jimmyduvall

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41. Female Zombie Tattoo

The zombie girl tattoo selection is perfect for attention seekers, and to enhance the look of their persona with the colorful tattoo ink looks stunning. With additional elements, the ripped face design with color accuracy of the girl tattoo makes the design attractive. 

Credit: inkinsomnia_tattoo

42. Couple Zombie Tattoo On Leg

The black and white independent graphic tattoo artist works with skeleton design. The fantastic zombie design reminds me of the fun piece done by a professional tattoo artist. The appealing zombie tattoo in sketch design in black shading looks stunning.

Credit: libbyluck_privatestudiotattoo

43. Ice Cream Zombie Tattoo

Zombie as ice cream tattoo is a unique and customized tattoo idea—the colorful zombie tattoo rugs you into loving your home with beautiful artwork and trending design. Zombie design work with brains and eye falling out makes the tattoo look creepy and ideal. 

Credit: midnightnova

44. Realistic Zombie Tattoo On Leg

The realistic tattoo makes the design incredible on the leg to get an excellent dose of realism. The white eye design with black and grey shading makes the tattoo appear great. The darkest devil art design with an open jaw looks thrilling. It gives an enhanced appeal to the leg. 

Credit: leveegee_tattoos

45. Zombie Nurse Tattoo

The pretty cool zombie designs have become so popular nowadays with a symbolic meaning of remarkable things because a nurse is a caretaker. The colorful Halloween tattoo of a woman gives a distinctive appeal. The bright white and high gloss look is the staple of American design. 

Credit: tattoojoonas

46. Zombie riding a Raptor Tattoo

With initially created zombie designs giving tons of unique impressions, the colorful design gives impactful results. The addition of a raptor makes the tattoo look distinctive and well designed with an evil and trending vampire look. The design looks great on the leg. 

Credit: overthewalltattoos

47. Zombie Mermaid Tattoo 

Exploring the mermaid zombie tattoo design with a complete colorful look makes the design appealing. The zombie selection tattoo gives an incredible eye for the leg design, making it look stunning. The discussion and sharing of professional tattoos give artistic recognition. 

Credit: diegokirotoki

48. Zombie with Heart Tattoo

Zombie clasping onto a small red heart with an illustration of green booty inside a tattooed heart makes the tattoo appear great. The colorful art looks excellent with a distinct representative of other elements on the leg. With great kindness in the center, the tattoo looks stylish. 

Credit: cosa.v

49. Zombie with Eye Tattoo

The clever and excellent eye tattoo design from classic to incredibly great appeal makes the design lose eye effect for those who enjoy zombies design inked in colorful look. The practical addition of pink color to the tattoo makes it look stylish. 

Credit: taskevil

50. Zombie Skull with the Arrow Tattoo

The popular choice for men and women with dozens of meanings gives a scary vector look. The black inked tattoo gives an enhanced and unique tattoo style. The tattoo with arrows and blood flowing provides an impressive look. 

Credit: sacredgoldtattoo

51. Impaled Zombie Tattoo

Discovering rebirth and reincarnation, the bold black ink style on the leg makes the tattoo appear distinctive. Skin features a zombie look in the skeleton design with the styling appeal impaled with an entrail. 

Credit: halloweenink 

52. Mushroom Zombie Hand Tattoo 

The collection of psychedelic designs for Halloween gives an entailed design. The bold black ink outlined in the shading effect of black color makes the leg design look impressive. The diamond shape in the back with a hand with growing mushrooms makes the design look distinct. 

Credit: morrisontattoos

53. CupCake Zombie Tattoo

Known as the zombie boy, the match of a cupcake with a zombie skull pattern inked in black makes the tattoo look styling. The colorful cupcake with black inked zombies makes the evil look. Increasingly becoming popular, you can also add anything you want. 

Credit: bogo.er

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  1. What does a Zombie tattoo mean?

The primary meaning of zombie tattoo from the history is death and everything that surrounds it. However, they also represent the admiration one can have for this type of fictional creature and are an excellent opportunity to create a very bloody and “bloody” body.

  1. What is the origin of Zombie tattoo?

The words zombie is related to the Haitian culture, they were the ones to first have the belief that the dead could come back to life. But not just come back to life without a purpose, they would come to do things that were left undone when they were alive. Some culture even interpreted it as people who came back to their dead body using black magic because when they were alive they never achieved peace. 

  1. How much does a Zombie tattoo cost?

The cost of a tattoo for a zombie depends on the browser categories and who the tattoo artist is. It also depends on the complexity and fit of the design, positioning, and size. Generally, the average cost of a tattoo per square inch ranges between ₹700 – ₹1500.

  1. What styles can zombie ink?

The zombie tattoos can be styled in many ways, styles and patterns; if they are clubbed with different miniatures like vampires, ghosts, lifeblood from their mouth dripping, it looks more daunting.

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